What is Snap Sex? – Is the Dating Platform Legit or Just a Scam?

by John Santana

Dating sites and apps have grown in popularity over the years. It has even had spin-offs that are more adult-oriented than anything. These websites include Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison. However, there have been knock-offs of these websites ever since they burst onto the scene over a decade ago.

One such website we will be taking a look at is Snap Sex. The following is a detailed review of the site. We will be taking a look at the features and whether or not it’s a complete scam.

The thing to note is that the reviews for the most part seem to be negative rather than positive. Just because of this, it may not mean it’s an outright scam. Some sites may be well-intended, but enough to where users would be smart enough to steer clear from it.

With the number of dating sites that have been breeding grounds for scams and similar things, it’s hard to trust which profile is real and which ones are created by scammers or even staff members of a dating site. With that said, let’s dive right in and check out this in-depth review of Snap Sex.

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Snap Sex At a Glance


Snap Sex Pros

  • Free membership available
  • Anyone can sign up

Snap Sex Cons

  • Fake profiles
  • Fake webcam chats
  • Limited free features
  • Questionable terms and conditions

Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s verdict is don’t bother! Sex Snap has many spammy features, is full of fake profiles, and shady terms and conditions. We recommend checking out Ashley Madison instead.

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What We’ve Discovered

After combing through this site and other reviews, we have made some discoveries regarding Snap Sex. Needless to say, there are some red flags that need to be addressed. Let’s discuss what we have found:

The Sign-Up Process

First and foremost, the signup process. You have to answer a few questions before entering your name, email, and username. It reminds us of having to jump through flaming hoops.

If anything, this may be a screening process to help you determine how to use Snap Sex. Once you answer the questions and enter your information, the sign up is finished. So the process itself is somewhat complex, but still simple enough to understand the concept behind it.

But this isn’t what it seems. As it turns out, it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick. So the questionnaire you fill out is a glorified ad.

A sample question includes ‘Do you agree to keep their identities a secret’? Sounds like a real question and is enough to trick any unsuspecting user. But the confusing part is, even if it’s a real hookup, keeping the whole thing a secret would be best.

Profile Quality

Profile Quality


The quality of the profiles on every dating site is usually scrutinized. For anyone that has been on dating sites before, they may have a trained eye for which profiles are real and which ones are not. Based on what we have discovered, there are fewer real users.

With that said, this can only mean one thing: the majority of the profiles are bots or created by staff members to entice users to interact with them. So unsuspecting users may not be talking to the real person, but rather a bot or someone masquerading as them.

Some dating websites are guilty of using professional model photos and including them on fake profiles. This is done with the intent of using yet another marketing gimmick. The end goal here is that they are looking for more premium signups.

As expected, the fake profiles will lack all kinds of information compared to a real profile. Dating site newbies may mistake this for someone not even caring to fill out the profile information. But whether you are new to such things, obviously the smart thing to do would be to fill out information on your profile for potential matches.

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If you want to include an air of mystery somewhere, you may. A not-so-shocking discovery is that you will get messages from ‘users’ that have blank profiles. This is a regular occurrence with bots that are being used on such sites like Snap Sex Review.

Webcam chats? Those are fake too

One thing we have discovered on Snap Sex is that they offer ‘webcam chats’ to users. But there is one problem: they don’t exist.

This is yet another marketing gimmick that entices free members to upgrade to a paid membership. At this point, this doesn’t surprise you anymore. Why pay for something you think you’re going to get, but you won’t.

Paying for nothing that exists may just very well be a scammy tactic. If you think that’s not so surprising, take a look at what else we have discovered next.

They admit some things in their Terms of Service

One of the things that people don’t do is read the terms of service. We just check the box saying that we did and move on. And that right there is where they’ll get you.

Snap Sex wants to be not held reliable for certain things. Kind of shady if you ask us. Specifically, some of the terms include the following:

  • Having the user understand and acknowledge that the user profiles on the site may be fake or have photos of professional models as profile pics.
  • They utilize bots for messaging, SMS, and instant messaging purposes.
  • They want you to understand and acknowledge that no physical meeting will ever take place between you and the ‘users’. It’s all for entertainment purposes only.

That last part kind of made us shake our heads. For all we know, the people running sites like this may be entertained all the time. Specifically, they are suckering people out of their money.

And they might be entertained by the number of real users interacting with bots. It’s like they are laughing at these ‘suckers’ for thinking what is actually fake is real. Because of reviews like this, we want you to NOT be a sucker for dating sites like this.

Beware of a similar alternative

Another thing we have discovered during our investigation is that another website similar to Snap Sex exists. Not so surprisingly, the name is EasySnapSex. Some have said that the two websites have partnered up, but we’re willing to bet that they are run by the same people.

The concept of EasySnapSex is the same. They promise users that they can hook up with people in their local area. However, the ones benefiting from this partnership are Snap Sex and Easy Snap Sex.

They are basically compensating each other for sending traffic to the other site. It’s mind-boggling to even think how this model works. Needless to say, their source of income to exchange money between the two sites is from unsuspecting users who think they are getting more from a premium membership.

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Free vs Premium Features

Like some of the websites we have reviewed in the past, we have noticed a pattern in terms of what’s available for free and premium users. If you are a free user, then you’ll have limitations on certain features like profile browsing and searches, messaging, and others.

As mentioned before, you have bots sending ‘messages’ to new users the second they sign up. This will be a bot sending you a message. The message itself is blocked because it would require an upgrade to a premium membership just to view it.

But why bother, it’s a fake message 100 percent of the time. Some dating sites will send messages offering upgrades, but it will usually be through their own brand name messaging (i.e. the Ashley Madison team would send messages to you rather than a fake profile).

Sure, dating sites have to make money somehow, some way. But if they want more upgrades, they have to be ethical in their tactics. However, don’t expect that from websites like Snap Sex to be even close to ethical in regards to luring in unsuspecting users to upgrade.

At this point, you’re probably wondering whether or not it really is a scam. We’ll have our final verdict in a moment.

What is the best alternative to Snap Sex?

If you are planning on signing up for Snap Sex, not so fast. We have a better alternative for you. Ashley Madison is a website that will allow you to sign up and meet women online for discreet hookups.

Ashley Madison

Yes, the website has been controversial over the years. But that even didn’t stop them from growing in popularity. You can sign up and enjoy some of the benefits of being a free member.

However, there is a premium upgrade. Unlike Snap Sex, Ashley Madison delivers on the promise and gets you those unlimited features.


  • Open to all types of people and desires
  • Encryption keeps your messaging discreet
  • Great filtering feature


  • Mainly for hookups

Sign Up For Free

Final Verdict

Based on our discovery, we are able to determine that Snap Sex may very well be a scam. Any website that receives money from users and gives them nothing in return, we believe that the ‘scam’ label is deserving.

Steer clear of Snap Sex or even EasySnapSex since they run on pretty much the same model. With that said, we encourage you to check out real websites like Ashley Madison. If you are someone looking for discreet hookups, Ashley Madison is miles away the best website to use compared to Snap Sex and others.

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