Find Casual Sex in Augusta, Georgia: Top 3 Places to Get Laid Tonight

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Finding a place to pick up girls is Mission Impossible in a small city like Augusta. You will find the same group sitting in the same bar street every night. There are not a lot of exciting things happening. You will soon feel confused and think this town is not for you.

Think again. Augusta may not be the easiest place to find casual sex but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You just need to know where to look, especially what the locals are using. To increase your chance, you need to make sure you are on these popular platforms that most girls in Augusta are on.


1. Bang Locals


  • Easy like-or-pass feature
  • Geographical categorization
  • Advanced search


  • Inactive profiles
  • Slow load time

What is a better way to find casual sex than a site that connects you to horny locals? Bang Locals is one of the most used dating sites for finding dates in your proximity. Its strong location search can locate members in your block. You will never have to endure the weak proximity feature in most other sites that match you with something three towns over. With Bang Locals, you can truly bang the locals in your area.

Its efficient advanced search allows you to put filters in your desired results. Whether you want a MILF, sexy college girl, or strong businesswoman, you can put it all in the custom search field. Unlike the major dating sites that have limited flexibility in search fields, Bang Locals lets you look up anything you want.

Be open and honest about who you want to meet on this platform. There is no reason to lie about it as it will only hinder your chance of scoring a hot girl.

As much as Bang Locals sounds fantastic and wholesome, there is still room for improvement. The number of inactive profiles can almost be seen as spam. These profiles haven’t been online for years but they are not erased by the system.

Even though users can see the last seen on profiles, keeping these profiles live seems to be rather useless and not productive. Users could easily miss the active status and message empty profiles. These profiles should be temporarily taken out of the system until the owner logs back in.

Besides, the site’s load time could use an upgrade, particularly during nighttime where everyone is online. In most cases, the site comes back up after a short while and the site speed returns. But as an all-rounded trending site, Bang Locals should invest in a smoother server to cater for the needs of its members.

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2. Adult FriendFinder


  • Fun interactive interface
  • A community for members to build their online presence
  • Live chat rooms
  • 90 million users
  • Few ads


  • Site navigation is confusing

You will not find a more inclusive package in one go on the market than Adult FriendFinder. It is not an exaggeration to say that Adult FriendFinder is the social media for sex. All the common features on social media platforms can be found in Adult FriendFinder such as friend lists, favorites, exchanging gifts, and more. Adult FriendFinder changed the game and now online dating sites will not be the same.

Among the various features offered on this ambitious platform, its live chat rooms and video group chat surely stand out. If the one-on-one matching does not cover enough fish in the net for you, join in on their video group chat to meet a dozen of girls at once.

It saves you the time to chat with them one by one and you can communicate directly via the group call. You can get a great sense of whether she is into you or not after the call and not continue to waste time chasing the ones not interested in you.

Ads are also surprisingly friendly on this website. There are rarely ads popping up and most ads are in the corners of the page to not disturb users. Such a small, yet thoughtful act, has gained this trending site a lot of points.

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However, mastering the navigation through the site is confusing. Not all functions are listed on the main selection bar. Users will need to jump from page to page to get to the feature they want. It is understandable since the extensive list of features may not be possible to be listed in one, but Adult FriendFinder should find a friendlier way for new members to easily figure their way around this awesome adult-mingling site.

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3. Ashley Madison


  • Connect adventurous affair-seekers
  • High security
  • No need to disclose full personal information for registration


  • Fake profiles
  • Ads

Having an affair these days is hardly anything new for those in a seemingly committed relationship. There are plenty of reasons why people would commit adultery. You may be in a marriage that is beyond repair. Both sides are out having fun. Besides, despite the main attraction for Ashely Madison is its adultery theme, a lot of people on it are singles ready to mingle. It has become so popular that you will find all sorts of people on it.

Everything on Ashley Madison is protected with double security measures to ensure confidentiality and anonymity for those who do not wish to disclose their details. You can choose to use an alias as long as your other information is correct. Its lenient registration requirement also made this adult dating site blow up in the US.

Its discreet nature is a double-edged sword. Since Ashley Madison allows users to keep their privacy by not asking too many questions during the registration process, fake profiles and spam are common. You will likely come across users trying to send you external links to other sites.

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Further crackdown on these bots should be done. An excessive amount of ads is also seen on this hot site. They are dominating most of the page and some of them can’t be removed easily. Members may find themselves spending more time closing ads than actually searching for hookups.

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Final Thoughts

In a small city like Augusta, it is easy to feel your hands are tied with the limited choices to socialize available. That is why going online is your safest bet in getting laid tonight.

These three hot picks have been around town for years and have successfully hooked up thousands of lustful couples for a night of fun. Sign up and start discovering the fun in this peaceful town.

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