Find Casual Sex in Athens–Clarke County, Georgia – 3 Most Reliable Places That Can Help You Get Laid Tonight

by John Santana

Athens, a city as beautiful as its name, is home to many iconic antebellum architectural buildings. While the artistic side of the city should not be overlooked, its hookup life is also abundant.

Every night, locals get together on their favorite online dating sites trying to get the one they want. This is a scene you don’t want to miss out on. To chime in on the fun, these are the top three sites people of Athens are using to get laid tonight.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

1. Bang Locals


  • Easy site navigation
  • Fast connection
  • Powerful search by geographical location


  • Simple website design which is not that visually appealing

Everyone wants an easy local to have sex with. You would not want to spend hours pub-crawling just to go home alone. The internet is here to save the day. Bang Locals lets you get in touch with the closest girls to you geographically and strike up a conversation easily. The site speed is stable and fast so you do not have to worry about losing connection at night when all the members come online.

The best and strongest feature for Bang Locals is surely its powerful search engine. Unlike most other sites that divide users by cities or regions, Bang Locals split them by the street. You can input the street you want and the system will search within the radius of the girls available. You will not be disappointed.

Site navigation is easy, which is a big plus. It takes out all the unnecessary gimmicks and focuses on providing the best user experience. Perhaps that is why Bang Locals are so widely used in town. One thing this trending adult dating site should consider improving is its website design, which is rather plain and can be seen as boring.

All the functions are there but a visually pleasing design can pump the experience up. It could create a more harmonious environment for members to seek casual sex in.

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2. Adult FriendFinder


  • A fun and interactive experience for users to connect with a group of people
  • Customized profiles and message templates
  • Users can write posts and update status


  • Ads

With its nearly 30 years of standing in the online dating industry, Adult FriendFinder knows what you need and takes an extra step to surprise you. It is not only a platform for casual sex, it is a hub to glue like-minded people together for a good time.

There are hundreds of customized profiles and message templates that you can choose from to showcase the best of you. Each profile is specific for a group of people. If you are sporty and like something kinky, the profile template will suggest you put relevant photos and descriptions of what you would like to try. If you are shy and prefer something calm, your profile could even list your favorite jazz music!

The great flexibility it offers is the reason Adult FriendFinder is so well-loved by its members. Many dating sites limit the number of times users can update their profiles for consistency. But on here, not only you can update your profile unlimited times, but you can also write posts and new statuses.

Did you just try a golden shower for the first time and love it? Share it with the community and chat with people sharing the same sexual interests. Adult FriendFinder is not here simply for the hookup site, it is here to find the best sex with the best girls that you are compatible with.

It is understandable why a hot site like this would be filled with ads. Adult FriendFinder seems to have an overwhelming amount of ads that could deter users. Every page has ads on all sides. While these links are clearly placed and seldom link to suspicious external sites, having a lot of ads still paces a negative impact on the site’s impression.

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3. Ashley Madison


  • Number one site for having discreet affairs
  • Large user pool
  • Strong security measures in keeping users’ personal data safe
  • Low-profile design


  • Ads
  • Inactive profiles

Ashley Madison is the number one trending site on the internet for discreet affairs. Its large user pool means you will always run into the perfect mistress. Regardless of how moral or immoral a secret affair sounds, those who decide to do it will always do it no matter what. And Ashley Madison offers them a safe channel to connect them in a protected bubble.

Since every member on the site is after the same goal, you will not run into something using the affair against you or blackmail you with it. This is a safety guarantee that you will not find in other casual dating sites as cheating is such a taboo topic.

Given its sensitive nature, Ashley Madison does its best to strengthen its security measures. Your chats and search history are encrypted and not accessible even by the site. Interestingly, having a rigid design would have a detrimental effect on a dating site, but it is the best feature on Ashley Madison.

Due to its low-maintenance outlook, the website will not stand out when you are browsing it. You can go on the site in the middle of the day in an office and no one would notice what is going on.

The rainbow Ashley Madison brings to the game is almost not describable by words. It’s pure heaven for those seeking an affair. But for those who want the experience to be perfect, this adultery site may have a little too many ads to tick that box.

Ads are so constant that you cannot go through one page without having several ads on the side. Besides its ad issue, the inactive profiles that keep coming up also reflect a search engine that needs improvement to be able to filter out old profiles or freeze them automatically.

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If you are on the hunt for an affair, be sure you will not find one better than Ashley Madison. There are plenty of adultery sites out there, but there will not be one with the same user volume and comprehensive features like this number one trending site.

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Final Thoughts

If you know where to look, you will find casual sex everywhere. In Athens, most people choose to turn to the internet as it’s the most efficient way to connect with like-minded girls. You will not be disappointed with the city as long as you have these three sites saved on your list. To learn more about casual relationships in Georgia, click here.

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