Mend The Marriage Review – Is the Brad Browning Program Really Worth It?

by John Santana

Living with a person in the same room seems heavenly to imagine, but it can be a devastating experience if not handled properly.

With two different egos hitting each other like wild rams, and the exploding combination of Mars and Venus – it becomes too much to handle at times.

Romantic talks turn into worst fights and often your dream married life is burnt down into ashes.

Are you in a similar condition right now?

Or do you know anyone who is spending the same dark nights?

I have a friend whose marriage was falling down like a house of cards. Daily fights, sexual issues, lack of trust, and communication – they were on the verge of filing a divorce.

Until she got her hands on this course called Mend the Marriage by Brad Browning and her marital happiness made a re-entry ​into her life. Now she is living her best life with her partner.

She happened to discuss it with me and after giving the program mend the marriage a thorough read, I’m here with the review of the mend the marriage saving program.

What is Mend the Marriage?

Mend the Marriage is an online program created to help the couples who are dealing with marital issues and are finding the romance fleeting away.

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The Mend the Marriage program consists of –

  • 270+ pages E-book
  • 4 hour Pro Audio Course
  • 7-part Pro Video Series
  • Team Building Worksheets
  • 3 Free Bonuses

The program comes with solutions, ideas, and advice to solve all of your marital problems.

Who’s behind it?

Mend the Marriage is created by Brad Browning, the famous author of the best-selling relationship program – The Ex Factor.

Browning has been a relationship coach and a divorce expert from Vancouver. He has been in the field since more than a decade now. Till now, he has helped hundreds of couples mend their marriage issues throughout the world.

A famous YouTuber offering advice on love and commitment, his life-saving works have made its ways to articles and books as well.

How does Brad Browning’s Mend the Marriage work for men and women?

The author has given special attention to ​solving the difficulties faced by both women and men in marriage, unlike other guides whose only focus is on helping women.

Couples often get confused in understanding the problems that are responsible for creating a rift in their marriage. This book comes up with the problems and helps the readers to identify the reasons behind them.

The readers get to know the reasons for conflicts and ways to solve them. It also mentions the most major and minor quarrels that are possible in marital life and teaches you to get away with them individually.

1. How the Mend the Marriage book works for Men.

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If you are a man worried about the turbulence of your failing marriage, this program will teach you how to not commit the top three mistakes that push your partner away from you.

Lack of communication and busy life can create differences between you and her. Not giving her good sex and blaming each other for every mistake is another vital reason.

With the special plan called the ABCD method, you will learn how to reignite the feelings of romance and intimacy in your partner. Your wife will become so emotionally attached to you that she will never think of leaving you again.

2. How the Mend the Marriage book works for Women.

Women, the reasons for a flawed marriage can be many, which gives place to a world of unhappy couples and many divorces. With this course, you will learn how to have the control in your hands and how to reignite the feelings of passion and romance.

The book provides detailed knowledge on how to detect the loopholes of your marriage and uproot them step by step.

Browning’s solutions teach women the ways by which she can make her man stay in love with her for the rest of his life.

The Content Overview

The 200+ pages E-book which come with an audio and video series is made to renew marriages and null the chances of divorce.

It teaches building resilience, committing to change, managing anger, topics of sex and intimacy, and dealing with affairs and infidelity.

The book is mainly based on the ABCD Method which means to Accept, Build, Commit, and Dedicate in order to move ahead of the past bitter memories and bring out the changes that can save your marriage.

Let’s have a sneak-peak into the ABCD method of the Mend the Marriage program –

1. Accept the Situation

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This can be a little hard for you as it brings you face to face with your own problems and accepting your own mistakes as well as your partner’s.

It teaches that before diving into the task of saving the deal, you have to accept the situation as it is.

It will also make you accept the mistakes that you are committing in the relationship and to stop the blame game.

This stage will make it easy for you to take responsibility for your own toxic behaviors and actions.

It will teach you to be the best version of yourself even in hard situations so you can deal with the problems in a relatively easy way.

2. Build Resilience

This stage offers the knowledge that it is always better to indulge in self-care and self-love because if you can’t care for yourself, caring for your marriage can be difficult.

Keeping yourself grounded and making smart choices can handle any situation.

This stage tells you the benefits of thinking positively and what wonders a good sleep can do. Focusing on your sleep cycles ​and keeping oneself motivated while eating and thinking healthy is a smart way to deal with an emotional breakdown which is the number one cause of deteriorating things further.

3. Commit to Change

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This stage is kind of a continuation of the second stage because it tries to reinforce the things you learned in the last stage as such that it becomes a habit rather than a one-time affair.

It advises you to become that person that your current or ex partner wanted you to be – by applying the positive and soothing methods like getting a new hobby and others.

A person habituated to thinking negatively will need time and patience to turn into a positive person again and this stage helps one to cross that hurdle.

4. Dedicating yourself to the task

This program will require you to be the best version of yourself. But don’t​worry, it seems like a lot of pressure but with the help of this book you will get the motivation to go through the situations.

It will require being totally honest with your feelings and not concealing anything. It’s about realizing what you want and admitting it to your partner. It will also require you to admit your mistakes and be upfront.

Now that you have done whatever was required, it is your partner’s work now to acknowledge the situation and take the next step.

Always remember, you can change yourself and correct your own errors but you can’t force them to feel what you want them to.

Even after giving your all, if your partner doesn’t reciprocate, let them go. At least, you will not live with the guilt that you could have controlled the situation but you kept sitting all the time with your hands in your pockets. You will know that you gave your best.

The 3 Extra BONUSES

Along with the many chapters and step to step guide, this book gives you free access to 3 Extra Bonuses too.

These bonuses are sure to mend all the breakages that your marriage has faced over these years.

Let’s have a brief overview of the bonuses –

Bonus 1: Money Matters Guide.

It’s no secret that money has been a major issue for breaking marriage universally.

Absence of stability in finances gives rise to a lot of fights and quarrels, often resulting in the partners losing respect for each other and seeking out love and acceptance outside the marriage.

It can affect the base of your marriage and can also make a huge impact on your sexual life. This Extra Bonus provides help in dealing with the financial issues so it doesn’t go to your head and destroy your mental peace while simultaneously destroying romance and love for your marriage.

Bonus 2: The Infidelity Survival Guide

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This bonus says that couples expect their partners to be loyal. They consider trust and faithfulness as the number one agreement that sets the base of a relationship.

But in this world where the human mind is bombarded with so many options, staying loyal to only one person is hard for both the sexes.

It also says that most of the time when your partner is in an extramarital affair with someone else, it’s because they are feeling a loss of intimacy and are just seeking temporary pleasure outside. It doesn’t have to do anything with you or it doesn’t mean that their love for you has ended.

They may still love you and have an affair.

It also says that couples should not over-think their partners cheating on them as most of the time they are wrong. And most of the times when the partner thinks their relationship is doing great, their partners must have been engaged in an affair without giving them any hint about it.

Children and Divorce Ebook

This Bonus tells you about how hard it is for children to deal with the psychological trauma they face when their parents break up or separate after a divorce.

Of course, no parent wants their children to deal with such a situation and to mend that, the author gives you a ride to the various stages of divorce and its effects on the children.

He also suggests what measures you can take to save your children from suffering.


Photo by Andi Risam Triangga from Pexels

1. It comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The book costs $49.95 and which is a quite decent amount when compared to the kind of content material it provides the readers with.

The great thing about it is that it’s risk-free. If the content doesn’t help you, you can opt for a refund.

2. Concerns both Men and Women

Unlike the other books and programs available on dealing with the problems of marriage and divorces which are out there only to help the women, this book concerns both women and men.

3. Easy to read

The program is easy to read and implement. It contains user-friendly words and grammar.

4. Touches all kinds of marital problems

It covers almost all kinds of issues that couples face in a marriage.

5. Rich Material

You get a lot of material in only one program. The E-book along with the audio and video series, worksheets, and bonuses make it a worthy buy. That contains all the materials that you need to mend your marriage.


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1. What about the deep complicated Issues?

The book has all the solutions to generalized problems and some of the intense ones too, but many of the marriages have deeply complicated issues that needed to be talked about in-person to have a better understanding.

2. No Hard Copy

The program doesn’t have a hard copy of it. This can be a problem for the people who are not familiar with using technology or not habituated to read on the screen.

Does Mend the Marriage really work?

The Mend the Marriage program has proved itself successful with the readers as many success stories praising it can be found on the internet.

I find this program to have an exceptional way of dealing with almost all the marital problems faced by couples in a commendable practical way.

It teaches the readers to have patience when applying the theories and take it day by day to cope up with such situations until slowly things change for the better as broken marriages take time to heal.

The most astounding information that the readers will take away with this book is to stop being ‘victimized’ and stop playing the victim card. It takes both the partners to accept their mistakes in order to repair the breakages your marriage has faced over the years.

The book teaches you that in order to mend things with your partner, you have to be totally honest. That means you have to stop playing the mind games as well as the brain games and be upfront and straight with your intentions.

The book provides a lot of tips and to-the-point chapters that have helped couples in acknowledging the broken parts, go to their roots, and work up to its flowers.

Mend the Marriage has all the logical and tested information that you need to give your marriage a fresh start. You can absolutely buy this book if you are having issues in the beautiful nest of marriage.

To the couples whose marriage is doing just fine, you can also try your hands on this book as it will open up all the possible reasons that your marriage are suffering without your knowledge and learn the ways to face up to them and also to make your marriage more loving, secure and safe.

John Santana

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