Luxy Dating App Review

Luxy Dating App Review: Is It the Right Choice for You?

by John Santana

Financial stability is a big attraction. Dating a millionaire fulfills the childhood dream of many. Luxy brands itself as the rich version of Tinder without the poor people. It proudly proclaims its unique member selection system as ground-breaking.

There are very few online dating platforms with a strict selection system like Luxy. The hype it gets for being in the premier league of dating apps is mesmerizing. You are probably wondering what Luxy is all about. Is its exclusiveness all a marketing gimmick?

In this article, you are about to find out about a whole new level of rich dating.

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About Luxy

Luxy Dating App Logo

When Luxy first came into the market in 2014, it was labeled as the premium dating app for the rich and elites. Its quality design puts it together with the leaders like Tinder and Bumble but also adds exclusiveness like EliteSingles.

On its site, it claims its high-end clientele maintains a scammer-free platform. Members will embark on a cruise trip, go on a safari tour, or dine at the finest Michelin-starred restaurant as a date. Its luxurious dating style is reserved for those with great financial stability.

However, albeit its various premium tags, Luxy does not provide the corresponding services users sign up for. There are quite a few limitations that will leave paying members feeling ripped off.

First impression: 3/10
Signup and searching: 5/10
Profiles and messaging: 6/10
Special features: 2/10
Pricing: 2/10
Overall: 3.6/10

Verdict: If you want to cut to the chase, then the final verdict is Luxy is not at all what it advertises to be. You do not get what you are paying for. The site is poorly built to be charging at such a high price. Members are not as rich as they claim either.

You will probably regret signing up on Luxy. Choose wisely and opt for more reputable sites like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals instead.

First Impression

For a rich dating site, users would expect a lot more. The first impression of Luxy is astonishingly disappointing. What it shows on the front page is a signup box and a hot chick smiling at you and urging you to sign up.

The whole setup is mediocre, something that you would expect on a subpar dating site. It was mind-blowing to see this presentation on Luxy, considering it claims to attract millionaires only. People with money tend to have class and taste, which Luxy fails to deliver. A millionaire will likely close the tab when they see this low-budget production.

First impression: 3/10

Signup and Searching

Luxy is not an app that accepts the poor working class. It has a never-seen-before method to handpick members. To become an official member, you need to put in an application that can be seen by existing members of the app. They will decide if they want you here.

Once you have passed the initial screening, Luxy staff will manually vet you out to ensure you are not a homeless folk pretending to be Bill Gates. Your membership is only confirmed when you successfully pass the two screenings.

The strict registration process is good and bad. The good thing is that it does eliminate the chances of having scammers and bots roaming the site, which provides a safety net for members.

However, the site does not clearly state the criteria for being selected. You don’t know how much you need in your bank account to be considered a valuable member. Getting handpicked by existing members and staff without guidelines feels more like a bully party for the so-called rich people to discriminate against any member they dislike.

It feels like a high school close circuit game for the inner members to feel good about themselves. It is not as liberal as you’d want. The worst of all, you can’t even file a complaint if your application is unsuccessful as they never released the entry requirements to join the club.

Signup and searching: 5/10

Profiles and Messaging

Luxy profiles



Given how difficult it is to join this rich people’s club, the profiles are of decent quality, thankfully. Whether the trouble you go through to get here is worth it is subjective, but Luxy does maintain a pool of professionals.

The biggest letdown is that despite the charming elites, most members are not as “rich” as the app promises. There are two member selection stages. Still, half of the members are not millionaires. In fact, these members are only having decent-paying jobs but are hardly “wealthy” or even remotely close to being rich.

That being said, you don’t have to worry about financial stability or the job prospect of your future partner as they do that guaranteed. Even though they don’t necessarily have the money in their accounts, they are ambitious individuals with a bright future ahead.

When you have paid a substantial amount to be here, you want your millionaire partner. In that case, you are in for another disappointment. If you can look past that, then the site still offers quality profiles. Since members are handpicked, they are mostly gentle and pleasant. There is no doubt that you will have a good time meeting dates here, it just will not be what you originally expected.

Also, the app is not for LGBT dating. The entire app is low-key marginalizing the LGBT group by selectively putting through straight people exclusively. There is no variety in sexual orientation and identity. The failure to keep up with the current dating liberty trend also cuts back a lot of points for Luxy. It still creates the illusion that only heterosexual rich people are attractive and worthy of love.

Profiles and messaging: 6/10

Special Features

Some apps offer unique features to beat their competitors and provide an immersive experience for members. That is not the case with Luxy. You can count all of its supposed special features on one hand.

Once you go online, you can see other active members in your city. It reduces the risk of messaging inactive members. Thus, you get to connect instantly with members that are currently online. Furthermore, Luxy gives insight into the latest statistics to let you know how the demography has changed and how you can stay on top of the game. These statistics include the gender ratio and age.

Having these special features is not life-changing to users. They do not significantly increase one’s chances of getting matched. For a site that is charging its members such a high monthly fee, you should expect top-quality features exclusive here. Instead, the site is unoriginal. The site claims to be working on bringing more features to members but there has not been anything new since it was launched.

Special features: 2/10


Luxy Dating App Pricing

Pricing plans are broken down into Luxy Black and Luxy Premium. Luxy Black is the starter pack for users. You can get a monthly profile boost, check out who has liked your profile, and view more profiles than free members.

For Luxy Premium, you get all the features included in the Luxy Black plus being ranked first in each search result. There are limited Luxy Premium spots in each city to further retain its royalty.

The one-month subscription for Luxy Black is appallingly high at $80. This rate is almost unheard of in the industry. The app probably set a high fee to deter poor people from signing up. For real millionaires, the fee is nothing. But seeing how low-quality the site is, the $80 is surely a waste of money.

For the three-month package, the fee drops slightly to $64 per month. Then, it further falls to $48 per month for the one-year subscription. Even at its lowest price point, Luxy is still unapologetically more expensive than any other high-end dating app on the market.

If you think that is mind-blowing enough, wait until you hear about Luxy Premium. The Luxy Premium is priced at $300 per month. It is way too excessive to be investing this amount for an online dating app, regardless of how much money you have.

Arguably, there are higher-end dating apps that cost more. But, those apps mostly offer services that correlate to the price points they set. Luxy gets the slam for its pricing strategy because it is unjust.

Luxy’s pricing strategy will make you feel like paying for a five-star hotel and end up staying on a run-down campsite. It is hard to fathom who thought it would be a good idea to invest their money on a site with a cheap design and a complicated registration process.

Pricing: 2/10


Luxy’s glorified advertisement fails to conceal its low-class features. A real millionaire will donate their money before they join this platform. Only when you put all the money cost and fake advertisement aside that you can enjoy a decent matching experience. To seek a true premium dating style, get Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals instead.

John Santana

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