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Victoria Hearts Review: Is The Dating Site Legit or a Scam?

by John Santana

Victoria Hearts Review: Legit or a Scam!?

Victoria Hearts has only been around for roughly 8 years. For a site kind of new in the industry, its quality is still debatable. The main focus of the site is to find you a soul mate. It claims to connect those with similar interests and compatibility for a love that lasts a lifetime.

The promises are tempting, but are they just a big fat lie to get you to sign up? Discover everything you need to know about Victoria Hearts before signing up.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

At a glance


  • Clean design
  • Not filled with ads
  • Has a free membership version


  • Confusing and expensive pay structure
  • Scammers and bots prevalent
  • Skewed towards women from Eastern Europe

Verdict: Victoria Hearts isn’t great. While it’s not a total scam, there are better options out there for dating.

Features Review

First Impression

The front page of Victoria Hearts has a typical dating site layout. With a huge banner photo in the center and a signup grid on the left, the site seems legit at first glimpse.

The banner photos are usually a happy couple smiling at each other, taking a stroll down the beach. It does match what it advertises, to connect soulmates together.

Signing up was smooth. All you need is an email verification and you are good to go in less than a minute. The lack of ID verification is rather worrying as catfish and scammers often target sites with weak security.

Score: 8/10


Although Victoria Hearts was California-made, upon searching several times, users will find the girls on the site are predominantly from Eastern European countries like Ukraine. Indeed, your soulmate can be thousands of miles away.

But it doesn’t really make the matching process any easier as most male members are based in North America. Upon further digging in the site, you will realize that nearly 70% of members are men, only 30% are women.

This severe gender balance, coupled with the weird country distribution, descends Victoria Hearts into the lower-quality dating sites.

It’s strange that the site would attract so many Eastern European women. It is hard to believe a lot of Eastern Europeans would be going on this North America-based site looking for love. Turns out, many of them are bots or fake. The site likely put up some fake profiles to lure in customers.

Most of the profiles are not responsive to messages or give very generic responses. They feel like either scammers or bots. It is quite a red flag to see so many fake profiles on a dating site.

Score: 4/10

Profile quality

As a site heavily advertises on the soul connection, Victoria Hearts is not doing a lot to encourage that besides the loving photo on its front page. It’s a very standard profile setup.

Users write down something about themselves, including height, weight, hair and eye colors, religion, and occupation, etc. You can leave out any information you don’t want to share.

Then, there is a small section about what you are looking for in your date and why others should choose you. The section is so tiny that it is hardly promoting any deeper connection.

The majority of the profile is about your physical attributes. It’s hard to believe Victoria Hearts isn’t pushing for profiles with the hottest looks.

Most profiles only have one to two sentences about their dream date. It’s not romantic. It’s saying you are just looking for sex.

Score: 6/10


The pricing system on Victoria Hearts is a little different than other dating sites. You buy credits to enjoy premium features like video calls, sending letters, and delivering flowers.

50 credits cost 25 USD. If you think that gets you very far, think again. Sending your first letter costs 10 credits already and the subsequent letters cost 30 credits each. Live chats cost 2 credits per minute and listening to a voice message from a member will also be 10 credits. If that is not mind-blowing enough, the site encourages you to buy 750 credits for a discount at a total of 150 USD.

The speed of using the credits goes like a landslide. 750 credits will not last you a week if you use Victoria Hearts like normal users would on other dating sites. Paying 150 USD for an adult dating site is unheard of. That’s probably why there are so many fake profiles on it.

It’s highly unbelievable that any singles would pay that much to go on a site to talk to someone from Eastern Europe who might never even visit North America.

Score: 5/10

Is Victoria Hearts worth the investment?

Not really.

Occasionally, you come across some genuine profiles and match with someone nice. But most of the time, you are struggling to filter through the scammers and bots. The investment is also ridiculously high. Not even the top premium dating sites in the industry charge so much.

Victoria Hearts, unfortunately, is not worth your investment. You can sign up as a free member to browse around but since the features are so limited, you are unlikely to yield any return.

The only good thing about the site is the absence of ads. You will not find ads popping up to interrupt your experience. But then again, if you are paying 150 USD, it is almost a crime to still put ads in your way.

What are some better online dating sites?

  • Ashley Madison
  • Adult FriendFinder

Victoria Hearts is an okay dating site at most, far from being perfect or even superior. There are certainly much better options out there that guarantee higher quality matches and safer experiences.

Adult FriendFinder


Adult FriendFinder, to begin with, is an excellent alternative. It has a large and active member base. You no longer have to wait for a day for your match to reply.

The results not only display profiles that fit your requirements but also according to the users’ activity. Users that are the most active will be shown on top of searches to ensure better communication among members.

From hooking up to stable relationships, different needs are satisfied on this accepting site. It is a community that brings people together. You can join forums and make friends, as the name suggests. There is so much more to offer than simply finding a date. You will find a sense of belonging.

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Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is also a fantastic option if you are into hookups, cougars, or MILFs. The site caters a little more towards the mature audience, although you will for sure find plenty of young, feisty girls on it.

The site prioritizes users’ privacy and safety. Each profile will have to pass through their stringent checks. Suspicious profiles will be banned regularly. It takes members’ feedback seriously. Any reports or complaints on scammers or catfish will be addressed immediately.

For an adult dating site, Ashley Madison is doing above and beyond to keep the site clean. These sites serve much better in fulfilling their mission, to connect you with the dream girl for a wild ride. Millions of users around the world prefer these sites with a proven track record.

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Final Thoughts

Victoria Hearts is quite disappointing in its overall performance. You will probably get a few dates but the effort required to get there and the quality of matches are not on par with other sites.

Online dating should be a fun experience, go for other sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison instead. They have thousands of real user reviews online and offer you an unexpectedly pleasant dating journey.

John Santana

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