14 Signs Your Male Friend Is Falling for You

by John Santana

The best relationships are the ones where you are best friends with your partner.

Friend – A word that soothes you instantly.

Unlike a romantic partner, he doesn’t judge you for wearing loose pajamas on dinners or eating till you can fit in your jeans no more.

You can be more at ease and “yourself” with him without the pressure of being perfect.

But what if your friend becomes your romantic partner??

A bit awkward right…? But doesn’t he love you more than the guy you just met on a dating app?

And isn’t he always there for you?

Goddamn! He also looks hot in that black shirt and even when he caresses his hair from the side of his face in his casuals.

Date him or not… It’s your choice.

But you surely wanna know if he really likes you or if it’s just in your head.

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14 Signs your Guy Friend is Falling for you

1. That Jealousy is not without a reason.

That-Jealousy is-not-without-a-reason
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The easiest way to tell if your friend likes you is to notice his expressions when you drool over a hot guy who has just passed by.

He will be expressive with his emotions or try to play it cool by laughing it off.

But what happens when you mention your newly found crush to him?

He will be all berserk and can go on a stalking spree. He will try his best to know everything.

“What’s his name? Where have you met him? Is he a nice guy? I don’t think he is single. I’m sure he takes drugs.”

When this happens, you know his protective side has just emerged. But he is also scared of the unknown.

The thought of seeing you with another guy is his worst nightmare.

Many times, even guys are not aware of the love they possess for you. But when he sees you walking with another guy, all those emotions of suppressed love start thumping in his chest.

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2. People think you are a couple.

We are often so caught up in our own feelings and view of the world, that we miss important signs.

But not the people who surround us – our friends, colleagues…. they are there to witness the things we fail to look at.

They acknowledge the things that you miss noticing.

Have you ever received an unsought compliment like – You guys make a lovely couple?

Then they are capable of looking at the unexpressed love that’s between the two of you.

Take it seriously when your friends say your guy friend thinks of you more than a friend.

They are right.

3. His eyes are filled with admiration.

We all know that eyes are the windows of the soul.

If a man is angry, his eyes will become red and his eyebrows will rise up. If he is happy, you can see his eyes smiling.

If he is in love with you, the way he looks will tell you the unsaid.

The other prominent sign is his pupils will dilate. The pupils have a tendency to dilate when a person is looking at someone for whom they feel sexual and romantic energy.

More than that, the eye-contacts will be severe and passionate. You will be forced to break your gaze at times.

You can also find him admiring you whilst you are looking at some other direction or savoring your favorite dish.

All these eye contacts are a sign that your friend has fallen for you.

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4. All of his time is yours.

Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

If the guy likes you, he will give you the best gift one can give to anyone – his time.

It doesn’t matter if he is busy with work, he will find time to talk to you.

He will always initiate conversations. Calls and texts – are just another way ​to stay close in your presence when he can’t be physically there.

He spends his weekends hanging out with you. And it really upsets him if you go on a date on one of these days.

You don’t have to worry about inconsistency from this guy. He was always there for you from the beginning and still is.

Isn’t it the number one thing that we girls want in our partner??

5. He talks about being together.

As he doesn’t want to be apparent with his feelings, he will take refuge of jokes.

Is it really friendship if it doesn’t involve meaningless jokes? But what if he starts joking about the two of you together?

A guy who brings about scenarios of you two dating each other and how hilarious the circumstances will be if it happens is thinking more than he dares to say.

The guy has already started picturing himself with you. Now, his wishes are coming out in the form of jokes.

“I was thinking what messy shit it would be if we ever date!”

This means he thinks about you in his spare time and he thinks of you as his lady in his arms.

If he always comes up with such topics and laughs really hard to make it look like a really funny joke, ask him directly –

“What are you hiding?”

And see his face going pale for a second before he comes up with another silly idea.

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6. Talking about his dating life is not a thing.

Your guy friend talks about everything to you, but not about his girls.

Of course, he must have shared how tragically a girl he loved the most cheated on him.

But current crushes? Infatuations?

That’s not a thing he wants to explore.

This happens when a guy is falling for you and wants to give you unasked surety that he is single and available for you.

Many girls catch his attention, but they cannot be you. His focus is solely on winning your love.

There can come a point when you will judge his sexuality, as he neither mentions the name of any other girl that he is close to nor hangs out with any.

But girl, you have not checked his Google history. ?

You will be forced to think that his love life does not exist. But it does. And you are the leading lady in it.

7. He listens to everything you say.

Photo by Ba Tik from Pexels

Like a sincere student, he listens to all that you say carefully.

Girl, do you seriously think he cares about how mean Tina was to Claudia at her birthday party?

Or, the makeup sale that every girl in town is waiting for?

But he listens, and not just listens, but also remembers them even after months.

Guys are usually not like this; they zone out when someone talks about things they don’t give a damn about.

So even after boring the soul out of a guy, if he still listens to you heartily, then you are very special to him.

His love for you makes him eager to know every story you have got to narrate.

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8. You know his secrets.

The most chilled-out species to ever walk on earth – men don’t really like spilling secrets and details about their personal life to whoever they meet.

They open up to very few people – the people they can trust and think of spending a good part of their future with.

Choosing you as that person says a lot about his admiration.

He will go into detail with his story.

Especially, if he shares his sad breakup story, how his ex left him, and how hopeless he was, then he certainly has his eyes on you.

Boys like sharing their past love experiences with women they are interested in.

This gives them a chance to evoke sympathy in her heart, which opens the door to the special treatment that the future holds.

9. He is just one call away.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

But this guy puts so much effort into helping you that no friend can ever touch his place.

Whether you are stressed because of an urgent submission or your washing machine has stopped working, this man becomes an all-rounder by entering as a hero.

You often call him when you have to go to buy groceries and this guy forcefully snatches your bags to hold.

He wants to be involved in each part of your life and helping you makes him intensely happy.

It’s almost like he is not your friend any more but a partner whom you need in every step of your life.

You are so used to having him around that his absence on special occasions makes you miss his presence.

If your male friend is going out of his way to help you, then he wants to show himself as a strong man that you can always count on.

Apart from that, he also likes you so much that he cannot see you in adversity.

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10. Your love life enjoys special attention from him.

Despite not having the wish to share details of his own love life, he is very much interested to know yours.

“On which date you went? What was the venue? How was the guy? What’s his name? Does he smoke? How does he look?”

These questions bug him a lot. He wants to know about every guy you are dating and all the things that you did and talked about on the date.

He doesn’t show the normally accepted interest in your dating life like your other guy friends.

Instead, he is over-energized and opens his social media, and tries to impersonate Sherlock Holmes.

You will be shocked to know that the other day; he has more information about the guy you dated than you.

He can share the whole history of the guy without stopping to take a breath.

You can always find him staying beside you when you have a breakup. He will try his best to console you and make you happy.

But deep down, he will be happy because the threat of a competitor is gone.

He will tell you that you deserve better. You are the best girl in the whole world and the guy who gets to love you will be the luckiest.

You will be too drenched in your tears to realize that the whole time he was thinking of himself as the ideal boy.

And he is right, he is dying to keep you happy. He is dying to love you.

It’s just that he is too scared to lose you as a friend if you reject him to his face.

11. He is your one-stop person for compliments.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Compliments… it sounds yummier than any delicacy.

Whether we accept or not, we all love them. A small boost of confidence hurts none.

But when a friend who cannot stop making jokes about you suddenly begins showering you with compliments, there is certainly something fishy.

Whenever you meet him, he compliments your outfit, your smile, and your beauty. This is a sign of his sexual attraction for you.

But when he starts complimenting your smartness, confidence, and what a bundle of joy you are… be sure he has lost his heart too.

No there’s no way back to unloving you for him as his source of attraction is no longer just your body but also your soul.

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12. It’s all in the details.

You will rarely see a man giving attention to the details of a person’s habits and personality.

He is just about “I like it” or “I hate it”. There’s no in-between.

But be aware when a guy friend who sees you more than a friend says – “I love it” and also goes on to discuss the details of why he does.

“It’s just the way you play with your hair with your fingers.”

How often do you hear women getting mad at men for forgetting their birthdays and anniversaries? A lot, to be precise.

But not this guy. He remembers all of them and makes sure to plan a beautiful surprise for you.

Have you ever told him how crazy you are for a particular star? He will remember that.

Possibly, he will send you his pictures or ask you out for a movie, as he knows you can’t say “no” to this.

He will remember the names of your favorite flowers, wear your favorite colors, and play your favorite music in the aux.

If your friend can notice the minor changes in your appearance and the sadness on your face by having a quick look at it, he has fallen hard.

13. There is healthy flirting.

The most obvious sign when it comes to like you is flirting.

Have you guys given cute nicknames to each other that you use to tease but instead express your love?

Are there dirty jokes and silly secrets that no one knows but you?

All of this count in flirting.

Flirting is a great way to show your interest as it shows your interest for each other.

And if flirting goes wrong? You can always shrug it off as a joke.

Engaging in silly fights with each other where he teases you by pinching your cheeks and you run around him playfully shows your deep hidden unconscious sexual interest.

Excuses to touch you, playing with your hair, and dedicating a romantic song disguised in the platonic shield are his ways to behave romantically.

If you see these signs, this means he is falling for you.

14. He will find ways to be physically close to you.

Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels

When you start falling for someone, you go through a lot of emotions.

There are moments of doubt, and confusion. “What is it that I’m feeling? Does she feel the same for me?”

The guy must be fighting with the same questions. So, he tries to hide his feelings until he is sure.

But can love and attraction be hidden?

It will always peer through the windows. And the same happens with him when he touches you playfully.

He will not go overboard by entering into your personal space.

But there will be subtle touches of hands, cutely touching your nose and holding you by your shoulders.

He will wait for a few more seconds before letting you go when you hug. This is the clearest sign of his love.

Does he miss any chance of kissing you on your cheeks? No will be your answer if he likes you.

He will lean over you while you speak, especially when there are other people in the room.

His face and legs will always be in your direction, whether he is standing or sitting or even if his eyes are somewhere else.

Over to you…

Getting involved in a romantic partnership with your guy friend can be tricky.

Either it will be the best decision of your life, or it will fail miserably.

But sometimes, it is good to listen to your heart.

If your love is true, you will be the happiest to raise your child with your best buddy.

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John Santana

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