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6 Best Dating Sites Like Ashley Madison Reviewed

by John Santana

Among the top trending online dating sites, Ashley Madison stands out from the crowd. Its excellent customer service coupled with the adrenaline of finding secret affairs makes users struggle to keep their eyes away.

Are there any other quality sites out there that can give you the Ashely Madison vibe? Most certainly. Take a look at this list of premium online dating sites to open more streams of matches for yourself.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Dating Sites Like Ashley Madison

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • 90 million users
  • Members follow the “no judgment” rule
  • Lots of couples looking for a third partner


  • Ads

Any online dating site with 90 million users is a guaranteed success. With elites from around the world, Adult FriendFinder is another hot place to secure your latest affairs. Anything is possible on this platform. From finding the love of your life to polygamy, everyone can find what they are looking for.

Members strictly follow the “no judgment” rule here. That’s why the space can remain harmonious and friendly. You can be open about the affairs you have had and what new elements you are looking for here. You can do a manual search with the keyword “affair” to look for others in the same boat.

Adult FriendFinder is also the place for couples to find an additional partner. Since everyone is super adventurous in the dating avenue, they are curious to try out different dating lifestyles. Once you are on it, you will be getting into more relationships than you anticipated.

One thing that users are dissatisfied with Adult FriendFinder is the excessive ads. There is no reason to justify three ads popping up while opening a single page. It does not hinder much of the experience but it is annoying to see many ads when you are trying to date.

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2. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Casual hookup site with no fuss behind
  • Simple setup
  • Members are well-educated and fun companions


  • Slow server

Bang Locals probably gives out the same chill vibe as Ashley Madison. They both focus on hooking up with the sexiest people in town. It is a casual hookup site. People don’t even leave a trace when the business is done. They simply move on to the next target.

Signing up on Bang Locals is simple. From the moment you click signup to the moment you are actually messaging users, it can take as little as five minutes. The efficiency attracts thousands of new users each day because there is no fussy ID verification or compatibility test. You can allocate the time to finding someone instead.

Compared to other hookup sites, members’ quality on Bang Locals is much higher. Most members are well-educated professionals with specific expertise. They are humorous and great to hang out with. Just because you are having a one-night stand, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose the best matches in town. And Bang Locals is here to make sure you get laid with the hot babes tonight as it is favored by good-looking people.

That being said, the server on Bang Locals still needs much improvement. The server speed is noticeably slower during certain hours of the day. In order to accommodate such a large member base, Bang Locals has to take the appropriate step so the features do not crash down on users.

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3. BeNaughty

Be naughty


  • Explicit content is welcome
  • Members are wild and fun
  • Can apply multiple search filters at once


  • Users are often overbilled

Not a lot of online dating sites will tolerate explicit content such as nudity. Thankfully, BeNaughty is one of them. Members are free to post anything they want that sits with the community guidelines. Nudity is welcome. That’s why most members that feel ostracized on other platforms turn to BeNaughty to express their sexuality.

As expected, members are wild on BeNaughty. They are posting nudes left and right to show you exactly what you get. It is an honest experience. You can discuss all the fantasies and tricks you want to try with your date. People are always ready to jump into a new ride.

Better yet, no matter how many specific requirements you have, BeNaughty can fulfill all of them. You can apply multiple search filters at the same time. It draws profiles that match as many filters as possible from the database and present them according to the percentage of alignment.

However, BeNaughty is notorious for its billing system. Users have complained extensively on other platforms about being overcharged by the dating site. The most common overbilling issue is getting charged twice in the same calendar month or being charged with a higher-tier subscription plan than the existing one. There is no way to tell if this is a tactic BeNaugty uses to generate more profit. If so, it is despicable.

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4. Heated Affairs

heated affairs image


  • Ideal for secret affairs outside of the marriage
  • Live streams features are enabled
  • Features are smooth and not laggy


  • Lots of fake profiles

The name should give you a hint about what this dating site runs on. That’s right, it is exclusively for secret affairs. Although it welcomes anyone to seek discreet affairs, most members are married with children. They have the highest desire to play the heated affair game. Everyone’s condition is out in the open.

They are honest about their marital status and the reason they are here. No one should feel like being lied to or being used as a tool to avenge their spouse. The openness keeps the community healthy.

Members can start a live stream to show everyone or only their matches about their daily life. You can discover new members through these live streams on your feed. This part resembles some famous social media features.

The live streams can be a performance, a chat with the audience, or an interactive session with other members. There are loads that you can play with the live stream feature.

Features on Heated Affairs are smooth. The strong server can accommodate all users at the same time. It is a big advantage since many sites tend to crash but Heated Affairs has not disappointed members in this department so far. Even when there are hundreds of people in the same live stream, the site is still capable of carrying the weight.

Unfortunately, Heated Affairs can’t eradicate its serious fake profile issue. Some members were scammed by the fake profiles but the site does not take the initiative to remove them even after the complaints. There are still plenty of fake profiles circling on the site looking for their prey. Members are facing a serious threat here when the community should bear the responsibility to change that.

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5. NoStringsAttached



  • Outstanding privacy settings
  • Private live streams sessions are welcome
  • Fake profiles are regularly removed to keep the community clean


  • You have to pay for a subscription plan to enjoy the features

Unless you are open to finding a long-term relationship, staying with casual dating sites is your best bet to not find a clingy partner that begs for your love and promises.

NoStringsAttached is a hookup site that guarantees no mess. No one you meet here will stalk you home or leave you a note because they can’t live without you. Everyone is here to have fun for one night and carry on with their life.

Its outstanding privacy settings use SSL encryption to protect your personal and billing information. Its security is seemingly more advanced than its peers on the market. If security is your absolute priority, NoStringsAttached is the right platform for you.

It offers the popular live stream feature with a twist. You can choose your audience. If you only want a handful of people to be able to view the live stream, you can do so by sending out an invitation and limiting the people that can see it. Fake profiles are also frequently removed to keep the space clean for serious daters.

To enjoy all its services, you have to pay for a subscription. The so-called free membership does not get you anywhere other than you can be on the site. You can’t interact with other users or join any live streams. It is quite unexpected as standard online dating sites usually have a free membership that gives out a bit of the experience.

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6. Seeking




  • All features are free for women
  • More female members than men
  • Members are mostly wealth elites


  • Very expensive

Seeking is an online dating site created for wealthier and more mature audiences. Same as Ashley Madison, all features are free for women. This gracious gesture has successfully recruited a sizable number of female users. Over 70% of members are female, which is mind-blowingly higher than most other sites.

A site with more females usually means members are more active in matching, especially since there are lots of wealthy men here. Seeking caters mature professionals with a sturdy financial background. You will easily meet a bunch of licensed workers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen here.

Given its supreme target audience, the entry fees to Seeking are not quite affordable for ordinary folks. The Diamond subscription plan costs a mind-boggling $275 for 30 days with the cheapest plan still being $97 per month.

Arguably, the high price point is the best way to keep poor blokes away. However, if its pricing strategy is the only thing that keeps unwanted users away, it is not a smart strategy but a money-grabbing tactic. The $275 you pay gives you features that are similar to other dating sites. The features are hardly out of this world or pioneering.

Still, Seeking is the right place to meet a millionaire for those with this as the end goal. After all, $275 is nothing for the rich to keep others away. Rice people enjoy exclusivity and Seeking is able to provide that.

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Is It Possible To Find Serious Relationships On Online Dating Sites?

Whether it is Ashley Madison or other hookup sites, people are lowkey afraid of not being able to find love one day. Sure, right now all you need is a hot body to get you through the night. But most people are worried that their expectations may change or feelings will develop. Is it possible to find serious relationships on these hookup sites?

Very possible. Although these hookup sites are intended for one-night stands and finding friends with benefits, there are lots of people interested in seeing how things go. The most important thing is to lay out your expectations.

Initially, if all you want is to have casual sex, make it known on your profile. There is no need to deceive members because you will find plenty of people feeling the same way. After a while, you can go back and update your profile when your expectations change.

The most important thing is to keep your profile up to date so the right members know to connect with you. Thousands of marriages are created thanks to the dating sites above. The love spell works on everyone. You just have to be open about your preferences in your profile.

Nurturing a relationship on a hookup site is much easier than you would think. It is quite likely that both of you share the same chill attitude. Pushing things forward feels natural as there is no pressure. Most people find relationships from these hookup sites are the most sincere.

Transitioning from a casual relationship to a serious relationship takes effort. When you are developing feelings for your sex buddy, it’s time to talk about how to proceed. It’s okay to pursue them if they feel the same way. In the end, you will get a love that is cuter than any fairytale.


As wonderful as Ashley Madison is, sometimes you still need to expand your reach to meet more awesome dates in other places. These online dating sites resemble Ashley Madison the best with the highest quality possible. Sign yourself up today to bang some hot babes tonight.

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John Santana

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