7 Sites like Literotica for FREE Erotic Literature

by John Santana

Think of the times when you feel too sensual inside, but your imagination is not enough to ignite your erotic mode into a burning Wildfire. That is the time when you would like to have some exclusive erotica reads that would light up your imagination and let it run wild.

The world of erotic literature is magnanimous, and you have no threshold limit to control your imagination. Some of the best erotic literature can resurface your latent sexual Desire, and it might make your relationship a spicy one as well.

You know about Literotica, one of the buzzing sites for erotica reads, but that, not the only website where you can concentrate and explore. Today we will be talking about some of the mind-blowing erotic literature websites which will turn your uneventful sex life into a mind-shattering one.

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Literotica like Sites to try in 2021



#1. Lush stories

This website has been elaborated by numerous brilliant erotica writers, and here you can have numerous options to play with. If you want the rompy college-based stories, you will get that, and if you are into adult poetry, then you can have a taste of it too. Not only literature, but it is also comprised of a part of social media where you can explore the chat rooms and talk to liberal-minded, sensual individuals out there to have a bit of Spice in your monotonous life. You might exhaust yourself with all the erotica texts, but the website will remain unfinished.

#2. The erotic woman

Not only will you be able to get sexual stories here, but you will also find enormous galleries with sensual pictures that can give you a mind-blowing climax. It might not be as organized as other websites, but who cares? – Its contents are worth exploring. It is a free website where you can visit and read through numerous stories written by Brilliant writers and have an experience of your lifetime. If you are impressed by the quality of the website you can even choose to pay something so that the website can grow well.

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#3. Alt.Sex.Text.Repository

With the name itself, you can get a hold of the humorous nature of the website. It is one of the most interesting erotica websites, but you need to be at least 21 years of age to explore it. The user interface of this site is absolutely easy, and you can explore through every section of this website even if you are just a beginner. But the most impressive thing about this website is that it has a separate section for its anthologies which can be read separately apart from all the erotic stories and narrations that it already has. Like the earlier one, this website is also absolutely free.

#4. True dirty stories

If the generic version of erotics stories does not appeal to you and you have numerous fetishes that nobody else would think of, then it is time that you explore this website. This is because in case of true dirty stories there is no taboo, and you will be able to read the submissions from various users who have an as vivid imagination as you do. And as you read you can even submit your own story without having to be apprehensive about judgmental comments.


If you are an individual whose needs cater mostly to the LGBT community sexuality, then this is the perfect site for you that you can ever come across. Of course, you will be finding traces of LGBT sexuality in other websites as well, but this is one website which is specifically created for this segment. Starting from generic erotica to the extreme fetishes, you can get all you want- and the categories are mostly the same with the only difference of sticking to the LGBT community. Yo, you can get all types of erotica literature like a celebrity, Vintage, exhibitionist, et cetera.


Almost everybody of us wants to get out of the mundane work life and read erotic stories. This website will let you do so because it is a very slim and sleek web design and it also has numerous stories for you to read and explore the vicinity of sexual literature. It comprises of stories of different fetishes show that every erotic need that you have can be satisfied.

#7. BDSM Cafe

If simple intercourse is not sexy enough for you and you want something with pain and pleasure, then definitely you should check out the BDSM Cafe because undoubtedly it is one such website which will be able to satisfy all your sexual needs. Starting from short stories to nobles it has all that you could ask for. It gives you all the kinky accessories and puts an end to your curiosity. For those who want to explore sexuality in every possible manner, this is one of the best websites that they could ever come across.

Now that you know about all these names which comprise of erotica literature, it is high time that you started exploring each one of these websites so that you and your spouse can have an adventurous conjugal life. Indifferent of what the specifications are and what your definition of sexuality is, these are the websites which will always give you the right kind of content that would put an end to all your erotic searches.

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John Santana

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