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Tinder Super Like : How To Find Out Who Super liked You On Tinder?

by John Santana

The endless left and right swiping that transpires while using Tinder can start feeling repetitive after a while, especially when you haven’t been getting any matches!

Have you ever been swiping through the app and come across an individual that really stands out to you? This is where the Super Like feature on Tinder can come in handy.

Whether you’re new to Tinder or have been religiously using it for some time now, understanding and maximizing Super Likes can really level up your online dating game.

Tinder Super Like is a nifty feature that essentially allows users to express direct interest in somebody on the app.

Using it significantly increases the chances that this person notices your profile and hopefully swipes right to create a match.

There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that someone you’re interested in has peeked into your profile and feels the same way about you! But exactly how do you know if another person Super Liked your profile on Tinder?

In this simple guide, we’ll give you a complete rundown along with detailed steps on the following topics:

  • Exploring the Super Like feature on Tinder and how it works
  • Ways to find out who Super Liked you on the app.

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What Exactly Tinder Super Like Is?

Super Like is like extra care or attention given towards some profiles as compared to other normal right swiped profiles. On Tinder, you start your chatting once there’s a match, meaning both of the sides have swiped right.

But, if you have Super Liked someone then it will directly send a notification to the other person, making the other side urge to check and open your profile.

Super Like feature rolled out in some month of 2015 and after few days only, it had created a buzz among the existed users. So, the next question which arises is How to perform Super Likes on profiles? We are coming to that part only. Just keep reading to know more.

Normally, you swipe left and right to pass or like a profile, respectively. But, in case of Super Like there are 2 ways to perform them. One is swiping straight up on a profile and the other is by pressing the Star icon located on the bottom right corner of the app. People who have gesture controls enabled, tend to restrict to the second way of Super Liking a person.

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Super Like can be seen in both positive and negative way depending upon the person who receives them. Some may be delighted to see that someone gave extra importance to their profile and used their one day Super Like limit on them. Whereas, on the other side, some people may view it as a needy action to gain attention.

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It may turn out not to be so good also if the later discussion gets caused into some form of fights or harassment. Lastly, there are some people out there who take the straight approach and believe that feature like Super Like is a waste of time served to just gain special attention.

They believe that if you like the other person’s profile and the other side also does the same, then both sides will eventually swipe right, creating a match.

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How To Find Out Who Super Liked You On Tinder?

There are two main approaches to knowing who has Super Liked you on the app:

OPTION 1: Checking Your Tinder Notifications

If your Tinder notifications are enabled on your mobile device, you’ll receive an alert that says (“You’ve been Super Liked!”) whenever a person Super Likes your profile:

  1. Tap on the notification to open Tinder
  2. Swipe through your stack of potential matches until you spot a profile with the blue star
  3. Once you’ve identified the user who Super Liked you, you can then check out their profile and decide if you’re interested in them
  4. Swipe right on their profile to create a match or swipe left to pass on them.

OPTION 2: Checking Your Tinder Matches List

  1. Open the Tinder app
  2. Tap on the “Matches” icon found at the bottom of the screen
  3. Scroll through your list of matches. You’ll find a blue star icon next to the names of the persons who have Super Liked you
  4. Tap on their profile to see their information and initiate a conversation.

Those who have a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum subscription can also see the users who have Super Liked their profile on their “Likes You” grid.

Note that you may not always see all of your Super Likes immediately. The app can occasionally hide Super Likes within your card stack, but they will eventually appear if you continue swiping through.

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Can you undo a super like on Tinder?

Yes. However, only Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum subscribers have the option to undo a Super Like. These subscriptions are equipped with a Rewind feature that allows users to undo their last swipe or Super Like

What happens if you accidentally Super Like someone?

The user that you Super Liked will receive a notification that you liked them but they won’t be able to tell that it was a Super Like. They will just have the choice to swipe left or right on your profile similar to any other like.

How long does a super like last on Tinder?

Regardless if you have a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum subscription, Super Likes on the app will last for 24 hours. After this period, the Super Like will disappear from the person’s profile.

Does Tinder give 5 super likes a day?

No, it does not. Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum subscribers are given a limit of 5 Super Likes per week.

Conclusion :

That’s it for today! We hope that the article helped you to find out people who have been Super Liking you. Now, it totally depends upon you, whether or not you would like to try out this feature.

Don’t forget to share the article with your friends especially the singles through your social media channels for free and don’t forget to comment down your views too.

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