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11 Best Hookup Apps and Sites to Get Laid Tonight [Which Actually Works]

by John Santana

Plenty of people are ready and waiting to get laid tonight. So, what is stopping them from doing so? Here are some of the best apps to get laid tonight.

For many, the prospect of searching local bars and clubs for other singles is daunting. Besides, that more traditional method often offers you limited success. After all, how can you be sure that the person you approach has the same nighttime intentions as you?

Online dating solves that issue immediately. Rather than going out and looking, you can find thousands of singles on your phone or computer.

There are so many different apps and sites to help you get laid quickly. Each one comes with its own set of helpful features. These apps can also cater to specific demographics.

There are apps for single, swingers, sugar daddies, and much more. Many of these sites also come with multiple ways to communicate with other members. This communication along with accurate profiles allows you to get to know your match well before you meet.

If you want casual sex, the best place to start looking is online. There you are guaranteed to find someone who wants exactly what you do.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Best Apps to Get Laid Tonight

Here are eleven of the best apps and sites to get laid tonight.

1. BeNaughty


BeNaughty gives you the chance to find singles near you. This app uses a customizable search to ensure you find the partner that’s right for you. Your first step is to share your preferences. You can search for singles based on both physical and personality traits.

That short questionnaire will help you quickly find a match. And who knows, the person you were searching for might just live nearby already. But without BeNaughty, you might have never known.

As the name suggests, BeNaughty is a place to meet people quickly. You can find singles who want to spend a single night. You can also find those looking for relationships or even just casual friendships.

Regardless of your preference, BeNaughty is ready to match you with someone right for you. You can find matches almost instantly. Then you can begin chatting to build rapport right away.

But beware, many users have complained that there is a high volume of fake profiles on the app. However, there is a high volume of legitimate people there too. So don’t let that stop you.

Using the basic functions of BeNaughty is completely free. Sign up takes just a few seconds then you can begin your search to find a partner tonight.

There is also a paid premium version with additional features. But this version is not necessary for finding a partner quickly. Just complete the sign-up process and you will be one step closer to your dream one night stand.

2. Ashley Madison


The most important part about Ashley Madison is secrecy. Why? Because this dating site is made to help people find ways to cheat on their partners.

The site tagline says it all. This service is all about releasing your inhibitions and giving in to your desire to have an affair.

But, of course, the main concern for those having an affair is to not be caught. After all, if your spouse found you cheating, it could ruin your entire family. That’s why Ashley Madison is so committed to concealing your transgressions.

So, how does this site keep your information private? First, Ashley Madison never asks you to link your account to your other social media platforms. This is common on other dating platforms but Ashley Madison operates independently.

You will also have control over what others on the site can see. Even your profile picture can be secretive. Rather than using your typical headshot, you can opt for a blurred image that hides your face.

This app is great for anyone who travels for business. Using the Travelling Man/Woman feature allows you to plan your affair in advance. Search for people in any location and find a match before you even arrive.

Ashley Madison has been operating since 2001 so they have plenty of experience making matches online. This site is meant for people of all ages and sexual orientations. I will help you find the excitement you are looking for and make your affairs easier than ever.

Find Discrete Hookups - Try Ashley Madison

3. BangLocals

BangLocals is all about expedience. As you might have guessed, it is all about finding people in your area who want to get laid.

The process is simple. Just tell the site if you are looking for men, women, couples, or transexuals. Then enter your preferred age range for the people you want to meet. The last, and most important, step is to add your location.

With these few details, you will gain access to singles in your city or town. You will see short profiles for the people near you. Just choose the one you like and start a conversation.

BangLocals offers a simple user interface. There is no need for fancy features since everyone on the site knows exactly what they are there for, to find a hookup.

After you register, you can choose how you want to connect with other singles on the site. Choose to use your personal email or text messaging to communicate. Then arrange a meetup.

The convenience of BangLocals is one of its main benefits. It simply connects you with the people in your area who want to have sex right away.

Sign Up For Free

4. Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder boasts an interactive sex community. At any given moment, there are tens of thousands of users on the platform. Many of them are likely to be in your area.

This site is very interactive. It includes many functions that allow you to connect with your potential partner online. You can learn and see a lot about your connection without the hassle of meeting in person.

Users have access to different chat functions to start conversations with their matches. This includes a nude video chat feature. This runs 24 hours a day so you can satisfy your needs at any time of day.

Adult Friend Finder is also an educational resource. The site has many articles and posts covering dating advice, fetishes, and plenty more topics.

Another positive aspect of Adult Friend Finder is its level of realism. They don’t advertise using models who are way out of your league to entice you. Instead, their home page is filled with images of real people.

As a community site, this platform is great for swingers. Adult Friend Finder makes group sex arrangements easy as well.

Just complete their brief free sign-up. Soon you can start chatting and meeting with singles via any of your favorite devices.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder

5. Seeking Arrangement


Seeking Arrangement is not your typical dating site. It serves a specific function. Rather than connecting singles in general, Seeking Arrangements helps sugar daddies and sugar babies meet.

Perhaps you are a financially successful man who wants to share their wealth with a sexy young woman. Maybe you are an attractive lady who wants a man who can spoil you. In either case, Seeking Arrangement is the right platform for you.

The site works by establishing clear expectations. Each involved party knows exactly what to expect when making an arrangement. This ensures satisfaction for both sides of the relationship.

As a sugar daddy, you won’t be lacking in connections on this site. Seeking Arrangement allows one sugar daddy to have up to four sugar babies.

Sugar babies can rest assured that they are dealing with real gentlemen. There is no need to worry about running into deadbeat guys who want some quick sex but have nothing more to offer. In fact, many of the sugar daddies on the site are powerful billionaires working for some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you are looking for a sugar daddy/baby relationship, search no further. Seeking arrangement is easy to use and free for sugar babies. The site is effective as well with the average user finding an arrangement in just five days.

6. One Night Friend (.com)


Why waste time when using dating apps? After all, if your goal is to get laid, you want to do that as soon as possible. One Night Friend is the perfect place to do just that.

Don’t waste time at your local bar where options are scarce. There are plenty of members on One Night Friend that are looking for a quick way to find sex.

Finding partners is fast and so is setting up a profile. All you need is some basic information and a few photos to show people what you look like. Then you will connect with the growing number of singles on One Night Friend.

Users can find hookups or those interested in dating over the long term. Overall, the site is easy to use and removes all of the frustration and failure that comes with meeting people in real life.

7. xMatch


xMatch is a worldwide dating app that can connect you to singles across the globe. With such a broad range, xMatch has millions of users that are waiting to speak with you. The one common trait among all these people is that they are looking for a casual sexual relationship.

This gives you the chance to find people near you or in locations where you intend to visit. Regardless of where you live and travel, xMatch has a member for you.

Each potential match has a detailed profile. This lets you know who you are dealing with well before making any contact. Once you find someone you like, there are multiple ways to start a conversation.

For instance, you can use the built-in xMatch instant messenger chat rooms. There you can type messages or exchange photos and videos.

xMatch also offers a two-way webcam function. That means you can share live intimate moments right from your home computer.

The company philosophy as xMatch is all about comfort. They make it so that casual sex does not need to be uncomfortable or awkward. Their effective search tools aid this goal by matching you with someone of a similar mentality.

With luck, you can quickly find a single that is the perfect match for you. Making a free profile on xMatch today might even get you laid by the end of the night.


Fling-com makes its purpose known as soon as you reach the site. You will be prompted to immediately create your profile and get started. Meanwhile, an array of revealing photos graces the background as a hint of what you can expect from using the site.

Give an idea of what you are looking for. This can be anything from a simple night of sex to finding couples and threesomes as well.

Once you have created a profile, gives you plenty of flexibility as you search for single people near you. You can filter results by physical features as well as by other factors like profession, religion, and income.

All this helps you to hone in on the single that you are looking for. After searching you will find a plethora of photos for you to explore. Click the one that catches your eye to learn more about your potential match. is a great place for sexual experimentation. You can use messaging or video chatting to delve into your deepest desires with your matches.

One of the best parts of is that it includes a verification option. If you want a verified account, a representative will match your face to your photos to give you verified status. This adds a level of legitimacy and safety as you start chatting with new people.

9. WhatsYourPrice


If you join What’sYourPrice, get ready for a bidding war. You will be competing with other users to place bids on the singles you find attractive. This attractive member can then choose the winner out of the many offers.

This makes for a much more direct way of connecting with potential partners. It certainly seems more effective than sifting through some generic initial messages.

Those who are bidding can show their worth right away. By putting your money where your mouth is, attractive members will know you are serious.

There is an obvious benefit on the other side as well. Those being bid on don’t need to worry about paying for a special date night.

WhatsYourPrice is not specifically made to connect sugar daddies and babies. But the nature of the site makes it a good place to start. WhatsYourPrice claims to be quick, with members finding dates in an average of three days.

10. Tinder


Tinder is perhaps the most popular of all dating apps out there today. And this level of recognition is well justified.

Tinder has a fun on-the-go interface that lets you quickly filter through the people in your area. These members could be looking for anything from friendships to relationships and, of course, the chance to get laid that night.

Tinder is highly visual. So, for your best chance of success, you will want a series of photos that present you in your best light. Accompany those visuals with a brief bio that tells the world what you are all about.

After you make your profile, adjust your settings so that you are seeing the kind of people you want. Set age and gender restrictions as well as a geographical radius. Then, just start swiping.

Tinder is essentially synonymous with casual online dating. As such, you can expect to find plenty of users online and in your area ready to meet up.

11. Pure App


Pure App is unique among the many dating platforms. This service provides a completely new way to connect with other single people.

It all starts with creating an ad. An ad on Pure App is a few brief words that tell the world about your sexual interests. These quips attract the most attention when they are clever and suggestive.

After making a match, you have 24 hours to meet up. You can also withdraw from conversations at any time. After you do, all traces of that conversation disappear.

Pure App gives you plenty of anonymity. This lets you express yourself more freely than you otherwise would. It also means that you can wait until you are comfortable before revealing your identity to any matches.

Pure App has more layers of protection as well. For example, they have a notification system that alerts you to any potential scams. Pure App is also a welcoming environment for those of any background or sexual orientation.

You can read our detailed review of Pure app to get more familiar with the app.

Final Thoughts

Finding ways to get laid is easier than ever. Online platforms let you be selective in choosing the right person for you.

The list above represents some of the best apps and sites made to help you get laid. Hopefully, you found a platform that suits your needs. If so, open a profile today to begin your search. The sooner you engage with the online dating community, the sooner you can meet singles who are ready for some casual sex.

The convenience of these platforms continues to improve. Their member counts are growing as well. So why not join? Choosing to use one of these apps might prove to be the best change to your dating life you ever make.

Find Hookups Nearby - Try Adult Friend Finder
John Santana

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