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10 Best College Hookup Apps & Sites to Get You Laid After The Class

by John Santana

It’s that time of the year again. School is getting boring and everyone fun seems to be having fun dating and making out. Seeing your flatmates scoring all the hot girls makes you wonder how you can do the same.

Of course, you can do it the traditional way. Joining a house party or being a part of a society is one of the better ways to meet a bunch of people. However, it is not always guaranteed that you will get laid. It depends on a lot of factors, such as how attractive your competitors are at the party, how many people are attending, and how the vibe is.

In the end, you could spend the whole night talking to several people but end up going home alone. That would be unfortunate. Now, there is a promising method for you to get laid tonight that does not involve wasting your effort and dressing up for nothing.

Online dating is the best way to get your feet into the water. Millions of college students rely on hookup apps to find someone to spend the night with. There are thousands of dating sites out there. You can easily sign up for any, but you shouldn’t. To maximize your chance to land a curvy girl, make sure you check out the premium hookup sites below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Hookup Apps for College Students: Our Shortlist


1. Adult FriendFinder

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  • Casual vibes with useful prompts provided for each match
  • A large user base
  • Popular among students staying in dorms


  • You can’t put in too many search filters

An excellent place to start looking is Adult FriendFinder. Once you hear about its 90 million registered users, you know you can count on it to bring you dozens of hookups whenever you want.

The whole platform is designed to be chill and welcoming. People with different sexual preferences are welcome. Most people here are not looking for a serious relationship. Rather, they just want someone next to them when they are lonely. So, you don’t have to worry about meeting someone clingy.

Be honest about what you want and write it on your profile. Adult FriendFinder is a straightforward platform where members do not shy away from revealing their deepest fantasies. If you are looking for a soccer player with dark hair and blue eyes, say so in the deception. It is helpful for others to know what turns you on. There is no judgment. Just pure desire and lust.

Interestingly, Adult FriendFinder is particularly popular among students staying in dormitories. You will see people walking down the hall matching with someone on the phone. It is the best way to kickstart the new semester.

Adult FriendFinder feels like heaven in the online dating world. But it is not flawless. Sometimes, the search engine cannot recognize multiple requirements and can only perform searches with the first two advanced filters input. See the website’s complete review here.

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2. Ashley Madison

ashley madison


  • Explicit photos are allowed
  • Great for finding MILFs and cougars to hook up with
  • Simple site navigation


  • Its geographical search is not narrowed enough

MILFs and cougars are somehow irresistible when you are at that young age. They are mature, sexy, and intelligent, unlike all the other bimbos that you have dated. If you are attracted to MILFs, Ashley Madison is a must.

The site is extremely MILF-friendly and it brands itself as such. Most of these MILFs and cougars are looking for an energetic young soul to fill their physical emptiness. Take one out for a wild ride.

To facilitate the matching process, Ashley Madison stripes down all the unnecessary features so users can match with the most amount of people in the shortest time. Site navigation is easy. You can create an account in 10 minutes and start liking and sending messages to the hottest girl in town.

Explicit photos are allowed as long as it’s within the legal realm. You can upload any photo that shows your body to get the attention of a hungry cougar. Don’t be shy about showing yourself. Cougars love a bright young cub.

For those constantly moving between your home state and your school, Ashley Madison can sometimes give inaccurate results with its geographical search. The location search often jumps when you move and you have to manually go in to change the location each time. It can be a bit annoying when you just set the location right this afternoon and it jumps to a new place at night.

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3. Hinge


  • The majority of members are college students
  • For international dating
  • The user interface is trending and stylish


  • Not that diverse for people with non-traditional sexual preferences

Hinge is growing in popularity these days. It is one of the most-used dating apps among college students. It connects you with students from the same university as shown on your profile.

The best thing about Hinge is that it’s wonderfully diverse. There are international members from all around the world. International students often feel lonely in a foreign country and want to connect with locals or someone from back home. Hinge is a great platform for that. There is no shortage of profiles from each region.

Young college students are usually looking for the trendiest dating app. Hinge nails the visual design in this regard. The whole app is smooth with cute animation. The user interface is exactly what youngsters want.

Despite all the advantages, a disappointing fact about HInge is its lack of sexual diversity. It is not very LGBT-friendly. It is more for straight people. If you belong to the LGBT community, you will find matching with others difficult. This greatly limits the user experience for college students wanting to experiment with something new.

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4. Zoosk


  • Simple swiping feature to like or pass a profile
  • Affordable membership plans
  • Simple signup process with profile templates to select from


  • A lot of ads
  • Site navigation is confusing

After a long day of presentation, you just want to get laid as quickly as possible. You don’t want to waste your time going through every profile. Zoosk is offering the easiest hookup trick with its simple swiping feature.

With just one swipe left and right, you can discard a profile or send a friend request. You are not finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. Physical attributes are all that matters. In that case, photos are really all you need to decide if someone is good enough to bang. Zoosk understands that. This swiping feature has saved time for everyone.

Its membership plans are affordable with the cheapest one starting at $12 per month, which is way below the industry average. It has a smart registration process that allows users to choose from different profile setups. Choose a template that best speaks your personality and interests. Make a few adjustments and hang it up the search wall.

If you go with Zoosk, do expect a lot of ads. The site is notorious for spamming users with promotional emails as well as pop-up ads. It does significantly hinder your matching speed since some ads can only be closed after multiple clicks.

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5. OkCupid


  • Very affordable for college students
  • Excellent customer service
  • Profiles are never repetitive


  • Tests created by members are not regulated

Being a college student puts you in financial turmoil that you just can’t spend so much money on online dating. That’s why OkCupid is the go-to option for college students. Its membership plans start at $7 per month. It is incredibly reasonable given its various features.

OkCupid is dedicated to providing premium matchmaking services to its members. Its customer services stand out from the crowd. Whatever inquiries or problems you have, the team will get back to you within a working day. In order to safeguard the community, the site investigates every report seriously. Accounts with suspicious activities are immediately suspended or deleted.

On OkCupid, once you pass a profile, it will never come up on your wall again. You won’t find yourself repeatedly rejecting the same person over and over again. Also because of that, be very careful when you make a decision.

To spice things up, OkCupid allows users to create tests that other members can participate in. Those tests aim to assess your personality traits and see how compatible you are with other types of people. Unfortunately, the platform gives so much freedom to members in creating those tests that they are largely unregulated.

Many of those tests are quite offensive and invasive. You are asked personal, political, unethical questions that feel uncomfortable. Although the site will take down the tests once reported, it does not take an active role in eliminating the offensive tests.

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6. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)


  • Profiles are of high quality
  • Matches are generated through your friend lists to ensure higher compatibility
  • You can earn some points through engagement and activities


  • Only 5 matches per day

If you are tired of meeting douchey guys with a mustache and an arrogant attitude, you will find CMB a breath of fresh air. The site requires a Facebook signup so it can access your friend list. It then browses through your friend list to find friends of friends that fit your preference. Since the results are based on your mutual friends, the chance of you getting along with your date is much higher as you share some things in common.

Users have positive reviews about the profile quality on CMB. There are lots of young aspiring professionals seeking some fun over Spring Break. Hooking up with another freshman in your department is now easier with CMB.

Every day, you get points on the app. With these points, you can perform searches, like profiles, and chat people up. To earn more points, you have to be active on the app and regularly connect with others.

Free points given to members each day are only enough for 5 matches per day, which is nothing compared to the unlimited matches other platforms offer. The few matches allowance makes users hesitate to sign up.

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7. Plenty of Fish (POF)


  • Most essential features are free
  • Welcoming towards people with different sexual preferences and orientation
  • Comes with an efficient desktop version


  • Lots of fake profiles

Widely used in Canada, POF is exactly what you need to get laid tonight. Its chill vibe and generous free features attract millions of college students to be a part of this thriving community. Almost every feature you will need is free. You can enjoy unlimited searches, browse through profiles, and send messages.

POF is very LGBT-friendly. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you will be hooked with plenty of like-minded people. Users adore the diversity that makes the platform fun and interactive. POF’s powerful location search connects members in proximity. You don’t even have to leave campus to have sex.

If you are not addicted to your phone screen or prefer to use your laptop, POF comes in both desktop and app versions. Its desktop version is efficient and smooth. It is built with the same quality as its app counterpart.

Sadly, POF is filled with fake profiles that pose a tremendous threat to users’ safety. There is not an effective ID verification process in place, leading to the surge of fake profiles. Users are harassed or blackmailed by hackers from time to time. This is a serious threat to community safety but POF is not doing enough to protect its members.

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8. Bumble


  • Girls have the sole power to initiate a conversation
  • Tight security
  • Even gender ratio


  • The success rate is not very promising

Girls are often at a disadvantage in the online dating world because there are more female sexual harassment victims than males. A lot of girls are skeptical about the quality of online dating sites and thus refuse to register for one.

In light of the situation, Bumble is an excellent choice that protects the females in its community. Being female-oriented, Bumble has a comprehensive structure to make sure women get the full power. Only the female members can initiate a conversation. Men can only express an interest in other profiles and wait for a reply.

Because of its female-centric strategies, Bumble has an even gender ratio. This harmonious platform serves millions of users around the world. To further enhance the security, the app has a double encryption system, making it impossible to leak your personal information.

However, the success rate on Bumble is drastically lower than on other platforms. Since the platform is very one-sided, men are on the passive side in the field and cannot take matters into their own hands. After a while, most men become inactive on the site. And because the job of initiating falls entirely onto the girls, shy girls find it incredibly difficult to meet someone as they struggle to come up with a good conversation starter.

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9. Tinder


  • One of the most-used dating app
  • Simple setup and swiping feature
  • Profiles are mainly categorized by geographical location only


  • Lacks in-depth matching features and a powerful advanced search

Tinder is possibly the oldest online dating app that circulated the internet. It has a large user base with nearly 100 million registrations. As the founding stars that set the tone for online dating, its signature swiping feature remains widely used by other hookup apps.

Almost exclusively for hooking up with others, Tinder provides simple features and an easy registration process. You can connect it with your Facebook account and start matching in under 3 minutes.

It allows only a few simple filters like age and gender. Then, it presents a list of results based on your geographical location. Tinder has a very simple search function. It mostly only filters out profiles according to geographical location. Obviously, the entire purpose is so that members can score a hookup easily. But if you have other requirements like height, hairstyle, and more, Tinder can’t really satisfy you in this department.

Being the top-notch hookup app, Tinder has created millions of hookups beautifully. But since it lacks an in-depth advanced search feature, you can’t utilize it to distill down the profiles for your selection.

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10. Grindr


  • LGBT-friendly
  • Allows explicit photos
  • Free and anonymous


  • Many glitches in the app

If you are part of the LGBT+ community, Grindr is a top choice for finding a hookup. Originally designed exclusively for gay men, the dating app is now much more accommodating to various sexual preferences and gender identification.

With over 6 million singles ready to jump in bed with a stranger, Grindr has a similar layout as Tinder. Members are categorized by geographical location. You can easily match with hundreds of people within a 5-mile radius.

You can post as many explicit photos as you want on Grindr. It allows members to showcase their body shape and beauty. The best thing is that it allows users to remain anonymous. You can use an alias to create an account. It does not have to associate with your email or social media account.

Unfortunately, the app is notorious for having many glitches in the system. The app is always down for maintenance and the search results are not always accurate. It seems that Grindr has not made much improvement over the years.

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How to Choose the Right Online Dating App For You?

All of the above dating platforms are amazing. The internet is the best place to look for casual sex. That being said, you should still choose one that suits your needs and qualities so you will have a memorable journey using those sites.

Many of these sites cater to different audiences. For example, Adult FriendFinder is an all-inclusive community that emphasizes more than just a hookup experience. It is a strong community with people sharing their views, dating tips, and interesting things in the sex and dating world. Ashley Madison, on the other hand, caters well to the cougar-baby relationships.

All of these online dating sites are equally stunning in terms of quality, but you have to first identify your needs and what you are going after. There is no need to sugarcoat anything. Write down the deepest desire on your profile. All of these platforms encourage full transparency.

Then, you should look into the cost. As a college student, you might find yourself short of fundings most of the time.

Some of these hookup apps are on the pricier side. Despite the premium features, you should list out the essential requirements you seek so you don’t end up purchasing additional plans that you do not need.

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How to Set Up Your Online Dating Profile?

online dating safety


Understand your goal. You are here to hook up with someone, not to look for a happily ever after ending. Visuals matter. Instead of writing all about your dreams, past achievements, and family history, put on a few stunning photos of yourself.

Choose the right photos

Select some photos that best show your quality. Remember, you are here to find someone with the best physical attributes to roll in bed with. Therefore, you should also present yourself by how others will choose you. If you are comfortable with your body, you can pick photos that show your curves and strong muscles. It adds to the visual elements and helps others to judge if you are a good physical fit with them.

Are you a beach person? Put up some photos of you surfing and playing with the turtles on the beach. Numerous studies have shown that people are instantly more trustworthy if they have photos with pets or animals. You are perceived as the nurturing and caring type. It adds to your vibrant personality and makes you more diverse.

At the same time, you don’t necessarily need revealing photos to attract other members. You can stay in style while having all your clothes on. Go for photos that relate to your qualities. If you are a music major, take some photos of you playing the piano. People always appreciate a hot date with a talent.

Nail the description

After you have chosen the best photos, it’s time to finish your profile. In your description, you should have a one-liner that captures your date’s hard. There is no single formula to come up with that opener. It all depends on your personality traits. It should be something that reflects your personality.

If you are funny and witty, go for a joke and let your humor shine through. If you are nerdy, give a fun fact a go. Whatever you choose, it should at least align with your normal tone and style. Although you should always glorify yourself on your dating profile a little, you should never make it so glamorous that you completely lose your qualities. After all, imagine how disappointing your date would be to hook up with someone totally different in real life than on your dating profile.

Since you are not here to find love and your future partner, there is no need to overwrite and overshare. Most of your potential matches will only focus on the most interesting thing about you, probably related to your physical attributes. Definitely write about your sports, music, or singing talents. These are sought after and make you popular.

How to Match with Others and Initiate a Conversation?

There are virtually millions of people that match your requirement. The thought of connecting with all of them is tempting, but not practical. It will be a waste of time to start a conversation with everyone.

To increase your chance of getting laid, you should only initiate a conversation with someone you are compatible with. Now, reading the full profile description would be time-consuming. Here are a few tricks that will help you skim down the list so you can find a new date every night.

Send a request to people that share similar vibes with you. It is proven that people are mostly attracted to others with similar traits. They feel safer and have a better connection. Let’s say you are a horse lover, connect with members that have animals in their photos. That way, you will have an easy conversation starter.

Don’t spend your time reading everyone’s profile. By going through each description in detail, you are missing out on more possible matches. Give the first two sentences a read at most. It will give you a vibe of what the person is looking for. If you don’t seem like a fit, let it go. If there seems like a chance, send a request immediately.

Once you have locked in several possible matches, use your wit to win them over. Always be honest about your goals. You are looking for a hookup. So, keep the atmosphere casual and chill. The last thing you need is getting a hundred calls after sleeping with someone because the other person thinks this is going somewhere. Always set the expectations straight.

You don’t always have to be blunt about your intentions. Through your tone and texts, the other person can feel if you want a serious relationship or just a hookup. But if you are asked, say indeed you don’t want anything serious. That’s how you can best connect with others who also just want great sex and nothing more.

Use the prompts the app suggests if you are out of clues. Otherwise, start the conversation with something that interests your match. It should be something that she mentioned on her profile or something you have in common. It is always a nice surprise if you can name something she has written. It shows you have read about her and not just sending a standard message out.

Before you meet up, you should have suggested in your conversation where to go. Be suggestive and include your place, their place, or a hotel. That way, you get the message across that sex is happening without having to ask out loud. The other person can also understand and make the decision.


College life is fun. It is full of adventures and hookups. Most college students think it is a time when they have the most freedom to explore. And indeed, there are so many opportunities for you to get on a wild ride. With all the possibilities, it can be confusing to start your journey. Look no further and join these dating sites today to meet thousands of other college students to get laid tonight.

John Santana

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