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Why Does My Girlfriend Bite Me? [6 Reasons To Know]

by John Santana

Love-biting is an act of passion. Your girlfriend is happily squinting her eyes and biting your neck when you have done something goofily adorable. Why do humans have the urge to bite? It is a primal behavior animals do when they have the burning urge to protect someone. It shows love and care. Find out the meaning behind love-biting and how you should respond to it.

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Reasons Why My Girlfriend Bites Me

1. It Is a Sign of Intimacy

Puppies have the tendency to pseudo-bite during playtime. It is a sign of trust. Not only do these four-legged friends like to bite their loved ones, but instinctively, mammals show intimacy through fake-biting others.

Throughout history, there is rarely an occasion that warranted a bite from strangers. The human body has always been somewhat sacred. You do not casually touch others on the street. Those that touch you or be touched by you share some strong bonding. To take it further, biting someone shows the depth of the relationship.

2. She Wants to Protect You

Just like how a tiger mom picks up her cubs by the neck, when your girlfriend bites you on the neck, it shows an urge to protect. Although this tactic does not translate to modern situations as humans cannot offer any safety shield by biting each other by the neck, the instinct is still telling couples to aim for their neck to mark their territory.

3. It Is Sexy

There are plenty of erogenous zones over the body. Biting the right part will rouse your sex drive and make you horny. Love-biting is often a sex play that boosts the mood. The area around the neck is considered to be the most vulnerable. Hence, biting that area makes her feel dominant and in control. There is an irresistible charm for her to feel in power. She feels sexy when she is in control.

4. It Is a Sign of Dependency

She loves you a lot. The act of biting goes back to survival. Babies have to bite hard on their mother’s nipples to suck the milk. When your girlfriend feels safe with you, she wants to bite you like a baby bites his mommy.

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5. You Are Delicious

Biting someone is the most direct response if they think you taste amazing. Your ass is the juicy peach that she does not want to share with others. So, she better bites it hard and makes it known it is her territory. Couples that are in love recognize and enjoy the smell of each other. She probably misses your unique scent since you have been away for the whole day. It is her time to taste that comfy belly again.

6. You Have Done Something Silly

Aside from all the sexy reasons, your girlfriend could be biting you because you are helplessly silly. You have done something bad but she cannot stay mad at you. Your cute face has saved you from an argument. Still, she wants to express her anger. That is why she is biting you. In that case, you would probably want to put out your best puppy face so she just wants to kiss you.

How to Respond to My Girlfriend Biting Me?

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Normally, love-biting feels awesome. You will feel loved and it elevates your relationship. If you love this, then you need to respond by pseudo-biting her back. Gently aim for the sensitive area like her neck, belly, or ass.

To make things more erotic, you can lick the surface of her skin as if you are a predator doing a taste test on the prey. Grab her by the ass and give her gentle kisses. Slowly rub her back and give her a soft massage before you attack her silky body.

Building up the atmosphere will prolong your performance and heighten the orgasmic experience. Kiss her on the face and tell her how much you love her next time she bites you. She will be over the moon to hear her love is being reciprocated.

Love-biting should strictly be the expression of love. Bites that leave marks or bruises are considered too rough. It is quite off-putting. Unless you are into that, you should control your strength so you do not end up hurting your partner. The same goes for her. She needs to be careful as this should be enjoyable and not painful.

On the contrary, if you are not that interested in being bitten or find the feeling odd, you should raise your concern to your partner. It is fine that this act does not turn you on. It should be a mutually enjoyable move.

Tell her what you enjoy more and how you two can find a balance. Sometimes, there will be compromises. Love-biting is often an instinctive habit that one cannot get rid of. When she gets overly passionate, she will do it without knowing it. You need to put up with that but also remind her to cut it down consciously.

Try out different tactics and moves that might be arousing until you have found the right one. There is nothing shameful about not liking a traditionally popular move. Every couple has to explore their own thing. Be honest and share your preferences with your partner.

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What Is Cute Aggression?

Cute aggression consists of many elements, love-biting is one act in this category. Humans show this loving aggression to close people around them. There are other forms of cute aggression that humans do. For example, fake-punching.

When your girlfriend is seemingly annoyed, she might punch you on the back of your shoulder to show her resentment jokingly. You will not be physically harmed by her punches and you will probably laugh about it. Punching someone is an aggressive act but when you control the force, it becomes a loving act between the couple.

Again, it shows intimacy because an outsider cannot do the same to you and walk away. It establishes how valuable your girlfriend is to you. Different couples have their own cute aggression toward each other including kicking, pushing, and punching. All of these are meant to look adorable and playful. You will not sense real danger.

Of course, there are times when cute aggression gets out of hand and becomes real aggression. When the magnitude is not timed, an accidental punch can be too powerful that it hurts you. Then, it is not a harmless punch anymore. It is an assault and the couple will fight over it. That is why the importance of setting your boundary is repeatedly emphasized. Understand the difference in power between you and your girlfriend. Do not throw a punch back so hard that it will knock her teeth out.


Finding someone to do love bites with is the cutest thing in the world. It shows trust, intimacy, and connection. If you did not know why your girlfriend wants to bite you, now you do. She loves you so much and wants to spend every minute loving you. It is time to return the affection!

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John Santana

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