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10 Strong Signs He Will Marry You Someday

by John Santana

Do you think you’ve found the one? Every time he looks at you, you fall deeper in love, and you never stop thinking about your future together. Perhaps you’ve spent many years together and just know he will drop down on one knee soon.

Maybe you’ve only been with him for a little while, but you can tell he’s the one. If you find yourself pondering if your current boyfriend will marry you, you’re in the best spot. This article points out some sure signs that indicate he will marry you.

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Signs He Wants To Marry You

1. He Makes Decisions With You

One sure way to know someone will marry you is if he makes decisions and includes you in them. If someone speaks about their future and doesn’t think about how you fit into that future, they probably aren’t accounting for you.

However, if your man constantly talks about all the plans he has coming up and how you and he will travel the world, meet his family, and go on vacation with his friends, there is a high chance he will propose in the future.

So, if your boyfriend needs to make a major decision, for example, changing states for a job, and he asks you how you feel about relocating. It is clear he wants to stay with you in a romantic way for a prolonged amount of time.

Not only does he show you respect by asking about your opinion, he cares what you have to say because he values your relationship. If you do not want to move, it will sway his decision. If he ignores your feelings, he isn’t ready to settle down in a marriage.

2. You’ve Met His Family


Meeting the family is a huge step in any relationship. Even if the family isn’t the nicest, warmest family, he still values you and wants to introduce you to the people who raised him.

When you meet the family, you get a feel for why he acts the way he does and how his parents turned him into the man he is today. You also get the chance to show his family the kind of person he could marry.

If he doesn’t care to introduce you to the family, he doesn’t value your relationship and certainly isn’t thinking about tying the knot anytime soon. Meeting the family is a huge factor in determining a future proposal.

3. Marriage Comes Up In Conversation

If marriage is a regular topic of conversation, it must mean it is on your minds. Sharing your opinions and values about marriage provides insight into both of your lives. You get a glimpse into how your boyfriend feels about the potential of marriage, and you get to share your opinions and hopes about the wedding of two people.

If you have different opinions or one of you really wants marriage, and the other doesn’t, you might not be with someone who will propose.

But, if your boyfriend constantly talks about your wedding and what he wants to do for the wedding, you have a good chance that he will get down on one knee with a ring.

Remember, if your boyfriend is wary about marriage at first, that is okay. He might be nervous. It doesn’t mean it is something he doesn’t want. If he keeps bringing up the topic, you can talk with him about options and see if he gets more comfortable the more you talk about it. If he is super into the idea of a wedding from the start, you’re in good hands.

4. He Is There for You During Low Moments

Romance - Couple - Kiss

Relationships work with a dedicated amount of love and support in the good moments and the bad moments. If your boyfriend sticks by your side during difficult moments, it proves he is a supportive member that might eventually become your husband. If he doesn’t shy away from difficult moments when you are dating, then he won’t shy away when you are married.

On the other hand, suppose your boyfriend wants nothing to do with you when you are going through a hard time. That shows that he doesn’t care about your relationship and only values you when you are in a good mood and life is swell.

While most people don’t like experiencing negative emotions, everyone has to go through difficult times in their lives. If your boyfriend sticks it out, he just might be the one.

5. In His Mind, You Are Already Married

Some people know who they will marry when they start dating them. Other people date around and narrow their choices based on previous relationships and characteristics and qualities they like or dislike in partners.

If your boyfriend already acts like you’re married, he might bring you with him to all of his outings and friend gatherings and claim that you’re best friends with his mom. He makes plans with you, knowing that you will show up, and he shows you off to all his friends.

In public, he says that you’re married or engaged, and he takes the time to make sure you meet everyone. Even the people he had only met once before.

6. He Is Honest With You

One example that demonstrates a man is devoted to you is if he is honest about his life. When you speak with him, he tells you about his day, and he doesn’t brush over how he actually feels and what actually happened. He tells you everything without feeling the need to avoid any tough topics.

When someone is honest with you, it proves that they trust you and value your opinion. They feel comfortable talking to you and feel safe in your presence. If he talks to you about his personal life and family, that is great, but if he shares personal details about his work life in addition to his personal life, he really trusts you.

7. He Suggests You Move In Together

Happy Couple on Bed

Living with a significant other is a major sign that you will tie the knot. When you date someone and don’t live together, you can retreat to your own safe spaces and places you go without each other. You can spend alone time in your own home without worrying about your partner.

When you live together, you have to manage your time and free time so you don’t get on each other’s nerves. This step also means you will have to share a lot more items than you did before you lived together.

If you move into a one-bedroom, you’ll have to decide who gets to use the bathroom when and you might have to change your sleep schedule to make sure each of you gets the proper amount of rest.

If you date someone and they never say anything about living together, they still value their independence. But, someone ready to take the next step and invite you to live with them probably wants to take the relationship further than the dating stage.

8. He Suggests You Combine Bank Accounts

Moving in together is one thing. Sharing a bank account is a whole new step. When you share a bank account with someone, your finances merge, and you can see their expenses, and they can see your expenses. All of them. This is a great exercise in trust because you both trust each other with the specificities of your income and expenses.

This also proves that he looks forward to the future with you. Not just anyone suggests joining accounts. It is a great measure of a relationship. Plus, it will test both of your tempers and provide a new way to see if the relationship should go even further.

9. Doesn’t Show Signs Of Jealousy

Say you and your boyfriend go to a few bars on the weekend, and a few men hit on you. If your boyfriend has already decided he is going to propose to you, he won’t show jealousy. Instead, he trusts your decision-making and knows that you are the one for him and he is the one for you.

He might even make jokes about the men who flirted with you. If he has a really great sense of humor, he might joke with the men.

His absence of jealousy is a great asset in a relationship because it grants both of you the freedom to live your lives. He is never worried that someone else will take you away from him because he knows where he stands and knows how you feel about him. When he does propose, you won’t have to worry about hanging out with other male friends or doing anything on your own.

10. He Brings Up Kids

Parents Playing With Kids

Just because someone talks about children does not mean they want to get married, but it could. If your boyfriend mentions you two having children and what kind of parents you will be, he definitely wants a future with you.


Although there are many signs that indicate a future marriage, these were our top picks. If your boyfriend shows any of these signs in your relationship, there is a great chance he will get down on one knee and propose.

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