Top Dating Sites & Apps for Truck Drivers: Finding Love on the Road

by John Santana

When you are constantly on the road, it can get lonely. Sometimes, you miss having someone next to you. The gentle touch, a kiss on the forehead, the wake-up call…Everything is so sweet. Being a trucker doesn’t mean you are allergic to dating.

You want the physical connection. It’s just hard to maintain because of your job’s nature. And with your irregular hours, it is impossible to meet people the traditional way.

On the other hand, even if you are not a truck driver, it’s impossible to say no to their charming characteristics. They are independent, humorous, and cool. When you are around them, you feel protected. Stop wasting your time wandering around local pubs.

You will not find your dream trucker that way. Venture out to the online world where everyone is hanging out in this day and age. You will not be disappointed.

Whether you are looking to date a trucker or a trucker looking to date, you need to check out all these dating sites perfect for this profession to increase your chance of finding your true love!

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

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Best Truck Driver Dating Sites & Apps

1. eHarmony


  • Compatibility test
  • Genuine users and few scammers
  • Detailed profile description


  • Messaging channels are sometimes laggy

Advertised to be the site for true love, eharmony makes an effort in creating the perfect environment to cultivate love. Before you can start browsing through the millions of profiles, you have to complete a set of questionnaires. There are 70 questions.

Its unique analysis generated by the compatibility system will then present you with a list of possible matches. These members score the highest in terms of compatibility with you. That’s how eharmony manages to successfully bring soulmates together.

User reviews have been highly positive of this online dating site. Since it takes a long while to register, scammers and catfish tend to steer clear from it. Members are mostly genuine and are here for love. Sexual harassment rarely happens as the site will immediately remove members that break the community rules.

Everything is centered on finding love. Therefore, its member profiles are detailed. Members are encouraged to write about their passion, hobbies, goals, and favorites. Do not focus on body measurements. Otherwise, you will be disappointed that no one approaches you. People care about the inner you here.

Just when you think eharmony is smooth in tying the knot, its messaging channels are somewhat a bit less than on par compared to its competitors. It lacks quality video calls and its chatroom is often laggy. Users sometimes do not get notified when they receive a message. You will have to manually check the site to get an update.

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2. Ashley Madison


  • Tight security measures
  • Anonymous payment
  • Members are open-minded and want mostly hookups


  • Fake profiles

As the adult dating site dominating the field for years, Ashley Madison surely has a trick or two up its sleeves to retain its loyal users. Specifically for having a secret relationship, the whole site is a Department of Defence.

It has an anonymous payment option to ensure secrecy. The payment will not be linked back to you and it will not show up as an adulting dating site on your records in case your bank statements would be seen by others.

On top of that, once your ID is verified by the platform, you can choose an alias on the website. Taking into consideration how some people are not comfortable with sharing their real identity online, this measure helps encourage the sky ones intimidated by the online dating world to take a step outside of their comfort zone.

Members on Ashley Madison are as chill as you can imagine. They are open-minded and honest about what they want. There is no need to sugarcoat things. Be proud to express your sexual preferences. Whatever fetish you have, you will find a match on the site.

The only thing you need to worry about is not having enough energy to handle all the energetic and engaging members of the community. Although the site is very well-developed, there are quite some fake profiles or possibly bots.

These profiles usually do not interact with you. They were probably placed by the site a long time ago to attract users. These profiles are harmless but it’s quite daunting having to message all the empty profiles just to find out there’s no one on the other end.

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3. Adult FriendFinder


  • Multiple messaging channels
  • Easy signup
  • Group chats


  • Ads

There is no short of recommendation for this awesome online dating site. Adult FriendFinder has a massive member base and it’s one of the top trending dating sites in North America. It offers multiple messaging channels like texting, sending virtual gifts, video calling, and even live streaming.

Signing up on Adult FriendFinder is easy. The whole signup process takes less than 5 minutes and you are off to matching with thousands of members online in your area every day. Its search function is comprehensive and lets you add several requirements at the same time. Even with more filters, the search results are still accurate.

Compared to other dating sites the same size, the search engine on Adult FriendFinder is surely strong and powerful.

Yet, its best feature is its group chat, which is uncommon on the market. Online dating sites mostly focus on one-on-one connections. Rarely do platforms offer group chats. You can join some interest groups and have a group meeting where you just hang out with friends virtually with a glass of wine.

The whole experience would be superb if it’s not for the excessive ads on the site. Frequently, members will encounter pop-up ads blocking the screen. These ads are well-defined and do not link to questionable external sites but you will find Adult FriendFinder to be a bit more spammy with email promotion.

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4. Trucker Dating


  • All essential features are free to use
  • Easy signup
  • Literally for truckers only


  • There is no way to verify if the person is a trucker
  • Few active users

The name literally says Trucker Dating. It is a site dedicated to truckers around the country. All essential features like unlimited matches, messaging, and advanced searches, are free to use for all members.

Its signup process is straightforward and easy. All you need is an email address. You can start browsing in under 3 minutes. Since the site is for truckers, you don’t even have to filter out members by profession. You can spend your time on other criteria such as age and interests.

However, the site does not adopt any security measures to verify the identity of each member. Everyone can sign up with an email so there is no way to tell if someone is actually a trucker or just pretending to be one.

Besides, there are pathetically few active users. There are only a dozen people online every night and most likely they are thousands of miles away. Most truck drivers are unaware of this site so you will spend a lot of time before finding a quality match.

5. Meet A Trucker


  • The automated profile creation process
  • Easy signup
  • Free to use


  • Profiles are standardized

Same as Trucker Dating, Meet A Trucker is free to use and its free features already cover everything you would need. Upgrading to a premium plan is not quite necessary. It also provides a simple signup process. Its profile creation is automated. You don’t need to write your details. You can simply click the various options available and the site will generate a profile for you. This is quite ideal for busy truckers who often find it hard to express their qualities with words.

The site navigation is easy. Everything is listed on the menu bar. You will see the grid display of profiles and a simple chatroom. You can message members that are not on your friend list. It gives flexibility in who you can interact with.

However, since the profile creation process is automated, many profiles end up looking the same. There is no personalized section. Other members can’t really get to know you if you decide to use their templates. When you surf around, you will find a lot of profiles having the exact same description.

So you will end up choosing your matches based on their physical appearances solely as there is no other way around.

6. Zoosk


  • 40 million members
  • Many options in customizing templates
  • The gender ratio is balanced


  • Restrictive free features

When your member base is large enough, you will have a higher chance of finding a hot trucker than crawling through oil station bars. Zoosk’s 40 million users come from diverse backgrounds. Many of whom are in the trucking industry.

To set up a profile on Zoosk, you can just play around with the templates it offers. There are many options available so you will not end up having the same profile as everyone else. You can change the sections and wordings. It offers a free guide in creating the most suitable profile according to your personality.

The gender ratio is almost evenly split on Zoosk, which gives everyone the same advantage. The last thing you need is to be on a site where members are predominantly men or women. It leaves no room for negotiating and too much advantage for one side. Zoosk has been successfully leveling out the playing field for years.

Despite its awesome features, the better ones are restricted to paying members only, and there are quite a lot of essential features unavailable to free members. You can’t enjoy unlimited access to view all profiles, there’re limited messages, and you can’t match with everyone you want.

Its basic search function is extremely basic. You can’t even put more than three filters. To enjoy the advance search to sort out members by profession, you will have to pay. It’s quite stingy for dating sites to limit this many features to free members. If you are unwilling to invest, Zoosk would be a waste of time.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)


  • Suitable for both hookups and long-term relationships
  • Diverse users
  • Connected to social media


  • Profiles are limited if you don’t have an extensive friend base

CMB brands itself as a clever online dating site because it only gives you matches based on who you hang out with in real life. By that, it means all the possible matches are retrieved from your friends’ friend lists on your social media platforms.

You have to link your account to one of your social media handles. From there, the site will analyze the people you are friends with and what friends do they have. You are guaranteed that your possible matches are all vetted by your trusted friends so the quality is high.

The site believes by connecting you to someone you already know you are compatible with is the only way to sustain a relationship. Most users have reviewed that CMB has brought them the highest chance of meeting someone they get along well with.

If you are uncertain about your relationship goals, like whether you want a casual one or a serious one, CMB is also a great option. Members are open to all types of relationships. You will find many are still searching like you. They are not set on having their goal and just want to see how things develop. If they find a soulmate, marriage is an option.

This gives great flexibility to users and they are all open to chances. Its members are also very diverse. From fresh college grads to men in their 50s who have been in the trucking industry for 3 decades, whoever you want, you name it, CMB will find it.

As fantastic as CMB is, it’s not ideal if you do not have a large friendship group, to begin with. CMB retrieves the database from your social media.

Therefore, if you don’t have a long list of friends, your choices of possible matches are limited. You are back to square one wandering around with aimless search again. CMB’s search system is weaker than others on the market once it’s out of the “friendship connection” circle where it performs best.

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How to date a truck driver?

Truck drivers, especially cross-country truck drivers, have an intense schedule. Once they go to work, they can be gone for a month. The distance makes it difficult. But love is love, sometimes, undesirable situations brew the strongest bonding.

Try to be accommodating if your job nature is less demanding. If you are one with stable hours and location, put in more effort by going to your lover’s place and preparing a meal at home for their cross-country journey. Small gestures go a long way. They will appreciate the little things you do.

Never complain about their lack of energy when they spend time with you. You never know how hard it is for them to get out of bed after a 30-hour drive. All they want is to sleep in. But to spend time with you, they are already compromising their rest cycle.

Be appreciative. Instead of blasting it in their face for being not caring, be next to them and give a big, warm hug. It will surely melt their heart and take the stress away.

Check-in on them while they are on the road. There is no better way to say you miss them than a thoughtful text. Ask how’s the journey so far, how’s the food, and if they will get some good rest. Every message from you indicates love and care. Your lover will be happy to know you are thinking about them.

Understand more about their job. There is a lot of misconception about truck drivers, particularly that most of them are horny folks sleeping around every town they go to. If you happen to hold one of these thoughts, study more to get to know this industry. Not only will it open up a lot more space for conversation, but it will also show your appreciation for their job.

Dating a truck driver takes effort. The difference in schedule and lifestyle could lead to arguments easily. The most important thing in all relationships is always communication. Talk about your expectations early on. What you foresee in this matters a lot. If you are only after a casual relationship, you have no right to ask for the other to invest all their time in you.

But if you see them as potential life partners, make sure they see you the same before they wander off for a month meeting exotic girls on the way. The life of a trucker can be lonely. That’s why to save yourself from heartbreak, set the expectations straight before your date leaves you hanging for a long time! Make the talk happen.

Final thoughts

Truck drivers are undeniably sexy. They are strong, masculine, and independent. You will have a wild ride with this one. To date one, make sure you sign up on these amazing truck driver dating sites mentioned above!

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John Santana

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