Fifty Flowers Review: Is The Platform Reliable? + Alternatives

by John Santana

Are you on the hunt to find the best florist? Whether you are looking for a simple arrangement for someone special or for your wedding flowers. With several different florists to choose from it can be hard trying to decide where is the best place to order some fresh flowers. On your florist search, you must have come across Fifty Flowers. The well-established local florist has become known all over the US but are they really as good as they claim to be?

This is what we will help you decide, in this article we have highlighted what you need to know about Fifty Flowers reviews. Including the services and range of flowers available to order from Fifty Flower. As well as, the pros and cons of the store to help you decide if this will be the perfect flower shop for you. including their services, and range of flowers.

About Fifty Flowers

Founded in 2003 by Liza Roser, Fifty Flowers since then has bloomed into one of the most well-known flower shops in the US. The company provides fresh farm-grown flowers that are delivered to their customer’s doors within 2 to 3 days. What sets this floral shop apart from others are unique and created arrangements brought to life by the Fifty Flowers team.

A few other things that make this florist unique is their activity on digital platforms. The Fifty Flowers website interactive website which makes wondering flowers and bringing your vision to life much easier. The website also features a DIY Flowers section that provides how-to guides with flowers.

The Fifty Flower YouTube page has also created great exposure for the company. On their page, they provide free arrangement demonstrations. Which is not only fun to learn but also has built an audience for this flower shop.

Fifty Flowers Services

Fifty flowers provide a wide range of services that truly caters to all one’s floral needs. Not only does the company deliver frower arrangements within 24 to 72 hours to their customer. This florist also provides floral arrangements for special occasions like centerpiece flowers and more.

This floral company also provides several wedding flower services from working with clients to taking a load off their wedding planning activities. Fifty Flowers will take care of all the wedding flowers and wedding party bouquets, all you have to do is give them your wedding colors. Then they will bring your bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquet to life. This can be super helpful for brides and will also make sure that you have beautiful flowers in your wedding photos.

Fifty Flowers Range

Fifty Flowers All the flowers page has more than 2,000 types of flowers available on its website. These flowers are grown at the company’s farm. Fifty Flowers wants their customers to have fresh flowers which are why once you place an order on the website. Your arrangement will be assembled at the floral farm and will arrive directly at your door.

The prices of their flowers start from $15.00 and go up to $1,244. This means you can work within your budget to get the flowers of your dreams.

Some of the current best selling flowers on the Fifty Flowers website include:

  • White Ranunculus Fresh Cut Flower
  • Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery
  • Quicksand Cream Roses
  • White Hydrangea
  • Burgundy Wine Ranunculus Fresh Cut Flower
  • Oxblood and Sage DY Combo Pack
  • Amnesia Lavender Novelty Roses
  • Star Bethlehem White Flower
  • Green Hanging Amaranthus Bulk Fall Greens
  • Dusty Blue Wedding Flower Carnations
  • Golden Roses
  • Garden Roses

Fifty Flowers Reviews

Fresh Flowers

One of the best ways to tell if a company is great and what they are doing is by reading through its reviews. After all, a company’s product reviews tell us exactly what we need to know about the product that the company might not be honest with us about. However, a previous customer is going to be completely honest in their review.

This is why we have included a mix of positive ad negative Fifty Flowers reviews from previous customers. These Fifty Flowers reviews are from the Fifty Flowers website to help make your decision a little easier.

Positive Flower Reviews

Fifty Flowers have received an overwhelming number of positive reviews, we have included a short summary of these reviews with the title of the review as the customer’s initial reaction.

1. Perfect

The client ordered 100 tulips for her baby shower, while she was nervous about the delivery process. These tulips arrived in perfect condition and the customer states that they looked gorgeous.

2. A Very Satisfied & Relieved Customer

This customer ordered flowers for her wedding, she was quite nervous about ordering online as well to the high temperatures. However, Fifty Flowers gave her beautiful blowers that she was happy with. The customer states that her experience with Fifty Flowers was amazing.

3. Wedding Flowers

This happy customer ordered red alstroemeria for her daughter’s wedding and once the flowers arrived she followed the care instructions found on the website and the flowers were pretty. The customer states that they will be placing another order with Fifty Flowers and the product was exactly what was promised.

4. Beautiful

Another happy customer ordered a few flower pieces from Fifty Flowers for their wedding, they had ordered the Purity wedding flowers collection. The customer states that the combination of garden roses and hydrangeas was lovely. This customer also states that they were very satisfied and pleased with such great quality flowers.

5. Absolutely Perfect

The satisfied customer ordered a table setting for Christmas and the arrangement exceeded the customer’s expectations. The flowers were fresh and the delivery date was as promised. The customer also added that they will be ordering again

6. Love!

This customer was extremely happy with her order which she had placed for her daughter’s wedding and is so pleased that she placed it with Fifty Flowers. The customer describes the True White Garden Roses that she had purchased as gorgeous, absolutely incredible, and astounding. This was definitely an extremely pleased customer.

7. Wow

The client was absolutely blown away by their order and even called their purchase beautiful. The customer stated that the flowers have still lasted and it has been over a week already. The customer is extremely pleased with their order and plans on ordering from Fifty Flowers again.

8. Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

The client was super pleased with their order and was happy that Fifty Flower provided them with everything that they needed. The customer stated that the instructional video was easy to follow and enjoyed watching it. This customer was super happy completely with the DIY flowers to make an arrangement.

9. Uniquely Beautiful

Another extremely delighted Fifty Flowers customer ordered flowers for the daughter’s wedding and was a bit nervous that they would bloom too early. However, they were perfect. the customer states that the flowers added depth to their flower arrangements. They were super pleased with the entire experience that they had with Fifty Flowers.

10. Success

This customer found her package presentable le and beautiful, however, when they first arrived she was a bit concerned because they did look horrible but after 24 hours the flowers had bloomed and looked incredible. Luckily, the flowers arrived just in time to bloom before the event date.

Negative Flower Reviews

While there were plenty of positive reviews from Fifty Flowers customers, there were also some negative reviews. Here is a summary of a few of the negative reviews that the flower company received, with the title of the review the same as the customers:

1. 1 Star

This client was disappointed about the fact that their flowers looked nothing like what had been shown on the website. However, the customer did have a positive experience with the customer service team who refunded them for this order. The customer was happy with the helpful customer service but still disappointed about the product..

2. Moldy Greenery

Another client was disappointed by the flowers that she had received. The customer states that the eucalyptus that she had ordered was wilted and discolored due to poor packaging. The customer then stated that if the product was properly packed her order would have been fine. She was extremely upset and believes that she wasted her money placing this order.

3. 1 Star

A bride stated had ordered the Blush Oink Astilbe Flowers for her wedding, however, on the day of her wedding, the flowers came off and turned brown. This customer was extremely unhappy with her experience.

4. Disappointed

This client had ordered 50 Calla Lillies to be delivered a few days before an event. However, when the flowers arrived the box the flowers had come in was damaged and there were brown spots on the flower. The customer tried to contact the company via email but she did not receive any response. They were highly disappointed in the terrible customer service as well.

5. Misleading

This client states that the greenery she had ordered was not as full as the greenery she had received. So she was unable to add the greenery to her centerpiece. The customer believes that the pictures on the website are not a true reflection of the products that she had received.

6. Horrible

This extremely customer was extremely upset when her roses arrived because they were supposed to be white and were not brown. The rose petals and the steam of the rose were also damaged, and the client was very unhappy with her experience.

7. 1 Star

This customer was extremely disappointed with her order especially because she was quite excited to receive her order. However, the customer states that when she did receive her order it was not the same flower as what she had ordered. This customer was extremely disappointed in the customer service that she had received from Fifty Flowers.

8. 1 Star

An unhappy customer received their package which she describes as horrible because flowers were stuck to the packaging and each other. The client was very upset about waiting for her money and did try to call the customer service team but could not get through. The customer also states that she had left a message and had still not received a response from customer service.

9. Not as advertised

Another disappointed customer who had ordered a flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day from Fifty Flowers stated that their order did not look like what was on the website. This customer was dissatisfied with their order.

10. Damaged and in poor condition

When the customer’s flowers arrived, the flower was terribly damaged. The flowers that she had ordered had broken heads and broken stems. The customer states the petals were falling off and she was very upset about how poorly packaged her order was. She has previously ordered flowers from Fifty Flowers and has not experienced anything like this before.

Fifty Flowers Pros

After reading through quite a few positive Fifty Flowers reviews it is safe to say that this company makes quite a lot of their customer extremely happy and leaves them satisfied. While these reviews would have helped you decide if this is the local florist for you. Here is a list of the common pros experienced by customers of Fifty Flowers that was mentioned in quite a few of the positive reviews:

  • Great Customer Service

There have been so many compliments about Fifty Flowers’s customer service in the positive reviews. This must mean that the customer service team is definitely doing something right when it comes to taking care of the customers.

What is great is that this customer who spoke about the good customer service that they had experienced ar the ones who also mentioned that they will be ordering again. Which is one statement that speaks volumes. When customers state that they will be returning then you know that this company is taking care of customers.

  • Wedding Flowers

Several brides either ordered wedding flowers or other brides who order their wedding party bouquets from Fifty Flower. Most of the reviews that had been completed by brides were very satisfied and happy with their orders.

  • Fresh Flowers

There were so many compliments about the freshness of the flowers. Usually, these are the customer who followed the recommended delivery date and were extremely pleased when they had received their flowers in excellent condition. This is why it is always important to follow the company’s advice to avoid mishaps from occurring.

  • Fast Delivery

Another popular comment was the fast delivery of the products. The flowers need to be delivered a the correct time because the last thing you want to happen is your flowers to have a day early fully bloomed flowers. Luckily, most customers received their flowers just before blooming.

  • Great Quality Flowers

There are also so many compliments on the beautiful quality and look of the flowers. This is one of the most reassuring comments to see in reviews because it gives you hope that the company’s products actually may look like the photos.

After all, that. is usually the biggest fear when it comes to online shopping that your product will look nothing like what you ordered. Luckily, this was not the case for these happy customers.

Fifty Flowers Cons

Even though Fifty FLorist received many positive receives, a lot more positive reviews than negative reviews in total which says a lot. However, to help you make an informed decision it is important to take into consideration the common issues that had been mentioned in the negative reviews. Here is a list of the common cons experienced by customers of Fifty Flowers that was mentioned in quite a few of the positive reviews:

  • Certain Products are Deceiving

One of the comments in the negatives reviews that had been mentioned quite a few times was the fact that customers received flowers that looked nothing like what was advertised on the website. Even though flowers shipped will change a bit during the delivery process.

However, it is a bit concerning to wonder why were there quite a few people who expressed this same concern about their flowers. If you are a bit worried about this happening to you just try to stick to flowers that had positive reviews.

  • Loose Flowers

Another comment that I saw a few times spoke about the flowers being damaged once they arrived at the customers. While it makes sense that flowers are delicate and yes there might be a few bruised rose petals. However, to receive loose and broken flowers is unacceptable. Especially when you are spending quite a bit of money on flowers.

It may be possible that certain flowers are as strong to withstand the delivery process but if this is the reason that the flowers are breaking. Clients should receive a caution about these flowers or they should not be open for too long deliveries and only be available for customers who are close by.

  • Dead Flowers

While dead flowers were not one of the comments that I had come across quite often while going g through the negative Fifty Flowers revives. However, there had been a customer who was extremely disappointed because when they received their order the flowers were already dead.

While it is understandable for this to happen in certain. occasions and something g that you should think about. Especially if you are looking for a florist to order from in the future. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend money on which arrived dead. To avoid this in the future make sure to follow the recommended delivery date.

  • The Horrible Customer service team

While there were many positive reviews about the Fifty Flowers customers service team and they are generally providing their customers with great customer service. However, on the negative side of the comments, a common complaint was the lack of care and reach. customer service had to people who complained about their orders.

Customer service is incredibly important because even though certain customers may have received orders that they were not very happy with. It should be the customer service team to makes it up to those customers to keep them happy.

  • Missing Ordered Flowers

This is also another con that I did not see too much off in the review section of the website, Yet there had been a customer who had experienced this which lead them to have a negative experience. While companies may not have much control over a missing order but companies do have control over how they can respond to these situations.

Tips for Choosing a Florist

  • Professional florists – always go with a professional florist when you need flowers for a special occasion. Even though you could save money going with an amateur florist if you need something special don’t risk it.
  • Read the reviews – When trying to decide which professional florists you should go with the best thing you can do is read the customer reviews. The reviews tell you everything that you need to know about the company. Always try to go with the company that gets more positive reviews and handles their negative reviews well.
  • Ask for pictures of the arrangements – if you are concerned about ordering new flowers and they end up not looking anything like what was shown on the website. What you can do is ask the florist to send you a picture of a previous customer’s arrangement and compare how it looks to the website. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to see.
  • Ask a fellow tree lover – one of the best ways to help you find a great florist is by connecting with a fellow tree lover who can recommend one of the best florists perfect for you.

Dating Sites For Tree Lovers

You may be wondering where exactly will you be able to find a fellow tree lover? Someone that can not only help you with finding the best florist but also appreciate the love you have for flowers. Luckily, there are dating sites that can help you connect with people who you have things in common with including your love for flowers. A few of these sites include:


Match dating App Logo is a great site that can help you find someone who also has an interest in flowers. What’s great about is that the platform focuses on detailed orientated profiles. This means you can connect with the people that have the same interest as you (specifically flowers). is available on Android and Apple devices. This platform is also available in 50 countries which means you can find a fellow flower lover from the other side of the world if that’s what you want. The platform also has quite a few subscription packages to choose from. Meaning that you can choose the package that best suits you.

2. Bumble

Bumble Logo

Bumble is well-known as the dating app that empowers women by giving them the choice to make the first move. While this app is well-known as a dating site it is also used to help find friends and as a networking site. This means that you can find your future flower friend, and partner flower event date using Bumble.

Bumble currently has more than 100 million users, meaning that you have a good chance of finding a flower love on this site. The platform is available on both Android and Apple devices.

3. Timber

Timber Official Website

On the other hand, if you are not interested in finding a partner but want to explore more trees. Then Timber is the tree dating site that will be perfect for you. Similar to the dating site Tinder, Timber allows its users to swipe on the tree species they are interested in to find the perfect tree.

Each tree on the site has its own profile with information about its age, location, and more. Once you match with your perfect tree you will be able to communicate with them. However, trees will only be able to use plant-related emojis. What’s great about Timber is that it will also connect users with the Huqvarna’s Chainsaw Academy that inform users about chainsaw basics.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Fifty Flowers offers a wide range of beautiful and unique flowers. It is a great local florist to support if you are looking for something new a different. This flower shop also has a wide range of services including wedding flowers, bridal bouquets., centerpieces and so much more.

In terms of the Fifty Flower reviews they have had a mix of reviews some have been negative while the majority have been positive. Quite a few of these companies’ negative reviews could have gone a bit smoother with better customer service. However, there were many more positive reviews which makes Fifty Flowers a great local florist to support and enjoy their unique flowers from.

We hope that the lists of reviews, as well as the pros and cons list, have given you a better guide on whether the Fifty Flowers sop will become your new local florist.

John Santana

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