What To Text A Guy After A One Night Stand?

by John Santana

As the name suggests, One Night Stands are meant to be a one-time thing.

There are no strings attached after you are done for a night. You don’t even need to look back at them ever again.

No matter what the rules say, you are still confused when it comes to texting a guy after a one-night stand.

“What shall I text him? I don’t want to appear needy. I don’t want him to think I’m rude either.”

Before you type even a single word on your phone screen, wait and think. What are your expectations from here?

Though it’s a one-night stand and you shouldn’t keep any expectations… Sometimes we just throw the rules out of the window.

If you really liked the sex and can’t take the charming guy out of your mind, you can give moving things ahead of a shot.

But if you hated the sex or thought it was just blah, plan your text accordingly.

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What to text a guy after a One Night Stand if

You want Things to Move Ahead

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When you think about it, there are tons of topics you can talk about with your hook-up partner.

But when it comes to expressing you loved the night and would like to continue it further, you go blank.

What if he doesn’t want to do it again?”

“What if he rejects my wish?”

Believe me; if you control your racing thoughts and type out the right words, you are going to see him again soon!

Still not sure about what to text him? Take a cue from here –

1. You were soooo good.

Don’t go too far by expressing every single thing you loved about him.

Writing a paragraph of praises is a total no. Just go with a simple one sentence.

Tell him he was good in some way.

Praising him will let him know you liked it so it’s in his hands now whether he does or doesn’t invite you for a second round.

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2. Never thought you were so fun. Had an amazing time last night.

I know you want him to tell you how much fun you had last night. So, do it but stop then and there.

No matter how much you want to invite him for a second night, do not tell him “we should do it more often“. He may reply that he is happy to do it again.

But if you reject your proposal for any reason, you will forget all the good memories of the last night and start cursing him and yourself for even asking him.

Instead, leaving a message stating you had a great time last night will keep the doors open for him to ask you out if he wants to move things ahead.

3. I can’t help but say what a great job you have done. Truly deserve a standing ovation!

Well, if you are really blown away by this guy, you can type a little more than a sentence and make it two.

It will feed his ego much more than you can think and he will surely receive a reply stating “Well, we should do it again then!”

Who knows… this may turn your one-night stand into a solid FWB (friends with benefits) relationship!

4. Last night was so freaking hot! We should do it again.

Send this text only if:

  • You are sure that the guy had a great time with you. You were spectacular in bed and he couldn’t afford to say no to the kind of hot sex only you can offer.
  • You think you are capable of taking a rejection coming your way in a healthy and mature way.
  • You are confident in yourself and sure that nobody can get away without craving your booty.

Now, there’s nothing wrong to be straight and bold about your intentions if you will remain the same even when he accepts or rejects your idea to fuck again.

5. I’m going to be near your office for some work. Let’s catch up.

This text will be best for you if you are not sure if you want to be bold about your intention of being fuck buddies with him, and yet you want to do a little something to take things ahead.

By sending this text, you are going to lead a way to the eruption of a lot of questions in his mind. He will be busy thinking

What a sweet girl… She wants to hang out with me.

Wait, isn’t she trying to take things ahead?

No, no. She just wants to hang out. I’m the one wanting to sleep with her again.

Ultimately, he will come to a conclusion he wants to sleep with you again and will end up saying the words to you.

If he doesn’t, what’s the big deal? You love dark coffee, right?

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6. Do not text anything.

Guys don’t like holding back their feelings or wishes… except a few. If he really wants to do it again for you, he will let you know. He will leave you a text or give you a call.

For this reason, you can go without texting him anything.

Want to End Things then and there

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It’s perfectly common to casual hook-up with a guy, spend a night at his place, and not feel any connection at all.

The kiss you had in your high school was better than the sex. Now, this hook-up is topping the list and has defeated your previous bad one-night stand experiences.

It is also possible that you do not hate it that much… but you think it was just blah or okayish. Now you want to move on with some better sex and get laid.

You can’t ghost the guy or keep lying to him. So, let’s speak your mind again –

1. I liked it last night. But I’m not looking for anything serious right now.

I know you don’t want to come off as rude. You don’t even want to hurt his feelings as you are too emphatic for that.

But the truth needs to be told. You have to tell him that you don’t see things moving ahead with him.

By texting him the above-mentioned reply, you are telling him he was great as you liked it with him. Yet, you are not looking for anything serious.

This way, he will not take it on his ego that you don’t wanna sleep with him again.

He will also understand your concern that you aren’t up for taking the responsibility of anything serious. The guy will appreciate your honesty for telling the truth and not just playing around with him.

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2. It was great meeting you.

This line doesn’t sound anything like something that’s coming from a woman who was moaning the whole time a night before.

Yet, it is quite acceptable. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone it was great meeting them.

And it is deprived of any hint of the moaning you did last night, which means you are not interested to do that again.

3. Enjoyed the one-night stand with you.

If the guy is smart, he will take your hint.

As you mention “one-night stand” in your text, he will understand then and there that you have no intentions to have sex with him again.

The message explains that you only wanted it for a night and now everyone should move on.

What to do if the guy can’t take it in the right way?

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It is possible that you had a one night stand with a mature guy who understands your decision to not continue it any longer and moves on peacefully. (This makes him so attractive, right?)

Or, you spent a night with a guy who starts behaving like a baby boy and turns on his anger switch. In this case, all you can do is ghost him.

You are not obligated to compromise your standards if the other grown-up adult is being such a baby.


Now that you’ve reached here, you know all about the perfect text to send a guy after a one-night stand.

Thinking about what to text a guy after having an amazing one night can be hard and tricky.

You just had some amazing kinky sex and no matter how casually you take it; the female body releases some hormones during sexual intercourse which makes you feel something for the man for a while now.

So, if you are still in a hangover from the tempting things the guy did to you, take your time and relax.

Do not let your hormones fool you to believe sex as love because it isn’t. Do not get carried away too far with your emotions.

If you are mature enough to understand it was the sex that you loved and not the guy, you are good to go!

You can get sex from him and if not, there are plenty of fishes in the sea!

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John Santana

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