He Has Strong Feelings For You

11 Psychological Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You ( And What To Do About It)

by John Santana

The tender moments of a relationship that cause butterflies in your stomach and have you giggling like a schoolgirl, are the moments you love in a new relationship with a man. However, what should you be looking for when you want to know how serious the relationship is?

There are plenty of signs you can look for whenever you want to know if a guy has strong feelings for you, and here are some of those signs. Discover what his actions mean to figure out how to move forward with your romance.

11 Strong Signs He Has Feelings For You

He Wants To Be Around You

This is probably the biggest sign that your new love interest is actually interested! They want to spend a lot of time with you, and they invite you to go to movies, meals, or even just to hang out to do chores. Additionally, even seeing you in person isn’t enough. They call or text you to hear your voice or interact with you.

They might also call or text you in the morning or at night just to let you know that you matter. Plus they might offer different excuses to come see your place, just creating an excuse to come and visit you.

He Can’t Keep His Hands or Eyes Off You

Whenever you are with your love interest, they will find ways to be close to you and to touch you. Your man might stand next to you, make efforts to sit by you whenever he can, and can’t stop himself from touching you.

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If your man is constantly hugging you, holding your hand, or lightly touching you for ‘no reason’ then he might have some strong feelings for you.

So don’t be afraid to touch back and watch his world light up! Additionally, if you notice that he is always all smiles whenever you are with him or is a bit nervous and jittery whenever he is around you, then that is another sign that he really likes you.

Finally, if you notice that his eyes are always on you and he can’t stop himself from looking at you, then he is attracted to you for real.

He Comes to You With Praise and Help

If you need help or you need someone to come to the rescue to help you manage your problems, the guy you like is always the first person to come.

He comes and helps you out, and never says no to whatever you need. And it is because he wants to spend a lot of time with you and likes to see your face light up whenever he helps you solve a problem. Additionally, if your guy seems extremely excited when he is around you, then that is another sign.

He is Vulnerable With You and Tells You About Himself

Most guys who aren’t interested in anyone will keep their emotional walls up and won’t talk too much about anything beyond surface-level communication.

However, if a guy really likes you, not only will he coax you to talk about your own hopes and dreams, but he will also tell you all about his own.

He will tell you about his childhood experiences, heartaches, dreams, and desires. Plus, he also shows off his vulnerable side and also accepts help from you with his problems, along with helping him complete yours as well. Your conversations will be very deep and mature, and he can help talk you through problems and discuss all the factors of life.

If you find that you love having conversations with his person and can talk on the phone or in person for hours without feeling like any time has gone by, then keep this guy around!

He Isn’t Seeing Anyone Else and Gets Jealous

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One of the major signs of any relationship being serious is that you both are committed to the relationship, and you both aren’t seeing anyone else. If he isn’t seeing or flirting with any other women, it will show that he wants to spend all of his time with you. When a man is in love, he wants to devote all of his time and energy to you.

Plus, if you find yourself being pursued by another man or someone else shows attention to you while your guy is around, then you might notice that he looks a little jealous towards any potential suitors in your life.

If he can’t control his reaction and jealousy whenever someone else is around, he has strong feelings for you. You probably need to help him get a handle on his jealousy.

His Friends and Family Know About You, Even if You Don’t Know Them

Whenever you are finally introduced to his family and friends, they will often have already known you from all the stories he tells about you and how much he has talked about you without you around. So don’t be surprised if his friends react as they know you already, even though you are just meeting them!

He also wants your family to know about you well before you are introduced to them as well. So if you are invited to have dinner with his family, then take that invitation in stride and be prepared for the family to gush over you!

He Gives You Gifts and Thinks of Your Interests

Men love to give gifts of their time to the girls they really care about. The gifts don’t need to be expensive. It can be as simple as bringing you a cup of coffee or giving you a pack of your favorite candies. If your guy really likes you, then he is going to remember the things that you really like and will give things to you as gifts.

Also, they will remember your interests and see what interests you both have in common, and also plan dates or events around your shared interests.

The Gift of Laughter Can Also Be a Gift!

Additionally, he might laugh and smile more around you more, and act a little silly and goofy around you too. If you find that your guy is trying to make you laugh for no reason when you are together, then that is a sign that he wants to make you happy and make you laugh, and he’s much happier whenever you are happier!

You Enter His World and Can Do Nothing Together

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If a guy really likes you and wants to spend time with you, not only is he going to try and be more vulnerable and open with you, but he also wants to bring you into his world.

He wants to let you know about his friends, hobbies, favorite places, and everything else about him as well. You both hanging out isn’t about a date or about anything else. You are both just hanging out to hang out!

Additionally, you can both spend time together doing nothing. You can both simply watch a movie or sit in the same room together and do nothing and be perfectly content together as well. Even simply sitting together in silence is going to be one of the most fun things that you can do whenever it is with someone you love.

He Respects You And is a Gentleman

If this guy really likes you, then you should be sure that he respects you and is a gentleman toward you. Simple things like holding the door open for you or pulling out a chair, or talking about your opinions and finding your thoughts and desires valid.

These are signs that you should look for and also signs that can help you feel secure and safe in your relationship.

So take notice if the guy that you like is going the extra mile in your romance because that could be a sign that he really likes you. Sure, most guys try to be gentlemen and attempt to be respectful to girls that they like or in turn respect, but if your guy is going the extra mile, then that’s something to notice.

He Can Seem a Little Nervous

Most men don’t have the largest handle on their emotions, especially when it comes to emotions around women that they like. They might seem like they get very nervous when it is just the two of you, and that will be in sharp contrast to whenever he is around other people.

If your man seems a little nervous around you, then that’s a sign he is having trouble focusing on how he feels about you.

Additionally, it might look like he always looks like he is about to say something, and always has something on the tip of his tongue.

However, he will often quit at the last minute. Some men can have a hard time expressing their feelings or might even be scared of them, but with some time and maybe a bit of coaxing from you, you will get him to say everything he really feels.

A Future Is on the Table

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A lot of these signs, such as him bringing you into his world or introducing you to his family, are often long-term signs.

They might not happen all at once, but when they do happen to you, you know that a future is on the table and he is planning that future with you! He will talk about his goals and desires and let you know that you are a part of them as well.

He also won’t be shy to admit that he loves you and that he wants to have you around for the foreseeable future! If you can sense commitment around your relationship, then don’t be afraid to snatch the relationship up and return the strong feelings!

What Do You Do If He Has Strong Feelings For You?

If you have figured out that this guy has some strong feelings for you, then you need to decide what you want to do about it. Because what you shouldn’t do is take advantage of those feelings and simply string him along. Consider if you really like him and want to spend time with him, and then see about returning those feelings in your own way.

Tell him that you want to start a romantic relationship and then see where everything between you goes. You might find that the feelings will get even stronger as time goes on, and a true romance will grow out of it. So don’t be afraid to take the leap and see what happens with your guy!

Now, if you don’t have strong feelings for this guy, again don’t lead him on, hoping that if you show disinterest, the man’s feelings will go away. Guys don’t work like that, so you need to be direct and simply tell him that you are not interested. It might hurt some feelings and put a strain on your friendship, but it will be better for everyone in the long run.

Keep on Looking For Signs and Build Your Romance

Don’t be afraid to keep looking for signs with your guy, as well as consistent signs as well. If you find that the signs keep on coming, then that’s a sign that he’s got his feelings for you, and you might as well take advantage of them!

If you choose to go down the route of returning the feelings and want to build a genuine romantic connection with your guy, then smile as you head down the road.

You don’t know what you will find, but often if you have two people who have strong feelings for one another, the road and the stops along the road to romance will be very, very good. You might even find the one person you can build your life with, so look for the signs and see what you find!

John Santana

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