6 Best Online Night Shift Dating Sites & Apps That Work

Last Updated on January 13, 2023

Working night shifts is a game-changer in your love life. For the most part, you feel like dating is not for those with a reversed schedule. You are working when others are sleeping and vice versa.

It does not ignite hope when you are the minority. Your work may prevent you from giving a timely response to your date or finding a good time to hang out, but it should not be like that.

There are plenty of dating sites and apps that cater to night shift workers. You will easily find someone with the same schedule or willing to compromise. Check out these fantastic sites so the night will never feel so long again.

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6 Best Nightshift Dating Sites & Apps (2023 Update)

1. eHarmony


  • For serious dating
  • Advanced compatibility test
  • Few fake profiles


  • Lengthy signup process

Compared to all the sites advocating meaningless sex, eHarmony is here to bring you a soulmate. Specifically designed for serious dating, the site has a structural process to ensure your guardian angel falls into your network.

Upon signup, users have to complete a list of 70 questions. Your answers are analyzed by their unique compatibility test system. Every match presented to you scores the highest in the test. Studies have shown that dating sites with a compatibility score tend to perform better with more positive reviews in creating marriages and long-term relationships.

Thanks to its strict registration process, there are very few fake profiles. Each user has to be ID-verified. Suspicious profiles reported by the community will be investigated and blocked. Members can enjoy a safe environment without having to worry about talking to a catfish.

Its tight system can be seen as a double-edged blade. On one hand, it protects users very well and safeguards its online community. On the other hand, it can be frustrating to register on eHarmony.

Signing up on eHarmony can take up to 30 minutes, which is more than double of most other sites. For those looking for a secure platform, eHarmony is the place. But if you just want the easiest one, then this soul-matching heaven may not do you magic.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Welcoming towards all sexual preferences
  • Smooth and beautiful user interface
  • Has a large female member base


  • Fake profiles

To talk about one of the most accepting dating sites, Ashley Madison would sit very high on the list. Originally for people seeking adventurous affairs, the site caters well to people with different sexual preferences. There’s no judgment here. Just horny folks after some casual sex tonight.

You will find a diverse member base of all ages and backgrounds. From elites to stay-home moms, Ashley Madison is the epitome of diversity. Its user interface is also one of its kind. Mostly bright with a pink touch, it gives off a feminine vibe while kicking off a sleek edge.

The gender ratio of Ashley Madison is a bit skewed, but in a great way for men. Nearly 60% of users are females. You would have a very good chance of matching with someone who appreciates your values and looks.

However, Ashley Madison suffers the same issue big online dating sites suffer, it has quite a lot of fake and inactive profiles swimming around the pool. Some users create redundant accounts to increase their opportunities. You will often come across idle profiles or the same profile again and again.

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3. WaysToMeet.com


  • Very detailed physical attributes listed
  • Few photo restrictions so there are many sexy photos
  • Simple signup and fast matching


  • Limited messaging methods

WaysToMeet.com is the ultimate hookup site you need. Every profile shows a long list of physical attributes like height, weight, bust measurements, eye colors, etc. The details save you a lot of time in skimming through those who do not fall into your requirement. You don’t have to message every user asking about their height. If you are looking for a cute short girl, just read their profile description.

Its photo restrictions are also fairly lenient. Users can post any revealing photo without getting banned. Since the site is mostly for hookups, there is no need to be a prude. Show your sexiest side with some butt-naked photos to get some well-deserved attention.

Signing up to WaysToMeet.com is simple. It takes less than 10 minutes and you can start your magical journey. Its search filters accurately remove those that do not fit your input and gives you high-potential matches only.

As dreamy as the site is, it only has few messaging channels. Some major methods like quality instant video and audio calls are missing. Its existing messaging channels are also lagging at times.

4. Plenty Of Fish (POF)


  • All its basic features are free
  • Unique search algorithm
  • Popular in small towns


  • Horrible and unresponsive customer service

This Canadian online dating site is taking over North America because of its generous free features. Members can almost access all the major features without an upgrade. Unlimited matches, messages, advanced searches…POF is the way to go if you want to meet someone without much investment.

POF uses its unique algorithm in locating users that are a good match. It doesn’t disclose its compatibility analysis but users are generally satisfied with the results.

Another great thing about POF is its popularity in small towns. Unlike most trending sites with a lesser user base in rural areas, POF users are majorly from smaller cities. This gives a great advantage for small-town people to enjoy the same exciting dating experiences as those from the bustling cities.

If you use POF, you should hope that you will never need its non-existent customer service. POF is notorious for its irresponsive help center. Whether you try to email or call, getting a reply is like waiting to win the lottery. Most of the time, users never hear back and their problems are never solved. This does not just apply to free members but paid members also.

5. Zoosk


  • Solid ID verification
  • Match insights
  • Search by categories


  • Users are rather young and not professionals

Zoosk takes things seriously when it comes to validating users’ identities. Its strict signup process guarantees you are interacting with a real person rather than a bot. It does bring comfort to users.

Are you wondering why you have been on dating sites for so long, yet to no avail? Perhaps you are not using it right. That’s when Zoosk’s profile insights come in. It tells you the merits and demerits of your description, how to gain more traction and more.

On its home page, users are already categorized by different metrics like geographical location, occupation, and age. You simply need to select one category or more, the vast results will be shown instantly.

Although Zoosk is a fun site to try out, it’s not for everyone. The site is heavily skewed towards youngsters without higher education. So you will likely encounter members looking for fun, enjoying life, and partying, rather than someone serious about leveling up their career or contributing to society.

6. OkCupid


  • Free members can access all profiles
  • Compatibility test
  • Clean user interface


  • Slow site speed

OkCupid generates a lot of interest from night shift workers as members are very active till late at night. Free members can see all the profiles. Each profile has a detailed description of the expectations and qualities of the member. It does not feel as shallow as a skin-deep hookup site.

Its compatibility test allows the system to study your match preferences and constantly update the search results for higher accuracy. It connects you with people sharing the same mindset.

With a clean user interface, surfing on OkCupid is a pleasant experience. Its outlook is modern and sleek. However, the site speed is notoriously slow at times, particularly when many members are online.

It can take up to a few minutes to refresh. The system can’t handle its large user base. It’s very disappointing to disconnect or have laggy conversations because of the bad server.

How do you date when working night shifts?

Working night shifts mean your routine is completely reversed. You work when others are sleeping, and vice versa. Your dating options feel very limited. It’s scary to think your love life will take a negative turn because of the nature of your job.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways you can make dating exciting, despite the restraining schedule.

1. Plan some activities

Indeed, having opposite schedules holds you back from being spontaneous. You can’t just text your date at 7 am for a quick breakfast. Everything takes planning. Cross-check your schedule to find a slot where you are both available. Plan some activities accordingly.

You will have to work extra hard to meet but it’s not mission impossible if you try. A well-planned date shows how thoughtful and caring you are.

2. Find common grounds to connect with

Are they into techno music? Did they road trip through Canada by themself? What’s their passion in life?

Asking questions to connect with them if you can’t physically spend so much time together. Couples build a strong bond either spiritually or physically. So if you can’t have one, work on the other.

Finding the connection with these small things not only pulls you and your date closer together, but it also makes the relationship last longer. Working night shifts is no longer a love repellent.

3. Show your dedication

Sometimes the meeting time may not be favorable to you. Perhaps it’s after a long night of work and you just want to go home and sleep. Regardless of the circumstances, try to pull yourself together and show your interest.

Never leave a date because you are too tired. It shows that you don’t value your time with them and can even come off as being disrespectful. It’s not easy to stay awake when you are tired but it ensures your date feels that they are wanted. It also increases your chance of taking it further.

How does working night shifts affect long-term relationships?

Usually, people working night shifts tend to have very different dating experiences. While some absolutely adore the lifestyle and find the best ways to cope with it, some let it destroy their love lives completely.

In the long run, you would have to come up with a way to communicate with your partner. It’s not ideal to have the opposite sleep schedule. It does affect your relationship tremendously. Talk to your partner to adjust both your schedules.

Maybe you can wake up earlier before work to hang out or they can stay up late before sending you off. It’s all about effort and compromises.

Remember, this is a mutual relationship. It shouldn’t fall on either of you to take the responsibility to make this work.

One of the most challenging parts of a marriage or relationship like this is to hang out as a group with family and friends. It’s already a difficult task to make time for each other. Making a plan to meet others can be exhausting.

You may have arguments from time to time because they think you are not putting in enough effort but you are just too drained to meet up. That’s why communication is the key for those who work night shifts.

Realistically, your partner may never understand the struggle you go through because they don’t share the same routine. They have no idea how rough it is to have a reversed sleep cycle. You can’t expect them to understand fully, but at least make sure they respect and understand enough to see it from your perspective.

Don’t lash out and blame them. Talk it out and find solutions if you are having marital/relationship issues.

Final Thoughts

Working night shifts should not kill your dating life as long as you know where to look. These awesome dating sites work fabulously for night owls. Sign up for one and enjoy the great experience of finding a soulmate or just someone to have casual sex with tonight.

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