Xpress.com Review – Is The Dating Site Legit or a Scam?

by John Santana

Video content is trending nowadays. Even the online dating world is taking advantage of it to maximize the possibility of a match. Xpress.com is one of the dating platforms that put video content first. Users have to upload videos of themselves to attract likes and attention.

It also has an option for escorts to publicly acknowledge their business agenda and find clients through the site. Its open-minded setup seems to make Xpress.com desirable. Despite having good intentions, Xpress.com is not as heavenly as it wants to be.

In this article, we do a detailed analysis of Xpress.com’s features and practicality. If you are in the market for a quality dating site, Xpress.com will not be able to satisfy you. All it does is give a gimmicky feature that spurs up some interest.

There are better choices like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison for you to get laid tonight.

Xpress.com At a Glance

  • First impression: 5/10
  • Signup process: 6/10
  • Matching and messaging: 510
  • Profile quality: 3/10
  • Pricing: 4/10

Overall: 4.6/10

Xpress.com Review – Overview

First impression

Xpress.com surely does not hide the raw sexuality flaming through the site. On the homepage, you are already greeted by hot chicks posing sexually.

It lets you view several member profiles to get you on the hook. Unsurprisingly, the profiles shows are all busty girls laying in bed in high heels looking at the camera like they are ready to fuck hard.

It is tempting if your end goal is to have casual sex. For those looking for a serious relationship, Xpress.com instantly gives out a trashy vibe that your future wife does not live on it.

The layout is not exactly modern, and there is no stunning transition animation. While these visual elements are not detrimental to the fundamental features, it does take away users’ interest in continuing with the layout being so rigid. It feels like you are surfing the internet from the early 2000s.

The site claims to have over 40 million registered users, although there is no evidence or source on where this data comes from. It is quite suspicious for a low-budget site like Xpress.com to have such a large member base.

There is nothing that stands out for Xpress.com upon the first glimpse. It offers a basic online dating front page any other smaller platforms would.

First impression: 5/10

Signup process

Signing up to Xpress.com is interesting. The length depends on how detailed you want your profile to be. If you just want to get matched instantly, you can simply sign up with your email address and get the verification code. Then, you are off to wonderland.

But for those who want to work on their profiles so they can have a higher chance of getting liked and finding a compatible partner. There are so many ways to do so. Xpress.com provides a personality test. The test consists of 13 open-end questions so your possible dates can get to know you better.

In addition to the test, you can also fill a checklist with 30 items. You will be able to click on what qualities you are looking for in your date and how you expect your relationship will be. The checklist helps the search engine to match you to those having similar responses for the best compatibility.

The signup process is quite good on Xpress.com. For those who just want to browse around, the site does not force you to complete all those extra steps. But for those who are serious about online dating, you can make your profile stand out by filling out all those questions.

Signup process: 6/10

Matching and messaging

Xpress.com functions like a social media platform like Facebook. You can browse through profiles easily and initiate chats by sending a request.

You will receive a notification once you match with someone. You can also see who has viewed your profile. It gives you an idea of what types of girls are interested in you.

Since the site promotes the use of video content, you will find lots of profiles with a video introduction.

Girls are posing in front of the camera while telling you why you should have sex with them tonight. This is surely arousing and makes you more hooked up in matching with them.

The site is very honest about having escorts on it. You will be asked whether you are one upon signup. Since members know who is an escort and who is a regular user, there is not much dispute or problem having them.

It increases the diversity, but some escorts choose to play regular users until they lure the date out and ask for money. There is little that Xpress.com can help you with should the situation arrive.

The messaging features are indeed extensive. They include video calling, gift sending, and voice messaging. However, none of these features are well-built. Users can’t even send out a simple voice note most of the time.

Matching and messaging: 5/10

Profile quality

There are not a lot of fake profiles on Xpress.com, but there is a huge gap in the quality. Some members do not know how to flirt at all. While others just want money to have sex with you because of the large number of sex workers going on the site.

It becomes difficult to find genuine users. The worst is there is no hope of finding true love or a stable relationship. Girls on it just want sex. You will find yourself wasting time pouring your heart out to your dream girl.

The site is not as diverse as it brands itself to be. For example, if you are a professional looking for other high-achieving elites, you will find a hard time connecting with one. Its member base is very narrow. Most girls are between 30 to 40.

The video content is exciting at first, but when you talk to the member, you will find most of them only know how to pose sexually. There is a lack of in-depth bonding or connection.

Profile quality: 3/10


Xpress.com offers a discount for long-term commitments. In general, the price comes at $30 per month. While it is fair on other sites having the same features, you can find way better options for this price. Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are the top choices in finding both true love and casual relationships.

Since Xpress.com is limited to casual sex, your investment is not worth it if you are open to different possibilities.

Pricing: 4/10


Xpress.com is an online dating site with a fun touching of video features. It can indeed generate new and exciting dates for you. Despite having good intentions, if you want a comprehensive experience, you should not opt for Xpress.com as it is solely for hooking up.

Other online dating sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison provide a stunning experience and quality diversity in finding any type of relationship you want. Sign up on these platforms for the ultimate matching experience today.

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