Tinder Vs Plenty Of Fish: Which Dating App is Better & Worth Signing Up?

by John Santana

As both equally dominant apps in the online dating world, Tinder and Plenty Of Fish (POF) are in constant competition against each other. There is no doubt that both have their own charm and each attract millions of users, but which one is more suitable for you?

Before you make up your mind, dig into all the advantages and disadvantages of both and if there are better options out there.

Tinder Vs POF at a Glance

Tinder pros:

  • Easy swiping
  • Can remain anonymous
  • Welcoming to different sexual preferences

Tinder cons:

  • Young user-base
  • Security concerns
  • Better for hookups than serious relationships
  • No desktop version

POF pros:

  • Generous free features
  • Great for hookups and serious relationships
  • There is a desktop version

POF cons:

  • Ad-heavy
  • Heavily male-weighted
  • Fake profiles

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is POF. You are likely to find a higher quality of matches and the platform is more friendly for all ages and is not just for hookups. POF has more comprehensive features than Tinder plus a desktop version.

Tinder: Advantages

1. Simple Swiping Feature

  • The fastest way to match with someone is with Tinder’s swiping profile feature

First of all, Tinder has recorded over 55 billion matches on its app, in case you are wondering how effective this app is. Part of the credit goes to its simple swiping feature. This dating app giant was one of the first to introduce the easy swipe-left-swipe-right feature to users to quickly skim through every profile.

You can like or pass a profile based on your personal preference. Profiles that you have passed will not appear again until you have run out of search results. This systematic way prevents the same profile from coming up again and again and makes sure you are seeing new results every time.

Tinder created the base for this feature. Other dating apps like CMB and Bumble have adopted some variations of this swiping feature. You get to decide quickly if you like a profile from their basic information.

This feature helps generate quick matches and throw unwanted profiles in the back. It keeps an organized record of which profiles you have interacted with.

2. Can Remain Anonymous

  • No one will find out your true identity behind the screen

Not everyone wants to reveal their true identity in the online dating world, for various reasons. The registration process on Tinder is fairly straightforward. All you need is an email and some photos. Then, bam, you are good to go.

A lot of users choose to be anonymous by not putting any photos of themselves, together with an alias. You do not have to stress about having unwanted people finding out your profile.

The simple registration process has an appeal, particularly if you are from a small town and do not want people you know to recognize your profile.

3. Very Welcoming Towards Different Sexual Preferences

  • Have something you think is too quirky for the world? Not on Tinder

Whether you are looking for a cougar or someone for a threesome, Tinder is a safe and open space to discuss it. Everyone is welcome on this platform. The only thing that should be on your mind is how to bring out your best personality, not the consequences of revealing your sexual interests.

Tinder is also LGBT-friendly. Users can input their specific search requirements. As an influential site, Tinder does put an effort to make it for everyone.

Tinder: Disadvantages

1. Users Are Very Young

  • 40% of users are under 35

Despite Tinder being a very accepting community, most people still tend to match with dates their age. Over 40% of users on Tinder are under 35. Unfortunately, this means if you do not fall into this age group, you have a significantly lower chance of scoring a date since you will be less likely to appear in searches when most members are looking for someone younger.

When it comes to diversity, Tinder and similar dating sites are still a traditional dating app although it has made an effort to be more inclusive. You will find other dating sites like Bang Locals and Ashley Madison to be impressively more inclusive by the member profiles registered on the site.

For those looking for true diversity and a fun experience, Tinder may only deliver a limited version of the whole experience as users are predominantly young, straight singles looking for a hookup.

2. Security Concern

  • No ID verification

As mentioned before, anyone can sign up on Tinder with just an email, which can be a serious security concern for members’ safety. Criminals and catfish can use it as a hunting ground to prey on their victims.

On the internet, it is not hard to find YouTubers doing videos on creating a fake profile on Tinder just to check out other people. Even when the fake profiles are innocent in nature, it wastes time and effort for genuine users in finding a date. It also lowers the success rate of a match.

In the worst-case scenario, meeting someone who created a fake profile could put you in danger. Tinder has yet to address this and make its platform a secure place for all. Since Tinder is all about free dating, your personal data and safety are hardly guaranteed.

You should never sacrifice your security for online dating. There are plenty of platforms that provide the ultimate tight security to its members like Ashley Madison, which encrypts all of the users’ messages and search history. Although users can still be anonymous, each profile has to be verified first by the system to protect the community.

3. Does Not Work Well For Serious Relationships

  • Its features encourage more hookups rather than having a deeper connection

There is not really a lot that you can understand from someone in just a mere second, which is how much time a user spends looking at a profile before deciding a yes or a no.

Tinder displays only one profile at a time so users have to make a quick decision to not waste their time. On top of that, you only get the user’s name, age, and occupation at first glimpse.

It hardly entails anything that shows personality on the cover. As expected, Tinder facilitates more hookups than serious relationships. If you are looking for your true love, Tinder might not be the place for you as it’s quite one-sided.

POF: Advantages

1. Generous Free Features

  • Unlimited messages and matches

POF is one of the most lenient dating apps on the market when it comes to offering the best to its members, free or paid. Unlike most free versions which limit your message count and matches, POF tells you to go all out. Match with as many girls as you want and flirt with them all the way.

Even the free version gives you access to some specific search functions. The premium features include advanced searches, who have seen your profiles, and profile analysis, etc, which are not too important for regular users.

2. Caters Well To Both Hookups And Long-Term Relationships

  • Perfect for those unsure of what they are looking for

Not everyone knows what they want when they sign up. Maybe you want casual sex but at the same time, open to the idea of getting hitched.

That’s why POF is the app for you. Designed for all types of relationships, it allows you to have a decent understanding of each user’s personality by displaying information like their goals and hobbies. You will have a clear idea of your compatibility and how your date will be as a person before you meet.


POF lists out users’ interests, dreams, and talents, as per the user’s settings. It offers variety in what to display on your profile. Thus giving you more freedom in deciding who you want to match with.

3. Having A Desktop Version

  • You can access your account anytime from any smart devices

If you think this is hardly a selling point, wrong! In fact, desktop and app versions are equally split among users in the online dating world. Many do not prefer to constantly be typing and searching on their small screen. A desktop version makes the world better. It is also more comfortable on the eye.

On the market, you will see dating sites with a desktop version performing better than those with an app version, like Bang Locals, Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, etc. All because the bigger screen provides an unmatched experience. You can skim through more profiles at the same time instead of one at a time.

POF: Disadvantages

1. A Lot Of Ads

  • The free version is almost spammed with ads

Understandably, many platforms have to rely on their ad revenue to keep the site going. But POF is spamming users with ads on its free version. Ads are popping up left and right. Users will likely see more ads than profiles.

It is very frustrating and gives out a low-quality vibe to the site. Spammy ads do not have to come with the free version. Its competitors like Bang Locals and Adult FriendFinder control their ad display much better. Users will not feel spammed.

2. Users Are Mostly Men

  • The user demography is skewed

That is likely not good news for you. Indeed, POF’s gender ratio is split roughly at 6:4, meaning you will not have that good of a chance of scoring a date as they have more options available than you.

You might not want to waste your time on a platform where the gender ratio is not balanced. You will need to put in a lot of effort before you will get a date.

3. Fake Profiles

  • A lot of fishy profiles

Same as Tinder and plenty of other dating sites, POF is flooded with fake profiles. You will often come across people trying to catfish. POF lacks a proper security check for each registration. You can’t guarantee who is the real face behind the screen talking nasty to you every night.

Sites do not always have to choose between efficiency and security. Another dating site like Ashley Madison verifies each profile for users’ safety and it increases the success rate of matching when your members are protected.

Winner: POF

Both apps have a decent user base and will lead you to plenty of matches. However, POF has a more comprehensive structure by having a desktop version and profile setup.

No matter what you are looking for, you will find better options on POF. Tinder is almost exclusively for hookups and the app design does not encourage long-term relationships.

However, both apps come with shortcomings like the lack of security and their users are not diverse enough. You will find other better options out there with the same features, like Bang Locals, Adult FriendFinder, and Ashley Madison, that enhance your dating life.

Differences Between Them

Which One Offers Better Customer Service?

If you will be paying for a dating app, you would want the full package. Both sites reply fairly quickly when it comes to inquiries about memberships. However, once you sign up, it may not be the same.

POF does not have a phone number to call. All your problems can only be handled via email. It does not even have live chat support. In terms of responsiveness, Tinder is much more attentive to its paying customers by providing a timely response and solutions.

Winner: Tinder has much better customer support.

Which One Is Easier To Get Quality Dates?

While both platforms have a large user pool, Tinder is notorious for its low-quality matches. You will find a lot of creeps pretending to be girls or minors pretending to be adults. Although both platforms lack a serious profile verification method, Tinder seems to be swamped with low-quality profiles more. POF does have a wider range of profiles to increase diversity.

Winner: On POF you will likely find higher quality matches.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to get casual tonight or simply want a date, Tinder and POF will both be able to satisfy you. However, POF does come with a more comprehensive structure that allows you to explore different possibilities in the dating world.

Security is still the main issue that they lack behind. Other dating sites like Ashley Madison are already decades ahead in terms of security and monitoring members’ activities. You will only get low-quality dates if Tinder and POF do not improve their registration process.

All in all, POF is better in landing dates and a long-term partner. That being said, there are certainly better options out there with better quality over both, such as Bang Locals. Sign up today to find the most compatible match for you.

John Santana

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