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5 Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites & Apps: Recommendations & Advice

by John Santana

Having a sugar momma or wanting to be one is nothing to be ashamed of. So many people are seeking and enjoying this way of living. First, it’s practical as both sides get what they want. Second, as long as there is consent, what should stop you from doing it?

In reality, finding a sugar momma or being one is not as easy as it seems. There are lots of scammers out there trying to take advantage of you. If you are not careful, you would easily fall victim to a scam.

The best way to find a sugar momma is through online dating sites. Sugar mommas and sugar babies prefer to save time and put up their profiles on the internet to be discovered by the one. You no longer have to go through cringe-worthy speed dating nights down at the community center.

To best secure your chance in finding a sugar momma, make sure you check out these online dating sites.

Our Recommendations for Sugar Momma Dating Sites

1. Adult FriendFinder



  • 90 million registered users
  • Fun social media features that allow users to post updates, upload photos, participate in group chats
  • The user interface is intuitive


  • Inactive profiles

Adult FriendFinder should be on everyone’s list when it comes to the top sugar momma dating sites. With over 90 million users, this online dating platform has been serving the horny and the lustful for nearly 30 years.

Its members are from all over the country and the world. You will find interesting people with impressive backstories to share. It is not an exaggeration to say Adult FriendFinder is the social media platform for sex. A lot of sugar babies put up their profiles and advertise in hopes of finding a loving sugar momma.

This is your perfect chance in finding one. You’d be surprised how open-minded people are. You can customize your friend lists by tags and characteristics, post updates, write blog posts to share your feelings and thoughts, participate in group chats, join interest groups, video call your friends, and more.

All these features make Adult FriendFinder desirable for people of all ages. Its user interface is intuitive. Anyone can figure out how to navigate around in no time. The smooth and seamless design adds a lot of points as it caters well to those who don’t master technology very well.

However, a slight issue with Adult FriendFinder is that there are lots of inactive profiles lurking around. These profiles haven’t been active for years but are not removed from the system as the site does not automatically detect inactive profiles and freeze them.

Users will have to manually screen through the profiles to find out others’ last online. It is not a major issue but you will have to be careful not to waste your time messaging matches that haven’t been online for years.

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2. Ashley Madison



  • Very welcoming towards sugar mommas and sugar babies
  • Tight security with secret chats
  • Minimal ads


  • Explicit photos at times

Another wonderful choice for sugar mommas and sugar babies would have to be Ashley Madison. At first, Ashley Madison was designed for having secret affairs. That’s why it has gotten a lot of unfair attacks over the years because of its nature. Over time, it has developed into a platform that is super welcoming towards different sexual preferences.

The sugar momma relationship is not always acceptable in society. Hence, sugar mommas and sugar babies find Ashley Madison a safe haven. You will find lots of people here looking for one. You don’t have to be shy about your wants and needs.

Just be honest with yourself and write about what you want. You can rest assured that someone shares your fantasy.

Ashley Madison almost has a military-grade security system as it understands how many of its members want to keep things private. It has an anonymous payment system so nothing will be traced back to you.

Also, you can activate the secret chat feature so your chat history will automatically be erased after a while. All of these features are available upon settings.

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3. Cougar Life


  • Made for older women looking for younger men
  • Simple site navigation and registration process
  • Generous free features


  • Member pool is very small

From the name, you can tell you are looking at the right place. Cougar Life is a safe space for older women to unleash their inner desire for a younger body. Sugar mommas can list out all the requirements they want in a younger man and someone that fits the requirements will respond.

Since the platform is for cougars, you will find everyone on it sharing your values and interests. You don’t have to be afraid of being judged because of your sexual preferences. Everyone is real and honest with themselves. The site is also easy to navigate around. Even those who struggle with technology will get the hang of it.

Not only does Cougar Life offer a free trial, but it is also very generous with its free features. Members can browse and reply to messages anytime. Its free plan is almost enough for anyone looking for a fun ride. You will meet lots of sugar babies and mommas and get to listen to their experiences.

That being said, Cougar Life has a very limited member base compared to other trending dating sites. It is not known how many members are on it as there is no statistic from the site but it’s safe to assume it has no more than 500,000 active members.

That way, your chance of meeting a sugar baby will be significantly lower since those members are scattered across the country.

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4. SugarBook



  • 1 million active members solely dedicated to sugar momma-baby dating
  • Well-built features
  • Great customer support


  • Excessive spammy emails and ads

Another dating app that is explicitly for sugar dating. SugarBook has about 1 million active members. All of them are solely interested in becoming sugar mommas or sugar babies. You will be blown away by the sheer amount of people wanting to find someone.

Its features like chatrooms, profile setup, and searches are well-built and smooth. Everything flows well and users are able to utilize those features. Its excellent customer support adds a lot of points. Its 24/7 support room solves your problems anytime. You can even get advice on how to score a better date.

The excessive ads and spammy emails are the only problems with SugarBook. Members are constantly receiving countless promotional emails. Ads also pop up everywhere on the site. This is quite annoying and disturbing for users.

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5. Elite Singles



  • Young members are looking for sugar mommas
  • Has a good reputation for cougar dating
  • Simple registration process


  • The competition is high

Elite Singles is a reputable online dating platform that attracts sugar mommas and sugar babies. Since the site advertises to be for silver dating, most members are over 50. Worry not, that means any young man on the site is definitely looking for a sugar momma.

The registration process is simple. You just need to fill in some details about yourself and verify your email. Then, you are good to go. The fast registration process does appeal to many. You don’t have to give out details of your personal information to be a member.

Although Elite Singles is great for sugar babies, it is not as good for sugar mommas as the competition is high. The high number of older members means you will have to put up a fight with everyone else to get the attention of a sugar baby.

You are likely not in control of the situation and have less bargaining power. The platform works better for sugar babies and not sugar mommas.

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What Should You Expect in a Sugar Momma-Baby Relationship?

The line is often blurry when it comes to sugar momma-baby relationships. People can’t seem to figure out where to draw the line.

It is so often that one side develops feelings and wants more in the relationship. Is it an actual love relationship? Or is it business? What should you expect when dating one?


To put it bluntly, a sugar momma-baby relationship is about being there. You are the companion for each other. You listen to each other, understand each other’s needs and habits, go on trips together, enjoy the sunset, etc. It is so much more than just sex.

In fact, it is quite common for a sugar momma and sugar baby to not have sex. Some sugar mommas are high-achieving businesswomen. They are busy executives who never have time to rest or meet people. Therefore, having someone as a companion is all they want.


Sugar babies often feel they can’t get along with people their age and seek an intimate feeling of being close to a mature person. With a sugar momma, they feel understood and valued.

A sugar momma-baby relationship is very mature. Just because a sugar baby gets money from it, doesn’t mean you don’t have a say. Sugar babies are entitled to voice out their opinions and demand just like any normal relationship.

Clear boundaries

However, at the end of the day, there is a reason why this is called a sugar momma-baby relationship and not a real love relationship.

Sugar mommas only want sugar babies to be there when they want a companion. Most sugar mommas don’t want their sugar babies to infiltrate every aspect of their lives. Meeting family members or joining close friends’ gatherings is impossible.

Every sugar momma and sugar baby should respect the boundaries and understand when to take a step back. It is normal to develop real feelings when you spend so much time together. Should the situation emerge, communicate it to find a solution. Never blame the other for not wanting more.

What Does a Sugar Momma Cover?

A lot of people are curious about the sugar baby life and how much should a sugar momma pay. It all depends on what you have agreed on. There is no set rule.

However, it is normal for sugar mommas to pay for all the expenses during the time you are together. Plus some extra allowances so your sugar baby can be at his best when you see each other.


Most sugar mommas give a weekly allowance to their sugar babies. The amount highly depends on how frequently you see each other and what activities you are doing. For example, if you are tagging along to a business trip, you are expected to dress up nicely, and hence, you will need more money for a well-fit suit.


Sometimes, a sugar momma will offer accommodation to her sugar baby or you are allowed to stay in the house when she is not around.

This highly depends on how close you are in the relationship and how comfortable you feel about it. Although it is not a must, most sugar babies spend several nights with their sugar mommas every once in a while.

Social gatherings

You are expected to greet some business partners and socialize with your sugar momma’s friends. As a well-mannered sugar baby, you will need to learn the etiquette of a lot of high-class events.

The sugar momma-baby life is exciting. Together you will explore and discover a lot. It is important to negotiate from the start, so no one is disappointed with the outcome. Make sure everyone knows what they are getting into.


Dating a sugar momma or being one gives incredible joy. You have someone close to your heart enough to understand your needs and wants. But then, they are not overly attached that you get to carry on with your private life.

This is a wonderful lifestyle for many and that’s why people choose to be one. If you are looking for this style of dating, make sure you sign up on these sites to get the best sugar momma dating experience.

John Santana

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