Dangers of Swinging – 5 Things You Must Know

by John Santana

Swinging is exciting, amazing, addictive, and pleasurable.

With this lifestyle, you get to satisfy all your sexual desires, your wildest fantasies, and the dirtiest kinks.

This amazing lifestyle offers you all the sexy and tempting things that you cannot afford to reject. But like all other fine things, it has its own downsides.

I know you get turned on when you hear “risks” and “adventure”, but sometimes the risks can put you in real danger.

You may ask me what are the dangers? And I’ll say a lot of them…

dangers concerning your emotions, health, social life…

Can you let go of swinging just for the fear of these dangers? I’ll say you should not.

If these bullets can be dodged safely by taking some precautions, what’s the need to fear this awesome lifestyle?

Once you know the dangers of swinging, you know how to deal with them.

So, then let’s get straight into it

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1. Emotional Dangers of Swinging

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

You heard the word swinging and you closed your eyes. All you can see is a moving picture where a lot of sex is going on.

You see a bunch of people involved in threesomes and foursomes. You see people enjoying anal and oral sex. You see people swapping their partners, drinking alcohol, and walking naked.

Just imagining yourself with your partner in such a scenario gives you goosebumps.

But what you don’t see is that all these people involved in doing the kinky stuff are still humans, not sex machines.

Even if your partner agrees to sleep with someone else and allows you to sleep with someone else as well, they will still ask for trust, love, and connection from you.

Are you ready to give your partner the emotional support they want? Are you ready to take the toll of the emotional energy that the swinging lifestyle demands?

You answer these by answering these three simple questions.

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a. Is there sufficient Trust between you and your partner?

Image by Candid_Shots from Pixabay

This is a very important question that you should be very honest in answering –

Do you trust your partner?

If your answer to this question is no, then swinging is not for you. If your answer is yes, then there’s another question that you need to ask your partner –

Do you trust me?

If both of your answers to these questions are positive, then you can go ahead and start swinging.

If you are even a little unsure about it, then you should avoid swinging at all costs.

After all, you will be sleeping with someone else. Not only that, you will be having a great time while you expand your sexual boundaries.

If there is not enough trust, your relationship can fall down terribly.

b. Are you sure no one will get jealous in a swinging lifestyle?

The lifestyle is meant for couples who trust each other and want to have sex with different couples.

These people collectively dislike routine. They want something fresh, new, and adventurous every day to keep the spark blazing.

Some people hurriedly jump into the lifestyle thinking they have a solid trust foundation which will now allow jealousy to creep in at all.

But there are a few couples who just can’t see their partner having sex with someone else in the same room and enjoying more than they do with them.

Some can’t accept their partner having same-gender sex and flip out.

Solution: Set ground rules and decide things beforehand.

Discuss with your partner if they are okay with you swinging in the same room or having same-gender sex to avoid any complications.

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After each swinging experience, talk about it again to know how your partner feels about it.

Arguments ensue when one of the couples is willing to swap partners with a particular couple and the other partner doesn’t fancy their potential play partner at all.

Swinging requires a mutual decision. Both the partners should be on the same page when deciding if they collectively want to swap with a partner or not.

If you are not ready to swing with a couple and your partner still stands on their ground and refuses to find another swinger couple, there is no doubt that anger and jealousy will find their way.

Solution: Both partners should equally enjoy swinging.

No one should be forced to take the decisions they don’t want to take.

Couples should respect each other’s decisions and the go-ahead to swing only when both of them are on the same page.

2. Health Dangers of Swinging


If you’ve ever been involved in the hookup culture or one-night stands, you must be perfectly aware of the dangers involved there.

But let me tell you if we compare one-night stands and swinging health-wise, swinging results to be much more safer.

Let’s put some light on it.

You are drunk and your brain won’t know how to operate properly. You find a sexy person dancing with you and bam!

You wake up the next morning in a messed-up bed. Your clothes are lying all over the place. There is beer spilled all around with a half-conscious stranger lying beside you.

The worst part is – You don’t even know if a condom was used!

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Swinging is a lifestyle of health-conscious and responsible people

A swinger knows how important it is to be health-conscious and use protection every time during a sexual encounter.

The swinger’s community is a responsible community who enjoy tempting sex but take each other’s health seriously.

To add to that, swinging isn’t about just one person who got drunk and ended up having sex with a stranger.

In swinging, not just a person but a couple is involved. Thus, they tend to be more responsible for their actions.

Most of the Swingers follow the Limited Alcohol Rule

Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

The swingers know all the responsibilities and self-control goes straight to the bin once people are heavily drunk.

When you are drunk and horny, who even cares to use protection? The condom stays in the pocket and people carry on with their banging and moaning.

To avoid such circumstances, most swingers follow the Limited Alcohol Rule so they stay in their senses and enjoy the swinging experience to their fullest potential.

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You are prone to some unexpected health risks

The other swingers you meet have been there in the community for a long time now and have had sex with multiple partners before.

Even if you use condoms, you can be a victim of certain health risks like diseases that spread from skin-to-skin contacts like Herpes and HPV.

Solution: It’s advised that you accept invitations to swinger clubs only when you are totally confirmed they are authentic and reputed.

And, always use condoms!

You may ask –

“What can be the social dangers of swinging?”

The danger of your swinger identity getting exposed in public

As a matter of fact, each and every swinger is very proud of their lifestyle. And it shouldn’t be otherwise.

Swingers are from a community of supportive partners who are open enough to understand that they and their partner might feel the need to expand their sexual boundaries and have sexual encounters with other people.

But does society feel the same? No.

Swinging is still considered a taboo

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

The so-called modern society can accept a drug addict who is cheating their partner and sleeping with prostitutes all under the same roof.

But when it comes to swinging, you can see all the eyebrows raised.

Swinging is still considered as dirty and swingers are taken as sex-obsessed freaks.

No matter how much you trust a person, you should be cautious in opening up with your identity as a swinger.

Even if you have got really supportive friends, some of them just can’t accept that you are a swinger. They will say –

“That’s crazy! You should not do it!” even if they were talking about how proud they feel after sleeping with 7 different women all in the same week.

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There is much more stigma attached to swinging than you may think

It’s scary to know the circumstances of getting your identity as a swinger leaked.

You can get fired from your job. Your family and relatives can ghost you.

Your neighbors will start all kinds of filthy gossips about you and your partner. They will think when you look at them, all you can think of is Sex, sex, and sex!

For this reason, they will try to avoid you in all possible circumstances.

If the word is spread, your children’s friends and teachers can come to know about it. That creates very high chances of even your children getting bullied.


As a swinger, you will come across all the dangers that have been discussed in the article.

As my intention was not at all to demotivate you in any way with your swinging journey, I just wanted to make you come face to face with the dangers involved.

I’ve also come up with solutions so you can avoid all these risks and enjoy your swinging life.

It’s your job now to weigh down both the pros (which are way more), cons and see if for yourself if you are able to cancel all the cons by the solutions I provided.

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John Santana

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