Sugar Book Review

Sugarbook Review: A Heaven For Sugar Daddies?

by John Santana

Without much suspense, Sugar Book is an online dating site for sugar daddies to find their adorable sugar babies. There are so many overpriced sugar dating sites to rob users of money in broad daylight. Therefore, choosing a reliable platform is a crucial first step.

In this review, we will go through all the features of Sugar Book and discover if it is the right choice for all those interested in sugar dating.

Sugar Book At a Glance

First impression: 4/10
Signup: 4/10
Searching and matching: 4/10
Member quality: 2/10
Pricing: 1/10

Overall: 3/10

Final verdict: Can’t wait to board the matching train? Well, here is a brief summary. Sugar Book is absolutely disappointing.

It does not deliver the thing it promises. There are rarely real daters but loads of conmen pretending to be sweet girls. What’s more appalling is the possibility of having underage girls as the site is not regulated. It does not screen applications.

Being on Sugar Book will not benefit you. It advertises the whole dating experience as a business transaction when there is so much more to sugar dating. It conveniently forgets about the importance of building a spiritual connection.

To sum up, run away from Sugar Book as fast as you can. Hit Adult FriendFinder and Ashely Madison if you are down for some real sugar dating experience.

Sugar Book In-Depth Review

First Impression

Branded as the “Pinnacle of Luxury Dating,” everything smells of money. Users are greeted by a big sign urging them to sign up. It glorified the fancy lifestyle sugar babies have and how rich sugar daddies here are.

Indeed, you know you are on the right dating site. But the whole concept is worded in an off-putting way. Women are described as commodities that only want a premium luxurious dating style, while men are here to splash money.

Despite claiming to nurture honest relationships, the site continues to boost the importance of having money. It is subconsciously labeling women as “golddiggers.” This advert may not work very well for those looking to tip their toes in sugar dating.

Sugar dating embodies lots of elements. Finding a rich date to pay for dinner is hardly the priority. It is about respect and understanding as well, which the site fails to advocate. It is hard to predict how the site will perform before registration, but the initial vibe is somewhat disrespectful.

Also, there is no proper introduction to the site. There is nothing transparent about its operation. It is difficult for users not to challenge its authenticity.

First impression: 4/10


Of all the dating sites we have reviewed, Sugar Book is considered the easiest to sign up for. You only need to choose your gender, enter a login email, and create a password. There is not even a basic email verification. It exposes members to great online security risks. Anyone can use a dummy email or someone’s email address to sign up as a hoax, especially if they have chosen to opt out of all email alerts and updates.

A simple registration process is not always beneficial. Sometimes, a lengthy signup step implies quality. It ensures the site has taken the appropriate measure to keep fake profiles away. Online dating sites with this extra step will always have a lower rate of scammers. While it may not eradicate the existence of fake profiles completely, it helps tremendously.

Once you are in, you can customize your personal profile. Sugar Book lets you share details of your financial status, interests, and expected quality in dates to attract suitable sugar babies. You are encouraged to polish your profile to show off your charming side.

Although Sugar Book is a sugar dating site, you should not put your sole focus on your wealth. Most girls still adore a gentleman with a kind heart. A materialistic lifestyle does not rule above all. You still need a loving attitude to win over a sugar baby.

Signup: 4/10

Searching And Matching

There are several search options available for you to precisely pinpoint the perfect match. Aside from the basic location and age filters, you can also choose to only view premium members, popular profiles, or members that have viewed you. These settings can increase your success rate. You can interchangeably add them to your search requirements and see which one performs best for your needs.

The profile brief gives you a glimpse at the person’s height, weight, and age. Everything is physical-acentric on Sugar Book to make sure sugar daddies are finding the hottest girl they want. It does feel like you are shopping for a commodity where personality hardly plays a role. This may be an instant turn-off for some sugar daddies, particularly when they are looking for a deeper connection.

When you see a sugar baby you like, you can send them a message directly. You are allowed to send everyone a message request. You can simply tell them you are interested and get them to share more information with you.

Alternatively, you can “favorite” a profile and get back to them later. Sometimes, you are not sure if you want to chat with this person at the moment. You can come back to it later when the vibes are right.

By liking a profile, the other person will be able to explore your profile. Sugar Book gives users the option to exclusively find interesting profiles in the search results. It enhances the success rate and makes it easier to find a mutual attraction.

You can send videos and photos through chat or email the user. It offers a standard chatroom to members. You should know that there is an app version of Sugar Book if you are on your mobile more frequently. However, the app version does not function as well as the website. Occasionally, users get logged out and the app crashes. Sugar Book has yet to fix all these critical issues.

Searching and matching: 4/10

Member Quality

Over 70% of members are females. It may sound wonderful to male members, but the unregulated site puts both sides at risk. To begin with, there are some suspiciously young girls on the site. Although they claim to be over 18, their photos and messaging technique make them sound like high schoolers.

Since Sugar Book does not require ID verification, there is no way of knowing exactly how old your date is. It can be a scary thought to think that the person you have been talking to is only 14. It is a common concern, especially with all the seductive photos users tend to post.

Besides, there are quite a lot of “foreign” girls trying to ask for money. They likely are not actually foreigners but scammers stealing stock photos to lure rich men in. The ruse goes the same.

They will persistently express their love for you and how much they want to meet you as long as you give them money to buy the flight ticket. It sounds hilarious to read but victims tend to overlook the warning signs when they are in love.

Sugar Book is massively dodging its role as an administrator. The place is now safe for men to find sugar babies. Their wealth often becomes the target of cons. Hundreds of online reviews have revealed the tragedy of this. A site that fails to protect its members means users may suffer monetary loss and heartbreaks.

It is not that Sugar Book can never find you real dates but the chances are rare. You will come across an overwhelming amount of conmen before you meet a real sweetheart. Furthermore, users do not seem to be well-mannered. There are plenty of rude people asking for money upfront. It often makes the sugar daddy uncomfortable. The site does not foster a supportive environment for daters.

Member quality: 2/10


Sugar Book costs a staggering $76 per month. This is insanely high even when compared to the most famous dating site out there. It is obvious whether or not this site offers quality up to standard. For $76, you are constantly meeting fake people and the whole matching process feels like a transaction.

Sugar dating is not about feeling like buying and selling. Internal connection and emotional support are part of the deal. Yet, Sugar Book seems to think coating it with a pricey monthly plan will make it superior.

The pricing is unacceptable. Not even the top online dating sites dare to ask for this rate. You should run away whenever a site asks for this outrageous price.

Pricing: 1/10

Sugar Dating Tips

Hot Couple on Bed

A big misconception about sugar dating is pairing it with prostitution. You will find people mistakenly believing sugar baby is a fancy term for hooker. This is completely untrue. Sex does not often have to be on the table.

Sugar babies exchange for a high-class materialistic life by offering their companionship. They understand the needs of their sugar daddies. You can’t differentiate this from traditional dating. Instead of being rewarded with mutual companionship, a sugar daddy tends to offer a major makeover in the sugar baby’s life by upgrading her lifestyle.

A sugar daddy is usually busy with work and is unable to commit to a relationship. They seek an understanding partner to see them whenever they are free but are also happy to do their own thing. It takes patience and love to achieve this.

Also, the amount of allowance and subsidies a sugar baby gets is entirely upon agreement. There is no acceptable benchmark. Everyone can decide what they are comfortable with. A sugar daddy may request to keep the relationship a low profile or ask the sugar baby to join their business gatherings.

It is the sugar baby’s job to show up elegantly to support her partner. Being able to be there is important since the sugar daddy is already swamped with work every other hour. Each couple should be able to make their own rules without the pressure of coercion. That’s the whole point of sugar dating. No one should tell you how the relationship should go.

Some sugar daddies may have more than one sugar baby. If that is the case, it should be thoroughly discussed with the existing babies so everyone agrees. Otherwise, this can be considered an unfaithful act. Sugar dating still binds you to traditional dating manners. Honesty holds the relationship together. Both sides deserve the same respect that extends to every aspect of their path.


Sugar dating is massively fun but it should not cost you an arm and a leg. Sugar Book is definitely the wrong place to look. Get over to Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison where you will find the best sexy dates available. Your soul will be nourished by these loving girls with many incredible stories to tell.

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