How Common Is Swinging? – A Lot More Than You Know (or, Think!)

Last Updated on March 5, 2021

If you are someone who keeps up with the world, you must have heard the term “swinging” a couple or more times.

Swinging is anything but a new affair. You already have a blurry idea of what it is all about.

Before we move further to discuss it’s unbelievably large worldwide presence, let’s look at the dictionary definition of swinging –

“the practice of engaging in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners within a group, especially on a habitual basis.” (Informal)

Swapping of sexual partners… that don’t sound as something new, right?

Even in today’s time, swinging is still a topic of hush-hush. Those who are unable to accept this open way of living call it something as “immoral” or “modern”.

The question is, is swinging really a by-product (or they call it a side effect) of modern thinking?


The roots of swinging go as deep as time

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Surprisingly, swinging is not a modern sin as they call it. It has been there for centuries. Actually, it was a way of living for our ancestors.

Have you ever heard of Formal Polyandry? It’s when two men marry the same woman. This topic is enough to raise all the eyebrows in the so-called modern world. But it was quite prevalent and widely practiced in the Ancient Stone Age.

When we move further to find evidence, they have been all over.

But of course, as monogamy became the mainstream way of domestic living and sexual life, the boldness towards sleeping with other partners lost its prevalence.

The infamous conduct of Swapping Wives

If you find some old newspapers or magazines, you will easily find the topics of swapping spouses, mainly wives.

Thankfully, the Swingers Community has given this a proper name. The couples who carry on their married life whilst sleeping with other partners call it a “lifestyle” now which is much better than the previous term.

Back to how common swinging is… It is not only very common today; it was common even in the back 60s.

Ever heard of the scandalous Key Game?


The supportive and fun-loving swingers community has created many new exciting toys and swinger games now. But back then, the key game was quite a thing.

This game was first started in the 60s. It was mostly played in sex parties where couples went to swap partners.

All that the players did was to put their keys in a bowl. Then, the keys in the bowl were mixed up and the women were asked to pick up one of them.

The owner of the picked-up keys was her partner for the night now and they left for a room to perform sexual activities.

In some way or another, swinging has always been there. The names have changed, but the passion and love for breaking sexual boundaries and discovering sex in refreshing new ways remain the same.

You are alive in the Golden Phase of the Lifestyle

You can be one of the two people –

1. You are someone who is already into the lifestyle and wants to know if there are plenty of other people like you.

2. You are someone who is not yet into the lifestyle. Yet, you are definitely interested to know how this amazing lifestyle of discovering sex really is and if you can be a part of it.

I don’t know what caught your attention to the lifestyle.

Chances are you read about it somewhere or got to know about it from your swinger friend.

The thoughts of sleeping with your partner with another couple, swapping your partner or watching your partner having sex with someone else…

You thought your kinky fetishes were only possible in an inexistent dreamland.

Since the time you’re absolutely amazing but a kind friend has introduced you to the real world of fulfilling your naughtiest fantasies, you really can’t put this idea aside from your mind.

After all, why should you? The world is awakening to the possibilities of expressing their sexual desires openly and fully satisfying themselves.

Let me tell you, you are lucky to be alive at this time which is undoubtedly the golden phase of swinging.

Today, the people involved in swinging are much more than they ever were in human history.

There are millions of like-minded people who are willing to give the lifestyle a shot, and millions who have already accepted this as a common way of living.

Don’t you believe me yet? Let me give you some facts to make the picture more clear for you.

The number of people swinging is increasing every day

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If you want solid evidence and proof of valid research to know the exact number of people into the swinging lifestyle, the results will be disappointing.

The lifestyle is still considered taboo. A number of your friends can be a part of the swinging lifestyle and you won’t know because of the huge stigma attached to it.

It makes it quite obvious that not much research is done on the swinging lifestyle.

In the very few conducted researches, people were not very open to accepting if they were engaged in swinging due to societal fear and pressure.

Still, near about 4% of Americans agree to be involved in swinging or something similar to it.

Even then, 4% of Americans make the final population involved in swinging about a whopping 15 million swingers.

This was just in the northern parts of America.

That’s crazy! Right?

And mind you, the number is increasing and increasing.

To get a more accurate idea of how common swinging is and how many swingers are out there, why don’t you open the doors and sneak into the swinging world yourself?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a swinger before you are ready. You can explore easily by typing out the words on Google.

You will be astonished to know that the Internet and Social Media are a haven for swingers and there’s a lot more than what meets the eye.

Facebook Groups, Swinging Sites, Dating Apps, Swinging Clubs, and Parties

Eager to know whether you are a lone wolf or there are others like you interested in the lifestyle?

The Internet and Social Media is going to shock you!

There are huge numbers of authentic swinging groups on Facebook with hundreds and thousands of members.

Not only the swingers talk about their experiences here, but they also give out details of future swinger parties happening nearby.

Apart from that, the swinging community is definitely roaring with a number of apps and websites designed especially for them.

Here, swinger couples meet online, fix a real-life meeting, and then head-on with their swinging activities.

As you know, there’s a market if there’s an audience.

The presence of these apps, websites, social media groups speaks for only one thing – the huge number of existing and emerging swingers.

To add to the fun, there are swinger clubs and parties where you can meet a lot of supportive and friendly swingers.

The access to these parties is obviously limited. Only the hosts and guests are aware of its occurrence.

If you want to enter one of these parties, you must have some connection with a few swingers otherwise you will never know where such parties take place.


With more and more people coming out of their shells, openly discovering their sexuality, and engaging in sexually satisfying activities, swinging is definitely a huge thing today.

John Santana

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