Hookups vs One-Night Stands: Understanding the Differences and Do’s & Don’ts

by John Santana

How many days have you spent thinking hook-ups and one-night stands are actually quite the same? For years, right? Well, that’s a myth. 

Amidst this fast-pacing generation, people are learning to get as comfortable as they can and do what they really want to do. Many people who aren’t looking to be in a serious relationship opt for hookups. While those who are only looking forward to some ‘lovemaking’, eventually fall for a one-night stand. Still, haven’t got it? Let me give you a clearer picture. 

Imagine a hot guy at a bar who you’ve just started talking to. You both share some intimate conversation and decide to have sex that night. After what’s said and done, you both get on your separate ways and the story ends. This is what we call a one-night stand whereas a hook-up is one where you may continue to speak to them or be friends even after that night. 

Since you’ve been acquainted with the idea now, let us take you through some incredible tips to understand the two scenes better so the next time you are looking for either of them, you know all about it.

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Is it okay to hook-up or have a one-night stand?

As long as you are comfortable! 

If you feel you are not ready for a serious relationship or you aren’t looking for any relationship at all, either of the two may be your go-to. 

It’s always important to consider whether you want it to last long or not more than day or week. On that basis, it gets easier to take a wise decision and act in accordance with your preference.
Just make sure, you like what you do.

4 things you shouldn’t forget while wanting a one-night stand

One-night stands can be ultimate fun, but if you want to make your night ‘worth the wait’ you need to read this!

  1.   Adventure while you’re at it 

What is the use of a one-night stand without some mind-boggling adventure? 

This is the moment you’ve always been waiting for. Don’t seize the opportunity to highlight your best self or experiment at least one of your favorite fantasies. Make sure you enjoy it with all your vigor. It is definitely going to be worth the wait!

  1.   Precaution overall 

It’s amazing to have an ultimate, one-night stand. But don’t forget to play safe as you have sex. It is always wise to use a condom before you both have some fun so as to avoid any complications right after. You don’t want to spend your entire life, brooding over this one night, do you?

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  1.   Don’t wake up to disappear

Doesn’t matter how dirty you’ve played last night, respect should be given prior importance. Make sure you leave a sweet note or inform them properly before you leave. Of course, you don’t want to see them again, but you never know what happens next!

  1.   Say ‘NO’ to self-judgment 

Don’t hurt yourself constantly by over-analyzing the situation. Just play it cool. There is no need to judge yourself on the basis of how you perform in bed that night or why you did it. 

Until none gets hurt, it’s all fab!

4 mistakes people make while hooking up for the first time

Have you been wanting to hook-up with someone lately? If yes, this is just where you should be. 

A lot of people make common mistakes while hooking up for the first time. These mistakes can hamper your image in the eyes of your hooked partner who might start to roll their eyes at you. Why not avoid such a situation beforehand?

  1. Trying to be too good 

It’s good to be good in bed but trying hard to be the best, may spoil the moment awfully. 

Just keep calm and enjoy what you are doing. Have fun with your partner and let it all go. When you learn to have fun and avoid being too conscious about being good, you’ll really remember the moment. 

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  1. Lacking confidence 

One of the major turn-offs in people is lack of confidence. It can make you uncomfortable, judge yourself all the time and hamper the moment you want to live in. 

Just make sure you have enough confidence about how you look, what you wear and what you do. Also, don’t overdo it by any means as it may spoil the game in an instant. 

  1. Dragging yourself into discomfort

Does this make you uncomfortable? Don’t you like the person you are hooked up to? If yes, then think twice. Why are you even there?

Hook-ups are your choice. If you aren’t comfortable with the person you have decided to do this with, there is no point in dragging yourself into a zone of constant discomfort and hampering your time, energy and confidence. 

  1. Not having enough conversation 

Are you serious? Wouldn’t you want to know someone properly before you hook-up with them? 

It’s very important to share plenty of conversations with someone you want to get hooked to, so as to ensure that you are doing this with the right person. It also helps you to know whether this is safe enough for you to indulge in. Don’t forget to go with instinct. 

Hook-up or One-night stand? – It’s all your choice!

Hook-ups and one-night stand have very similar concepts, but the duration differs drastically. While one has nothing to do with relations, the other does prevail upon it. 

Many people assume that hook-ups are easy-going, the reality is quite the contrary. Partners really need to be mature enough to make hook-ups last for long or make them work correctly. They might seem convenient because escaping heartbreaks and attachments are of course easier here, but we should not forget that falling in love is inevitable, no matter where you are.

If you found this article helpful, do consider giving that ‘hot guy at the bar’ a nice shot. You might not know when this one turns out to be just awesome!

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John Santana

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