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Clubforeplay Review: What to Expect from This Dating Site

by John Santana

Dating and meeting other like-minded people these days can seem like an enormous task, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to go out and socialize.

Luckily, online dating has provided an option for all kinds of people to find their perfect match.

While online dating can sometimes have a bad reputation, this is only because people haven’t found the right dating platform.

One of the best online dating sites is Clubforeplay – an online dating site that allows you to meet people with all sorts of interests and lifestyles.

In this Clubforeplay review, we will break down all you need to know about the site and tell you why it should be the dating website you try next. Lets’s get into it!

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Overview of Clubforeplay

Clubforeplay is an online adult dating site dedicated to the Midwest/Southern lifestyle community, allowing like-minded people to come together and form romantic connections.

While it is a dating website, Clubforeplay’s unique selling point is that it is “couples-centric.”

Whether you’re a couple looking to explore together or a single person looking to join an already established couple, Clubforeplay has something (or someone) for you.

The best part? It couldn’t be easier to use.

The Clubforeplay homepage offers quick access to forums, a profile page where you can view and search other users, a calendar for relevant upcoming events, and a mailbox where you can view and send chats to other users.

Plus, there is also the ability to manage your profile and posts right from the home page.

While some might consider it “no frills,” we like how simple and easy to navigate the landing page is.

It allows users to dive right into everything the site offers without needing to take time to familiarize themselves with the site.

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Signing Up and User Profile Creation

Signing up to Clubforeplay is also very easy. On the initial login page, you merely need to enter an email and password, and the signup process will commence.

From there, you can begin to customize your profile to your liking.

The first step is to create a username and establish who the account is for. Are you a straight female? A couple with a bi-male? A curious female?

No matter how you identify, Clubforeplay has an option that will represent you.

The signup process also lets you set your public profile. You can share a little bit about yourself, what you’re looking for in a potential playmate, what you’re not looking for, and any other information you think others might need to get to know you.

You also have the option to share your height, weight, gender, body type, and profile image to help other users get a better sense of who you are.

The beauty is that you can share as much or as little as you like. No information is mandatory, allowing you to have full control of your account.

Matching Algorithm and User Interaction

One of Clubforeplay’s best features is its algorithms, which work to evaluate your profile and recommend other profiles that you may be interested in.

This takes out the difficult task of scrolling through endless profiles to find one that may be a match.

Once you have found a profile you’re interested in, Clubforeplay allows you to chat with each other to explore a potential match.

This is a great feature as you don’t need to give out personal phone numbers or emails to chat with fellow site users as it is all done online.

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User Experience and Site Features

Overall, we can say the user experience and site features on Clubforeplay are excellent.

However, this comes with a catch: you must be a paid member to enjoy most features.

While free users can make, view, and express interest in profiles, access to the site’s features ends there.

The free version of the site is a good way to see what’s out there, but it is nearly impossible to connect with other accounts due to the restrictions on the free users.

However, if you are a paid user, you have the ability to chat with profiles, see their gallery of pictures, see certain profiles’ forum posts, participate in exclusive forums, add profiles as friends, and view who is attending upcoming events.

This greatly enhances your ability to participate and meet people on the site, so we highly recommend that you choose to become a “full” member if you are interested in forming actual connections with other people and couples.

Safety, Privacy, and Support

There is not a lot of information about Clubforeplay’s safety, privacy, and support features.

However, their FAQ page does have some information and discloses that even “private” messages can be read by the site.

However, they claim this is for good reason as chats of this nature must be moderated in order to ensure everyone is safe. Additionally, messages are not kept in their database for more than a year.

There is also a “validate” feature, where users who have met up can “validate” their meeting on their profile to show other profiles that they are legitimate.

Additionally, users do have the ability to block and report other profiles as an added safety measure.

Finally, users can contact the site’s admin should there be any pressing issues that need immediate help.

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There are a number of different pricing options in order to become a full member of Clubforeplay.

If you wish to pay by credit card or online banking you have the following single billing options:

  • $83.99 for 365 days
  • $45.99 for 180 days
  • $24.99 for 90 days
  • $12.99 for 30 days.

Alternatively, if you would like to pay a subscription instead of a single billing, you can choose from:

  • $24.99 every 90 days
  • $12.99 every 30 days.

Pros and Cons

No website is perfect, and there are both pros and cons to Clubforeplay.

Its biggest advantage is its ease of use. The website is extremely well laid out and everything is very easy to navigate to from the home page.

Users can jump right in after making their profiles and don’t need to waste any time. There are also some great onsite features such as the ability to chat on the website, and the fact that users can upload and view a  gallery of images.

However, the main con is that to use any of the practical features, you need to be a paid member.

Without a paid membership, users can do very little except view profiles and lurk on forums.

This makes it very hard to connect with other profiles, as they must reach out to you first if you are a paid user.

Final Verdict

Clubforeplay is a great way to dip your toe into the world of online dating while still controlling your profile and onsite activity.

The dating site allows users to control how much information is published about them, giving a better sense of control and security.

As the site is “couples-centric,” it is partially great for couples looking to explore and play together. However, singles can still use the site effectively whether that be to meet other single people or to find a couple to join.

Ultimately, if you are looking to explore your wild side in a discrete yet exciting manner, Clubforeplay may just be the right dating site for you.

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John Santana

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