How Common Is Swinging? A Statistical and Societal Overview

by John Santana

Let’s talk about a somewhat controversial topic: swinging!

Swinging is something that is a lot more common than you might think.

As the world continues to progress, ideas and notions about marriage and exploration are changing, and swinging is becoming a more and more accepted idea in normal society.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • The history of swinging
  • Its gradual popularization
  • Swinging’s perception in modern society.

Let’s take a swing!

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A Brief History of Swinging

Although it may seem like a new and progressive topic, the roots of swinging go quite far back in time.

For example, formal polyandry – a concept where a woman is married to two men at the same time – is something that was common practice even in the Stone Age (but which may be frowned upon now).

While monogamy is commonplace and now considered the most popular form of relationship, this was not always the case.

Having multiple partners was extremely common in multiple civilizations, such as in ancient Greek history.

Of course, there are some differences between now and then, with societal pressures being a large influence. Let’s now explore the transformation of swinging from a taboo topic to a mainstream one!

From Taboo to Mainstream: The Transformation of Swinging

It’s evident that swinging is no longer a hidden secret lurking in the shadows, but instead a topic that is discussed and even accepted in society.

This transformation has likely occurred due to a few primary reasons, such as the increasingly progressive society we live in that values open and honest conversations.

We hear more about a lot of potentially controversial topics these days; after all, it was taboo to even talk about sex just 50 years ago – let alone swinging!

There has been a broader cultural shift over the past few decades, possibly attributed to technology and online publications making topics like swinging more accessible and normalized.

Swinging has always been around; we’re just talking about it more in this modern age!

The roots of swinging go as deep as time

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Surprisingly, swinging is not a modern sin as they call it. It has been there for centuries. Actually, it was a way of living for our ancestors.

Have you ever heard of Formal Polyandry? It’s when two men marry the same woman. This topic is enough to raise all the eyebrows in the so-called modern world. But it was quite prevalent and widely practiced in the Ancient Stone Age.

When we move further to find evidence, they have been all over.

But of course, as monogamy became the mainstream way of domestic living and sexual life, the boldness towards sleeping with other partners lost its prevalence.

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Understanding Swinging: Beyond Myths and Stereotypes

Something as common yet controversial as swinging is bound to rack up its fair share of myths and stereotypes.

One of the most common myths is that swinging is a new thing, which we now clearly know it’s not!

Swinging has been around for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, all the way back to ancient civilizations.

Another common misconception is that swinging is the same as cheating. Although understandable, the important point to note about swinging is that it is a consensual agreement between a couple to swing – not a one-sided affair nor a secret.

Communication and consent is a crucial aspect of swinging and is not something to be ignored.

Some may think that swingers lack commitment or are promiscuous, but in fact, we should understand that these things don’t equate.

In fact, many swingers are married or in committed relationships – choosing to embark on this journey together. If that’s not commitment, then I don’t know what is!

As far as promiscuity, many swingers prioritize communication and connection when exploring new partners.

Ever heard of the scandalous Key Game?


The supportive and fun-loving swingers community has created many new exciting toys and swinger games now. But back then, the key game was quite a thing.

This game was first started in the 60s. It was mostly played in sex parties where couples went to swap partners.

All that the players did was to put their keys in a bowl. Then, the keys in the bowl were mixed up and the women were asked to pick up one of them.

The owner of the picked-up keys was her partner for the night now and they left for a room to perform sexual activities.

In some way or another, swinging has always been there. The names have changed, but the passion and love for breaking sexual boundaries and discovering sex in refreshing new ways remain the same.

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The Modern Swinging Scene: A Societal Overview

There is diversity in the swinging scene, as well as plenty of online websites and apps that facilitate communication among partners. Again, there is a huge emphasis on consent and communication.

If swinging is something that you and your partner are interested in, let me tell you: you’re lucky to be alive at this time in this Golden Age of swinging!

Today, there are many more people involved in the activity than there ever were in any other era of human history.

There are millions of like-minded, non-judgmental people who are willing to give the lifestyle a shot, and millions who have already accepted it as a common way of living.

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Swinging by the Numbers

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

It’s important to understand that swinging is consensual non-monogamy where all parties agree – very different from typical infidelity or cheating.

The statistics speak even louder than a conversation will, and according to research and studies, more than 15 million Americans admit to swinging or some sort of similar behavior.

And those are just the ones who admit it!

As for age groups, there isn’t a specific age at which people swing (though it is more likely to be married couples in their 30s to 40s after they’ve had kids and want to explore something new).

Geographically speaking, there are also no restraints with many areas across the world showing growing trends of swinging – with the US coming out on top.

The Role of Technology in the Rise of Swinging

Technology has no doubt played a big part in the rise of swinging, due to the easy accessibility of groups and platforms that help you connect with other swingers.

The internet is also a significant advantage for the anonymity of swinging; particularly important for those who are embarrassed or just want to dip their toes in.

There are huge numbers of authentic swinging groups on Facebook with hundreds and thousands of members that will help connect swingers with others and organize meetings.

That’s not all! The prevalence of social media and technology means that there are apps for everything these days, and this includes swinging and dating apps where you can advertise your interests.

Of course, the internet functions as an educational resource in terms of swinging too (just like this article!) – helping others inform themselves that swinging is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

The Impact of Swinging on Relationships

Of course, you may be scared or unsure about bringing up the topic of swinging to your partner as you may be understandably uncertain of how they might react. So, how does swinging affect relationships?

There are pros and cons, of course – as there are to anything!

The positives include growth as a couple, increased intimacy, and an introduction to a whole new community who are there to support you and guide you. You definitely won’t be the first couple to try swinging, and you definitely won’t be the last!

Some challenges may arise, of course, involving jealousy and insecurity between couples. This can have a negative impact on the trust you have with each other. You may also be subject to stigma and criticism from surrounding communities.

If one partner becomes uncomfortable at any point, then the swinging should stop. Remember: this is a two-way deal!

Navigating the Swinging Lifestyle Safely and Respectfully

Here are some tips and common queries that some may have about how to engage in the swinging lifestyle safely and respectfully!

The most important factor is open and honest communication with your partner and other couples engaged in the swinging.

It is important to establish clear boundaries. For example, both you and your partner may want to know exactly who the other person is engaging with and how frequent it is.

Each person is different, and that’s ok! This should be a consensual and thoroughly discussed decision.

Consent and the right to withdraw should always be respected. Whether it’s right in the middle of the event or at the very end, consent can be withdrawn at any point.

Always practice safe sex and be open about STI testing and results, as this is a key part of consent.

Practice privacy and discretion. Some swingers even use different names or travel to different locations to keep their public life more private from others. Don’t share personal information with those you do not know well!

Make sure to choose reputable and trusted websites and platforms when organizing events, as you don’t want to put yourself or your partner in an unsafe situation.

Make sure to check in with your partner every so often to see how you are both feeling about the situation.

By practicing swinging safely and respectfully, the room for mistakes and discomfort can be dramatically decreased!


So, there we have it! Swinging is a thoroughly interesting topic, and is something that is valuable and enjoyed by millions across America and the world.

The most important things to take away from this article are to be open and honest, practice consent at all times, and set boundaries for the most enjoyable experience possible!

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John Santana

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