Why Is She Ignoring Me? Tips to Address and Resolve

by John Santana

If you are here, it may be a tough situation for you. After all, dealing with a woman who refuses to tell you why she is ignoring you is a nightmare.

It isn’t that she was always like this. She treated you well. She was nice and all.

But how all of a sudden, she changed? Is it because of something that you did?

While it’s good to look for faults in yourself before finding them in the other person, sometimes it’s not your fault at all.

It is possible that she is mad at you for doing something nasty and is giving you her silent treatment to teach you a lesson.

But at other times, it’s not about you… it’s about her.

She may have found some other boy and can be cheating on you.

It’s better to stop smacking your head and know the real reasons behind you getting ignored.

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Reasons Why She Is Ignoring Me

1. Some of your actions have hurt her and she hasn’t got closure about it

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Women happen to go, mum, when a man’s actions hurt them.

She will go silent and will not let you know that she is hurt.

Obviously, they are very emotional and also very reactive. If she finds something wrong, she will be vocal about it.

But if you keep making the same mistakes again and again, and she keeps complaining and you keep ignoring her words, she will get fed up with the loop.

She will start hating the daily arguments and will realize that there is a pattern in all these fights. Now, she will try to get rid of these fights that begin and end without reaching any conclusion.

As a result, she will just simply stop participating in the pattern and opt-out of the fights and continuous nagging.

This will make her lose interest in having conversations with you because they will now seem meaningless to her.

The best way to deal with such a situation is to calmly ask her if what is worrying her and if it’s because of something that you did.

If you don’t want to lose her, be attentive to what she says and don’t repeat doing the things that are hurting her.

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2. The​ same routine life with you is no longer exciting for her

We get so caught up in work and daily chores that we create a routine​ so we don’t mess up with our job and lifestyle.

But while maintaining a routine is good for work and other chores, it’s not good for your relationship.

If all that you do and talk with her is the same shit, then she will probably lose interest in you.

I know you find the girlfriends of your friends’ way too attractive. But whether you believe me or not, your girl is a young beautiful woman who has a lot of male followers.

If you are boring, dull, and add nothing exciting to her life… she will not enjoy her time with you anymore.

The same everyday routine life will bore her.

As a result, this woman will start ignoring you as there is no thrill in your relationship anymore.

If you think your woman is ignoring you because dating you has become too boring for her, then try to bring a change in things.

Try something that you don’t do every other day. Try something new. Add some thrill and spice to the relationship. Keep her engaged.

3. She is trying to be the “catch” and making you chase her

Photo by Владимир Васильев from Pexels

We all know how much women love to be the catch and getting chased by a man (in a relationship).

They may like you but will try to appear “hard to get” and “not easy”.

For achieving this and giving you more thrill in chasing her, she will play some tiny games.

When a woman ignores you but still replies to your messages and agrees to meet you, she is just playing a game of being too hard to get.

She will take her time to respond to your calls and messages, but she will respond to them.

She will cancel a few plans for dates but ultimately, she will meet you and you guys will have a great time.

When this happens, she is just enjoying her time so let her enjoy and if you really like her, keep on the chase.

But if the ignoring phase is going on for more than a month now, then she has got some other plans in her mind.

In this case, she is not playing games with you but has really lost interest in you. The woman has moved on and has fallen out of love with you.

Whatever the case is, let communication flow and clear out things as soon as possible.

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4. Her eyes are fixed on another man

Sometimes when she ignores you, it has nothing to do with what wreck of a person you are or what wrong you did to her.

Sometimes, it’s just that she can’t find you to meet her demands and needs of a boyfriend or a partner and is finding them in another man.

She is not into you and some other man has got her eyes.

Let’s agree to this, women have a lot more options to choose from when it comes to dating men.

The funny yet terrible fact is, she is dating a lot of men at the same time and deciding who is the best one to whom she can give her heart to.

She is busy in choosing the man she can show off to her friends, so if some other man will catch her fancy, she will forget you as easily as she forgets where she kept her hair elastics.

It’s saddening to get serious with a girl while she was just weighing you and the other guys together.

When she will find another man, she will simply cut you off without giving any explanations.

While most women let you know when they come into a relationship with another man, some of them will keep you derived from this favor.

Why will she inform you that she is with another man and your chances are over? Doing this will simply mean losing all of your attention and constant pampering.

So instead of doing that, she will keep you hooked to her while she sleeps with another man.

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5. Ignoring you is better than saying “You don’t interest me anymore”.

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If she is ignoring you and you are confused considering you gave her a lot of attention and allowed her to be the “catch”, the reality is she is not that into you.

But hey, what’s the use of being direct? If you can just ignore the person?

Sadly, both men and women think the same way. Instead of telling​ the harsh truth, they will just keep on feeding you sweet pills of lies.

You will listen to a lot of excuses like:

“I have been very busy lately. The workload is way too much!”

But you will find her partying with her friends the same night while your messages still remain ignored.

When with you she brushes off all the efforts of other guys with “Sorry I have a boyfriend” excuse but you will find her hooked up with your best friend a week after.

You consider her nice but she can be a coward by not being direct to you.

So, the best option to reject you without saying the words is to ignore you. She leaves it to you to understand what she really means when she rejects all your advances.

6. You are too lazy or shy to get the control in your hand

The reason behind her ignoring you can also be your shy or lazy nature which stops you from pursuing women the way they want to be pursued.

Do you know what’s the worst mistake you can do while pursuing the woman you so desperately want? It is by being a nice guy.

If you are playing the role of the nice guy and expecting the woman to fall in love with you… then you will only get disappointment.

I’m not saying that being a gentleman with a lady is wrong. It’s the best thing you can do for her.

But being a nice guy who is too scared to express his feelings, desires, and what he truly wants from her is a huge turn-off.

It’s possible that the woman liked you too, but because you took way too long to approach her, she got over you.

She will think you are too dumb or a grown-up kid who can’t take action.

Thus, she will find another man who will not be afraid and stupid enough to approach her at the right time.

Now that your laid-back attitude or shy nature has made her lose interest in you, she will try to cut the connection by shutting off all sorts of communication.

This lady knows what she wants and if she will find you are not ready for it, she will take you out of her life and will not invest time with you anymore.

To not let this happen, the best thing will be to man up and honestly tell her about your intentions and the things you feel for her.

Because if you do not let her know at the right time, you will keep waiting throughout your life while she will date another man.

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7. You chased her away by acting too desperate or by being a creep

Photo by Tuấn Kiệt Jr. from Pexels

If you don’t already know, acting desperate and being a creep is not going to help you with ladies.

Everyone wants a romantic love​ interest who has self-respect of their own. No one wants a person too desperate for validation or worse, sex.

If you keep spamming her inbox with messages when she hasn’t replied to any of them, then she will simply find you as a creep.

And if you are stupid enough to​ send her unwanted content like unsought pictures of genitalia or their bare chest, then let’s stop talking about ignoring….

She will block you straight away!

Believe ​me, even if she liked you at first, she will now start considering you as an immature and desperate creep guy who is just interested in having sex with her.

It’s better to create a bond with her and engage in some sexting before you send her personal pictures.

How to fix it?

Once a woman starts ignoring you, it’s because she is deeply hurt by your actions, or she has met someone else who has swept her off her feet, or she is not attracted to you.

In all these cases, it’s quite obvious that the woman is never going to come back to you at her own will. And trying to fix this can be really hard.

But do not worry, as I have the best solution for you.

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John Santana

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