FuckSwipe Review : Features, Pros, Cons & Should You Sign Up?

by John Santana

Are you looking for someone to spice up your bedroom and fulfill a fantasy? Or are you only interested in a one-night stand? It can be tough finding dates and hooking up these days. We all have hectic lifestyles and it can be difficult to meet people.

That’s why online dating sites and apps save the day when you are looking for your next hookup. And you may have heard about the famous hookup site, FuckSwipe. A site that is growing in popularity and promises to open the door to all sorts of sexual encounters, whether they be serious, casual or virtual, at the click of a button.

It sounds great right? But is it legit or too good to be true? If you are wondering if FuckSwipe could be the perfect app to land you your next tete a tete, read on.

We delve into all FuckSwipe has to offer including the good, the bad, and everything else you should know about it.

FuckSwipe Review – At a Glance

FuckSwipe Pros:

  • Easy signup
  • Free trial available
  • Some reported success stories

FuckSwipe Cons:

  • No app
  • Only for hookups, not serious relationships
  • Most features are paid
  • Many fake profiles
  • Dated design

Bottom line? We say… don’t bother.

The dated design and no mobile app along with fishing through fake profiles AND for $$ means we say it isn’t worth it. We prefer Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison for easy, legit hookups.

FuckSwipe Features

Membership plans

FuckSwipe, like many of its competitors, is a paid service website that offers various levels of membership for varying prices. Each of their tiers of membership will offer specific benefits for the user. And paying for the membership isn’t very cheap. In fact, it’s one of the more high-end sites on the web.

The basic breakdown of membership plans look like this:

  • A month of membership costs $29.95
  • Three months of membership cost $24.95
  • Six months of membership cost $19.95 per month

Creating a profile

FuckSwipe is a lot like many social media sites that you are acquainted with, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. That means you will create a profile with basic facts about you, such as your age and gender and interest and location. You will also receive a social score, which serves as a way for other people on the site to see how well you would get along with them.

Communication on the platform

On FuckSwipe, you will be given a limited number of “flirts” that you can send to other users who you are attracted to. This will help start conversation and connection. Additionally, you will be able to see every time someone views your profile. You can also send text messages to other users. You can even send videos and photos via private texts.

All of the features of FuckSwipe create an atmosphere that will help you find a partner quickly and, hopefully, closely. The site prioritizes finding someone for tonight today.

FuckSwipe Pros

There are multiple major pros about FuckSwipe and many reasons to look into creating a membership. Especially if you want to hook up with someone quickly and with ease.

Free Trial

One of the biggest pros of the site is that it comes with a 3-day free trial. Sites like FuckSwipe aren’t cheap, they cost a lot of money. Therefore, a free trial like this will allow you to feel around the site and see what it works like and if it’s right for you.

You will have a lot to explore and look into but three days is plenty of time to understand FuckSwipe and everything about it. It will also give you time to start making connections. If the site is up your alley, you can continue onward with a regular membership. If not, you won’t lose any money.

Success Rate

While FuckSwipe isn’t cheap, you are being set up for success because there are quite a few users on the platform. Therefore, you get a pretty good value out of FuckSwipe, even with the high price tag. However, it seems like many of these are bots so you can not actually trust if all the users are real people.

The site does come with an intuitive and helpful search function. The search bar lets you customize what you and who you are looking for. That means you can get very specific with your hunt for a partner.

Signing Up is Simple

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits and advantages of FuckSwipe is that signing up is so incredibly simple. It will actually only take a few minutes. As well, it’s actually pretty fun to create your account and profile. You are able to craft a vivid and accurate picture of yourself and show off your personality. It’s like many other social media sites, you get to show a side of yourself to strangers and it’s a fun way to show yourself.

Signing up is easy which means that within just a short amount of time, you will have your profile up and running and will be able to start meeting your possible partners. It couldn’t be faster or easier.

FuckSwipe Cons

Don’t Expect Anything Serious

Perhaps the biggest con about FuckSwipe is that it isn’t tailored to people who are looking for a real relationship. Are you attempting to find a true boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you looking to settle down? Are you wanting a true companion? If so, you’re probably not going to find it on FuckSwipe.

The site is created for people who are searching for a sexy and fun and immediate hookup. If you are wanting more than that, you will likely be disappointed.

No App

But for what it is, it is pretty good. However, it is lacking in a lot of ways. Another huge flaw about FuckSwipe is that it doesn’t come with a companion app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. That’s right, you can only access the site through a browser.

That is a very bizarre and confounding decision, especially in this day and age. While the browser version of the site is easy to use and even allows notifications and other helpful features, it is still frustrating that you can’t simply download an app for your phone.

Additionally, FuckSwipe isn’t available all over the world. In fact, it is limited to just a few certain countries. If you are out of that access area, you will be out of luck and unable to use FuckSwipe and find a partner near you.

You Have to Pay

While there are many communication features that will help you connect and chat with other singles in your area, you can’t talk with them unless you are paying.

If you want to use the free version of the site, you won’t have access to many of the chat features that you need to find a partner. This is a huge setback for anyone who is just exploring the site or not wanting to pay the membership fees.

It is Full of Fakes

Another major downright to FuckSwipe is that there are a lot of fakes on it. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t do a great job of weeding out the false profiles that are there to sell things.

That means you might come across quite a few bots who will just waste your time. The site should get a lot better at getting rid of these fake profiles. Especially since people are paying top dollar to use it.

If you are using a free site, running into some bots and fake profiles is understandable and something you should expect and be okay with. However, if you are paying— which you will be on FuckSwipe— you need to be assured that your time won’t be wasted by false profiles.

Along with the fake profiles, you will likely receive quite a few fake messages too. They will act like real people and might even suck you in. But they will then try to get you to sign up for another site.

It’s a huge drag to see your inbox quickly fill with a slew of messages from bots and fake profiles. FuckSwipe can and should do better about eliminating the fake people who are floating around the site.

It Feels Dated

FuckSwipe feels a bit dated and the interface isn’t very intuitive or modern. It looks and feels a bit clunky and is often laggy.

There is a lot of information on FuckSwipe profiles and sometimes reading the site can be a major drag. If FuckSwipe were to modernize itself – and get a companion app – it would be a lot better and well worth its price.

Best Alternatives to FuckSwipe

It is important to temper your expectations for FuckSwipe. You will have a lot of good and bad but you need to keep in mind that the bad slightly outweighs the bad.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives if you use the three-day free trial and FuckSwipe and walk away unimpressed. FuckSwipe has potential and promise, it just doesn’t deliver on it.

If you are looking for something more serious and important, you should rely on sites like Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison has gone from a site exclusively for affairs, to one of the most open, general hookup sites around. Whatever you are looking for, you will find someone whose interests match. Stay super safe and discreet on this site which encrypts messages and keeps your data private. We love Ashley Madison for a quick hookup any day!

Adult FriendFinder

One of the biggest and most successful hookup platforms around, Adult FriendFinder has a huge user pool. This makes it easy to find a date or hook up with a legit person, fast! It luckily has an app and simple signup process. Chatting and flirting with other members is also super easy.


FuckSwipe might seem like a promising adult dating site— but there are better options out there to find someone fun to meet up with near you like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder.

It might get you a hook up eventually, but it certainly is not for anyone looking to settle down or create a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

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