10 Obvious Signs She Wants You To Make a Move

by John Santana

Women are not obvious creatures like men, they give us hints instead of outright saying what they want. Picking up signs she wants you to make a move is not easy. It takes patience and practice, like anything else in life. There are many signs she wants you to make a move, but most are subtle signs.

If you find that some or most of the signs mentioned further happen with you and the girl you like, then she wants you to make a move.

She Locks Eyes With You

She Locks Eyes With You


A longing look can most times be just that- a woman longing for you to make a move. Long periods of eye contact indicate that she is interested in what you’re saying. It also shows that she is ready for you to make your move.

If a girl is locking eyes with you, it means she is beginning to trust you. That is a great sign she’s interested in you. This trust means she is waiting for you to take the relationship to the next level.

Eye contact may seem unimportant, but around the world across many different species, it is a big deal. Now it may be difficult to know if she’s making eye contact with you if you meet her on the dance floor or on a night on the town. That being said, eye contact is very important and one of many subtle signs she wants you to make a move.

She’s Always Around You

One of the most obvious signs she wants you is that she’s somehow always there. Not only that, but she also finds a way, somehow, to be near you. You might be relaxing at your favorite bar when she walks into the room. Then before you know it, she’s sitting right next to you.

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, was it not for the fact she’s suspiciously consistent with it. If you were to get a penny every time she sits down within a couple of meters of you, you would be a rich man. If she didn’t want to be around you, especially close to you, she wouldn’t spend time trying to be next to you. Her presence around you is a clear sign she’s attracted to you and another sign she wants you to make a move.

Her Friends Ask If You are Interested in Her

If you’re interested in a girl, her friends will be the greatest indicator and a clear sign she wants you to make a move. It’s also a sure sign the woman you adore is totally into you. Some women are shy or want to be sly about their feelings, so they send a friend in to do the recon work.

The classic “Psst, do you like Anna?” may seem a bit juvenile. If a friend is asking you about her, she most likely knows about it and encourages it. No one asks a guy for their friend if the friend isn’t interested. Take this as a cue that she’s interested and feels confident about making a move. You don’t have to answer her friend right away. In dating, tension builds attraction. Attraction fuels intimacy. Intimacy builds relationships.

She Asks You Personal Questions

If your dream girl is asking questions that are not working or school related, you are on a good path. To start, ask her about her personal life because if she’s asking you those questions, this is one of many obvious signs she wants you to make a move.

If a woman is curious about her pets, hobbies, and family, this means she’s looking to get to know you beyond the surface level. Combined with her wanting to spend time with only you and her definitely wanting you to make a move. This goes beyond polite niceties. If her questions are truly personalized to you, she’s likely very interested in you and hopes you will make your move to show that the interest is mutual.

Another sign related to her asking personal questions is if you find you have long phone calls. Most people despise phone calls, especially long ones are obvious signs she wants you to make a move. If you wait, not only will she probably make jokes about you not being able to see clear signs she’s interested, but you may miss your chance with her.

When You Touch Her, She Moves Closer To You

Romantic man kissing Girlfriend's hand

This is a sure sign that she wants you to make a move. If a woman responds to your touch, she’s definitely hoping you know how to make a move on a girl. This is a clear sign of genuine interest. The movement towards you is a great sign that this woman would be open to your advances.

Physical contact is an important indication she is interested in you. If you find her trying to squeeze her way into your personal space and trying to get closer to you, this is a clear sign for you to make a move.

Make note of her body language and respond according to what you think is appropriate. Body language is important, and if you notice her shoulders and body are angled towards you this is a pretty obvious sign she wants you to make a move.

If She Invites You To Her Environment

It’s hard for women to directly ask out men, so they’ll do it indirectly by inviting you to their environment. Maybe she asks you to a group hang out at her favorite bar or a wine night at her apartment. Wherever she invites you, it may be her way of subconsciously asking you on a date.

She will likely be receptive when you take action and make your move. If she is putting in extra effort to make you feel included in any group setting and is paying attention if you’re comfortable, this is one of the best signs she wants you to make a move.

If you think this girl has been interested in you for a while, then right after she invites you to her environment, say this, “ah, like a date eh?” Her response will make it crystal clear if she’s interested in you. If she starts giggling, blushing, or starts to stutter in response, this is a huge sign in the right direction.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is that they don’t define experiences with women as dates. They say, “let’s hang out” or “let’s grab a drink sometime.” Those lines don’t mean date, ever. Define experiences as dates, and your success rate will skyrocket.  These are green lights and are setting up your opportunity to ask her out.

She’s Been Checking Your Reactions

Couple together

She might say something a bit “off,” interesting, or controversial to bait a response from you and then pays close attention to the way you react. She is baiting a response from you to see how you feel, it’s best not to make a joke of the question but look into her eyes and give a sincere reply.

She would pay attention to the way you word your response, the tone of your voice, and even your posture. These are clear indications of how someone feels towards you and trying to figure out if you like her. If this is the case, she wants you to make an advance toward her.

She’s testing you and observing you, and it’s not just so that she can keep the conversation interesting. It’s also so that you can understand one another better and, in doing so, grow closer.

If you see her watching how you speak to other girls, she is likely trying to see if you’re interested in someone else. It’s difficult to be hyper-aware of her and what she’s saying or doing, but if you notice she pays attention when you speak, this is a good sign.

Contacting You at Odd Hours

Who wakes up in the middle of the night to make late-night calls unless it’s something important? It’s only logical that she is interested in you if she can text and call past midnight or early in the morning.

It is one of the signs that you are on her mind and hopes for you to make a move quickly. Even if you are a night owl, hours between twelve till six o’clock in the morning are regarded as personal time.

The two of you are expected to be asleep, and when she risks waking you up from sleeping. She is indirectly asking you to open your eyes and see how much she is hinting at you. You should take advantage of this. Add flirting into your late-night texts but do not overdo it, as she might back off.

A girl who thinks about you will find a way to let you know, such as making sure that she is the last person you speak to before you sleep or the first one to text you in the morning. This is one of the signs that she rolls in bed thinking about you all night long and wondering when you will make a move.

Smiling Is a Sign That She Likes You

An interested woman smiles a lot when you are near her. This is the most evident body language sign of attraction, interest, and friendliness. You may not be the funniest friend she has but every time you crack a joke, even if it is the dumbest, she smiles and giggles.

When she is interested in you, she will laugh at almost whatever you say. You will not even understand what she is laughing at when you are not even trying to be funny. The signal she is sending is that she wants you and enjoy your company. But if she maintains a neutral facial expression, most likely, she isn’t into you.

She Shows Signs of Jealousy

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You might have noticed that this girl doesn’t like it when you mention other women. As a matter of fact, she gets bitter or possessive when she sees you around other girls. She likes you, so she feels fragile and scared that some other girl will get all of your attention.

She wants all of that attention for herself, and seeing you around other women bothers her. If you haven’t noticed this yet, you can easily test it. Simply mention some other girl that could be your potential partner and watch her reaction.

If she’s interested in you, she surely isn’t going to react positively to potential competition. Be careful not to give her the wrong idea, though. If you like her, you don’t want her to think that you’re interested in some other girl. Doing so could make her give up on you and assume that your heart is already taken.


There are many indications and signs she wants you to make a move but to know for certain, you have to ask her. Pay attention to your physical contact with her and if she tries to be in your personal space or close to you.

It may be difficult to be the one to initiate anything between you and the girl you have your eyes on. Rather take the shot and miss than don’t and find out later she was head over heels for you. First, test out how close she gets to you in group settings and take things slow.

Be the maker of your own destiny after finding out these signs she wants you to make a move.

John Santana

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