How to Have Sex on Skype when you’re away from your Partner

by John Santana

Most people have the blatant idea that long distance relationship is absolute nonsense because people do not get to engage in sexual Encounters.

But is it necessary to go without sexual engagement just because you two lovebirds are far apart?

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How to Have Skype Sex

We say that a long distance relationship does not have to be necessarily bland- because Skype sex can be equally amazing. Now if you are eager to know how you can make long distance sexual Encounters mind-boggling, then you have to follow the strategies given below. You can thank us later!


#1. Set the mood

Being in a long distance relationship does not necessarily mean that you will have to sacrifice your sexual life. Even long distance relationships can be incredibly hot and sexy, and all you have to do is to set the mood in the beginning so that you can focus on each other. It is true that he or she is not in your room, but no one wants to see a Messy, dirty room, even via the virtual space while having romantic, sexual Encounters. After cleaning the room, you can add soft lighting by putting on a few candles and arranging the pillows in an organized manner.

#2. Check the internet connection thoroughly

The second most important thing that you have to check while having sex via webcam is to see whether the internet connection is working properly. In most of the cases, it has been seen that the live streaming cuts down and gets broken up and it can be a huge turn off while this happens amidst your sexual encounter. While you are talking dirty, do not let the internet connection ruin the mood and be the spoilsport. Do not suffer from sexual frustration just because your internet connection is poor.

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#3. Dress up properly

It is similar to having a direct sexual encounter with your partner, and you have to dress correctly for the purpose. It would really turn down the mood if you are wearing something that you normally wear because it does not show the eagerness that you really want to be with your partner. If you are a girl, then bring your best sexy attire on and keep the spice alive in your relationship. Remember when you are in a long distance relationship you have to give a little more effort to have the same pleasure.

#4. Do a little more

This means that you will have to perform while doing virtual sex with your partner. In case of direct intercourse, your partner can be with you and feel what you have in mind with your expressions only. But in case of virtual sex, you need to give a better performance, Talk Dirty, and even give out pleasurable noises to let him know what you feel for him even if it might seem a little bit awkward because you are alone. If you feel like it, you could also do with a striptease and even a sexy dance so that your partner can drool over you for a bit.

#5. Make sure that both of you are getting the climax

When both of you are having video six, then it is important for both of you to go through the orgasmic phase and obtain ultimate pleasure. Otherwise, any one of you will be disheartened, and there will be no reciprocation of intimacy. Just because you are located far away does not mean that your virtual sexual encounter will not be as exciting as the real ones. The first rule of having Skype sex even chat sex is that both of you have to get the pleasure.

#6. Add a dash of confidence

Do not be self-obsessed about yourself and ponder over how you look. If you have a lack of confidence when you are not able to engross in your partner completely, and therefore you will not be able to have a satisfactory ending to the sex session. Confidence itself is a sexy element and tell yourself that you look too good not to be sexually satisfied.

#7. Turn on light and sensual music

The moment you do this, you will be able to understand the stock difference that it brings on your mood. Light sensual music helps in calming your nerves so that you will be able to relax and engage with your partner fruitfully. Also, do not dim the lights too much as your partner will not be able to see your body and feel the erotic sensation.

#8. Build a bit of tension

It is always helpful if you are trying to look sexy as you Striptease slowly while your partner is actually ready to eat you up. Building tension helps you in exaggerating the pleasure and brings the climax even more strongly. If you and your partner are into some wild, kinky stuff, then building the tension actually helps a lot.

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#9. Make use of sexual toys

The sexual sense becomes, even more, stronger when your partner visualizes you teasing your own body with sex toys. If your sex life has been monotonous for long, then you need to have this kind of toys to Spice up your relationship to a great extent. No wonder these toys are so expensive!

Now that you know the tips I too have a perfectly amazing long distance Skype sex, why not try it today itself?

John Santana

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