Review – Is The Trending Dating Site Legit?

by John Santana

With the insurgence of dating websites, there seem to be more options than people can handle. There are so many new best dating sites popping up. It can all be confusing.

There are long-standing, reputable adult dating sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison. But then, there are also unfamiliar internet dating sites that no one has heard of.

One casual dating service that pops up is SnapSext, which claims to be everyone’s site for hooking up and finding love. With its glamorous front page featuring hot girls, it seems alluring at first.

Let’s take a deep dive into SnapSext to see what it offers and if it does live up to its promise.

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Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

SnapSext (Now SweetSext) At a Glance


First Impression: 5/10
Signup: 3/10
Searching and messaging: 2/10
Profile quality: 2/10
Pricing: 4/10

Overall: 3.2/10


  • Free to go through all the profiles
  • Offers a two-day trial plan for $4.95


  • Lots of fake profiles and messages
  • Chaotic search result grid
  • The internet site is always pushing for a plan upgrade in an aggressive manner
  • Spammy ads and emails
  • You can’t completely delete your account

Don’t want to read the full article? The final verdict is that SnapSext is a total scam. It will only take your money and does not offer anything quality in return. Almost half of the hot-looking girls are bots and the other half are scammers. The incredible website is confusing to navigate around and the plans are expensive. Invest your money in reliable online dating services like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

SnapSext / SweetSext: First Impression

The first impression of SnapSext is rather decent. The front page features several hot girls to lure users in, which is a standard move for dating sites alike. It gives a glimpse of the research results of some profiles.

However, it is worth noting that SnapSext refreshes the profiles every time you land on the front page. Sometimes, there are some very explicit photos. It may be intimidating for those looking for something more innocent.

It has a quick signup button and more profiles below it. The first impression of SnapSext seems standard.

First impression: 5/10


The good part of SnapSext seems to have ended with its front page. That’s when developers stopped putting effort into creating the website pages. The signup process was horrendous. Users have to fill out many forms answering their hobbies. The great site claims to use the answers for compatibility searches.

However, the system is so poorly built that users often get logged off and have to start again. The email verification also fails to come through sometimes.

Members are required to upload profile photos but the system does not support lots of photo formats. The ample requirements make it difficult to finish the registration in a short time. Users should expect a good 30 minutes just to complete this simple step.

Signup: 3/10

Searching and messaging

Dating online is all about matching. Unfortunately, SnapSext fails miserably in this important department. The search results are supposed to be based on compatibility. But in fact, it seems like the results are random. The service membership users are given random profiles to match with. There is nothing in common among the profiles this particular service site recommends.

The snapsext website claims to have about 1.5 million registered users. This is clearly not true. When you browse around, you will find very few members are online. They are likely not in your region either. It often takes a few weeks for members to match with someone.

Most of the time, users can only send out a request and wait. There is hardly anything exciting going on. Also, users do not get any notifications to remind them of the new activity on the platform. That’s why people often miss the requests sent by other users.

When you input various search filters, the results become chaotic. The results often bring you to matches living on the other side of the country or even of the same gender when you are searching for the opposite sex.

The messaging channel is equally disappointing. There is no quality video or voice call option. Users can only rely on the old text system. Notifications do not pop up properly and it’s easy for users to miss messages.

Searching and messaging: 2/10

Profile quality

SnapSext is filled with fake profiles that severely hinder user experience. Most of the hot girl profiles seem to be bots. They send out meaningless requests to connect with you but never reply to messages or interact further in any way.

Since the site does not have an ID verification step upon signup, scammers rampage through the platform to constantly harass users. The report feature does not offer any help as most complaints remain unsolved. The customer support is inadequate to prevent fake profiles from appearing on the site.

Profile quality: 2/10


The pricing for SnapSext is fair but not good. It does offer a 2-day trial plan at $4.95 for users to try out. But for its one-month plan, the price is $34. The price only goes lower to $6 per month when users sign up for a one-year plan.

It is common for online dating sites to lock users in with a long-term commitment. Although the pricing strategy of SnapSext is somewhat fair, it still doesn’t justify its packages since the site’s fault lacks so many major features.

Pricing: 3/10

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What are other alternatives?

SnapSext is a total disappointment. If you are on the market for a quality dating internet site, please be sure to take your investment to premium relationship services like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo

Adult FriendFinder has over 90 million registered users. The number reflects the high quality of this community. On the platform, you can add friends, post updates, and join groups to bond with other members. You are getting so much for than just sex.

People from all backgrounds find a second home on Adult FriendFinder. It’s easy to navigate around. The chat features are well-built. Its advanced search engine allows users to apply multiple search filters at the same time. No matter how specific your search is, Adult FriendFinder will find you something.

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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo

Ashley Madison is another fantastic option, particularly for those looking for something more discreet. It is the perfect place for secret affairs. Members on it prefer a low-key relationship. If you are looking for a no-strings-attached relationship, Ashley Madison is the place to be.

You will not find clingy matches as everyone wants to continue with their chill life. They are just here for fun. Everyone respects each other’s privacy. The site offers an anonymous chat feature to periodically erase your search and chat history.

These platforms are verified by thousands upon thousands of matches over the years. When choosing an online dating site, you should always opt for the ones with the most positive dating site reviews.

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SnapSext is a poorly-managed dating website that everyone should avoid. There are few active members. Most profiles are either bots or scammers. It would take forever to find a legit user.

For those who are keen on meeting someone, go for Adult FriendFinder or Ashley Madison that guarantees better results.

John Santana

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