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Last Updated on April 6, 2021

Everyone of us wants to have a naughty time by getting into a casual relationship. There are times when we want to enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship but without the fear of commitment. is one such platform which helps you in creating a profile so that you can start your naughty adventure, and find the best people with whom you can hang out.

But like every other website you need to understand about this platform and the working mechanism so that you can enjoy using the site by knowing its effects. It has numerous features to start with, and today we will be talking about some of the salient features of and also the advantages and disadvantages of the same.



Features of

It is absolutely safe

Unlike other dating applications, it is not easy for anyone and everyone to send you messages and invade your privacy. One Great factor about this website is that only the individuals who have verified accounts in this platform will be able to send you messages. This means that you can be confident about the person with whom you have any conversation, and you can be sure that the profile is not a fake one. It has two safe modes like the basic safe mode and the advanced safe mode, and you can choose anyone that you like.

You can use your woman card- because it’s free!

If you are a girl and you want to send messages, then it will be absolutely free for you. Once the website authority verifies that your account is absolutely correct, then you would not have to pay anything to send messages from your account. It might seem a little bit biased, but it is an incredibly amazing thing for the ladies isn’t it?

Favorites list

This website comprises of a feature which is known as adding people to the favorite list. You might go through hundreds of people every day on this platform, but there are only a few who can actually grab hold of your heart. This feature helps you in adding those people to your favorites list so that you do not lose them among thousands of other profiles and you do not have to wait for long to search for the people that you like.

New member list

Not only can you see your list of favorite people, but you will also see the recently added list which is comprised of the new members. You will be able to get a daily update on this website regarding who is joining it so that you can choose among them.


Remember the poke technique of Facebook? Right now in Facebook messenger, you can wave to start a conversation, but since this website comprises of something naughty, therefore you will be able to wink for starting the conversation. You can check out who is online and if you like anyone among them, then you can start winking. If he or she reciprocates, then you are in luck!

Watch photo albums of other people

Just like you can see the photos uploaded by different profiles on Facebook, on this website also you can see that photo album of the profiles so that you can know more about them. And the best part of it is that you will not have to pay anything for looking at the photos. When you are looking at the photo album of a person, it gives you great knowledge about the kind of individual that you are going to meet and whether you can connect naturally.

Know what the other individual is looking for

Most of the dating apps have a downside that they do not show the kind of people that the other person is looking for. But on this website, there is a separate segment where every individual can write the exact kind of personality that he or she is looking for. Going through them one can understand whether they are eligible to be with the other person and whether or not they have similarities in them. This segment helps in finding compatibility and helps in finding the perfect date.

You can even locate the other person

Not every website can give you this information. If you like someone, then you would be dying to know where he/she is located. With the help of this website, you will be able to know exactly where the location of the other person is, and it becomes even easier for you to date. Like WhatsApp even live location can be shared.

Promotion of the account

Now you can not only create an account for your casual relationship but also send numerous promotional messages to everyone without having the thought of being blocked. You can promote your own account by sending smileys and winks to confident matches so that you can be expressive about yourself and start the relationship right away.

Active community is one such website which holds for a tremendous amount of activity every time you login. Therefore in different of whenever you are browsing you will find that you are absolutely not bored. Also, you can use your direct approach method on this website because everyone in here is for the same purpose- casual dating and hookups. Therefore let your Adrenaline Rush unrestrained and start winking to everybody you like. Here you can talk about casual relationships and sexual interactions because it is not traditional during platform where you have to restrain yourself.

Pros of

  • Active community
  • Easy to handle website with lucid navigational systems
  • Search filters are free
  • You can even upload videos with photos
  • You can even skip registration and yet find a match
  • Free registration for women

Cons of

  • Account opening price is a bit on the higher side
  • There is no option for couple login

Frequently asked questions about BeNaughty

Is it safe to use

Absolutely. has a very strict policy for uploading the photos because it checks your email and verify is it before you can use the platform.

Why are some of my photos not getting uploaded?

The website restricts those photos which have already been uploaded once, and maybe somebody else uploaded the similar kind of photos.

What kind of photos are not allowed on this website?

Photos of celebrities animals and containing violent and offensive posts are banned from being used in the platform.

Is it easy to create an account at

It is absolutely easy to create that account because the registration is quite simple and all you have to do is to choose a profile photo that will be marked ok according to their standards.

How will I upgrade my account?

To do upgradation of your account all, you have to do is to click on the upgrade button for full membership and then you will be guided accordingly.

What do you mean by the satisfaction guarantee programme?

The website makes sure that you do not have to pay before you have got a demo and are satisfied with the kind of service that we give. It is a three day trial period that lets you register and work on it after which you can pay for the membership.


In a nutshell, is one of the Unique websites which helps in finding dates for young adults who have a phobia towards commitment and yet want to enjoy the intimate company of others.

Not only that, even if you are not a tech-savvy person then also using this platform would not be Rocket Science for you. It has been designed by Brilliant professionals so that you can find like-minded people when you go through this website.

John Santana

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