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13 Signs She’s Dying For You To Ask Her Out [Act Now]

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

You guys might be very good at expressing your feelings when you like someone but do you think you are capable enough to read signs when she wants you to ask her out? Maybe. Maybe not.

All girls might not be as assertive in the dating phenomena but instead will drop strong signals for you to pick up. Only if you are ready or trained to comprehend those.

But wait, you can’t misinterpret the signs. Apparently, she might be falling for you but actually, she is just being friendly. Again, she might seem to be reserved and not so interested but, on the inside, she is all about you!

Signs She Wants You to Ask Her Out

Don’t worry, I am here to help you get rid of that confusion. Hold on tight and stick with me till the end! I promise it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Let’s get started –

1. She replies to your messages instantly

If there’s a reply waiting for your text almost within seconds, then that’s your call! This basically implies she is making all the effort that’s needed to make you realize that you can contact her anytime and that she is there for you, no matter what.

Random text messages popping on your phone also indicate that she wants to communicate with you and is literally waiting for you to ask her out. A call to ask you your schedule for the next day is just an excuse to pick the never-ending conversation. Pick up on these calls and take your stride, buddy!

2. She smiles right from the heart!

Ever noticed that twinkle in her eye when she sees you? I bet not. But yes, she is genuinely happy when she meets you. There is a flash of excitement in her smile which can be attributed to her inclination towards you.

That beautiful smile when she is so glad to see you enlightens her face – the next time you see your crush beam like this. Take that as a sign and just ask her out!

3.  She is Intensely Sensitive towards you

In simple words, you matter A LOT. Every word that she spills out of her mouth, is intricately chosen to not hurt your feelings. A woman might do certain thoughtful things for you like maybe to check on you when you are sick or are having a bad day.

When a woman is going out of her way to show you that she is considerate towards you, then let me tell you, she is head over heels! Make sure to respond to these hints at the right time, and most importantly in the correct manner – just ask her out, dammit!

4. She is All-wound-up when you’re talking

You can tell from the body language of a person if he/she is interested in what you’re talking about. Maybe just nods and smiles. But with her, this is not the case. She will listen to everything you say and respond proactively.

Even if it is something that she does not know of, she will not only diligently listen but also follow that up with suitable questions. This shows that she is really interested in you and does not want to forego any chance to have a conversation with you. If you notice carefully, you can never miss out on these hints and should ask her out right away!

5. She specifies the similarities all-the-time

Suddenly your interests are similar, and she keeps drawing similarities between the both of you. Soccer is the sport you love the most and now it is hers too. She takes the effort to portray it as a coincidence so that her true intention of making you realize how effective and compatible you both are together, is not revealed.

These efforts will start with being subtle but with time eventually, the woman will not be afraid to show it. So, guys, take it as a chance and ask her out to carry on the conversation over a cup of coffee.

6. She recommends romantic venues

She will randomly suggest you places to hang out like a new karaoke bar in town or a new café that has opened. She will talk about these places or she will ask you if you have been there. This is definitely a hint that she wants to visit these places with you. You just can’t afford to miss out on this obvious sign she wants you to ask her out.

She may also mention of some movie releasing the next weekend or some opera she wishes to attend but not alone. Take this as an invitation for your companionship and put forward that one awaited bold step.

7. She Finds you funny and humorous

It is a universal fact that women tend to fall for men who can make them laugh. Even if you’re not recognized as a very funny person among others, the scene is quite different when in front of her. She laughs at your jokes just to make you feel good that you could make her laugh.

This sudden change can be attributed to the fact that she is falling for you and wants you to ask her out. So, gear up and be ready to get lucky this time.

8. She Initiates physical contact

A person’s body language reflects best what he/she is feeling. If the woman seems to be guarded in front of you and not so amiable, then it is clearly understood that is not at all into you. But when she is really interested in you, her body language will be much more approachable, and she will be totally off-guard.

Moreover, if she has begun sitting right beside you or there is a light stroke on the forearm or shoulder while talking is a sign that she is pretty comfortable with you. During a conversation, physical contact may be due to the need for emphasis on something or because it is a hint that she actually wants you to ask her out.

9. She Informs you about her schedule

If she is interested in you, she will let you know of her schedule so that it is easier for you to plan out a date or an outing. A text saying, “I am free after work today” is a clear indication she wants you to ask her out. Generally, women put off dates by saying that they will be busy the entire week.

But if she is taking all the effort to pre-plan her day and inform you about the same. Take this as an opportunity and take her to that new café in town she’s been waiting to go with you.

10. She Hangs out with common friends

If she’s been around more lately, it is not a simple coincidence. She likes to be around you. And ofcourse who would be a better pick than that pack of common friends? Being good friends with YOUR friends will help her to come closer to you and what an excuse to be around you all the time!

She just wants you to notice these signs that she has been constantly dropping off late and just straight ask her out. Believe me, she is dying for that!

11. ‘I’ becomes “We”

This is a significant sign as she starts including you in all of her future plans. Whether it is the road trip planned or the shack party. It all includes you. This is clearly an effort to hang out with and be with you in all future plans. It is a signal that you must consider her very seriously and ask her out immediately.

12. Her friends seem to know a lot about you

A woman tells her girlfriends about everything that goes on in her life. So, if she is interested in you, she will definitely tell her friends about you. When you meet them the next time, listen closely, chances are they know a LOT about you.

If your name leads to awkward whispers and muffled smiles, you should know that you have been talked about. This implies that she is interested in you and clearly wants you to ask her out.

13. Values your opinion

She might ask for your suggestion or recommendation on any topic, ranging from a career decision to what cuisine should she eat at the new restaurant. This simply points to the fact that she thinks your opinion is important. And that is solely because you are important to her.

She will not hesitate to talk to you openly about herself. She thinks you are worthy to know about her dark secrets, life tragedy and so much more. If the woman bares her soul out to you, it is a sign that can never be missed. She is really into you and is eagerly waiting for you to ask her out.

So, guys, watch out for these signs! If she is interested, they will appear. And then you know what to do next – just ask her out, mate!

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