12 Strong Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You

by John Santana

If you are obsessing over the fact whether the woman of your desires wants to sleep with you, let me make it clear.

Most of the time, a woman doesn’t make it obvious that she is thinking about you in her dirtiest thoughts.

She will give you hints with tiny signs and signals that are so obscure, you will fail to notice any of them.

You knock your head on the walls thinking why do women shrug you off?

But once you start reading between the lines, you will be shocked to know that it’s been you all the way long who failed to grasp the chances.

Before you lose out to future possibilities, we are here to help you with 12 signs she wants to sleep with you & will drop your way!

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How to Tell if a Woman Wants To Sleep With You? – 12 Helpful Signs

1. She will let you know she is free or ‘available’.

Have you ever received texts like -?

“I’m getting so bored today…”

“Can you believe it? I’ve got no plans for the weekend!”

It’s great if you struck a six in these situations. But if you replied with –

“Same here no work to do going to chill with my bro”

Then dude, what a loser!

When a woman is letting you know she is free, this literally translates to: she wants you.

She is interested in hitting it off with you and wants to meet you for casual coffee dates.

She doesn’t want to sound desperate or make it more obvious because of course, she wants to be the catch in it.

Furthermore, women are very much afraid of rejections and also don’t want to be a topic of discussion of how she asked you out.

It’s better to take these golden clues and use them to your advantage because you certainly have the women’s interests!

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2. The touch is SO sensual

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Touching is one of the most common ways to convey our sexual attraction.

Sometimes, it’s done knowingly. At the others, it’s just a sly trick of your subconscious.

Before knowing if a woman is touching you because of her sexual interest in your body, you should learn how to discriminate between the touches.

A touch can also be friendly. Like a slap from your female friend on your face, or a gentle hug once in a while.

And there comes the sexual touch. It will be very subtle, polite, and frequent.

Of course, you will know her intentions right away when she touches on the intimate places.

But when she is trying to make you take the initiative, the touches will be very subtle, polite, and not very indicative.

She will be constantly touching your face, shoulders, and palms while having a conversation.

She can also move a little further by holding your hand tightly while laughing or hitting you on the knee or touching that area while talking.

Either she can’t control her desire to touch you, or she is doing it without knowing it.

Whichever it is, it’s your time to take it on the bed! 😉

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3. Your gallery flaunts a lot of her personal pictures

By personal, it doesn’t always mean naked or intimate images.

It includes a picture just before her bedtime where she has no makeup and those cute ones which don’t make it to her Instagram and are just for you.

It can also be a picture she has just clicked in a cab and in which she is looking smoking hot.

Either she can ask “How I’m looking?” or say look “I’m on my way to the restaurant” to not be more obvious.

But the smart girl has already completed the task of gaining your attention and making you feel horny 😉

4. Her eyes will intensify the sexual tension.

A woman has her fantasies and desires. And sometimes when she is willing to sleep with you, she will not be very indicative.

She will wait for you to make the first move.

But don’t you know, the eyes disclose all hidden tales?

You know a woman wants to sleep with you when she stares right into your eyes and refuses to break eye contact.

The glare will instill an atmosphere of sexual tension and even she can feel that.

Women like to play with men by giving some naughty stares. It also communicates her interest to you in a non-verbal way. 😉

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5. Dance your way to her heart!

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Taking her to a dance floor will tell you a lot about her need to take things to the next level.

Dancing is the best way to open up and know what’s in her mind.

If she tries to come really closer with every step and touches you sensually, it means the thoughts of sleeping with you have already crossed her mind.

If she is not interested, she will maintain sufficient distance and dance in a friendly way.

A woman whose interest goes down to your pants will not leave any chance to cuddle with you in between the moves and will not hesitate to be in close proximity.

Want to know if she wants to sleep with you? Take her to the dance floor!

Her dance moves will decide how lucky you are.

Your shining stars can either make you take her home right away or initiate the beginning of a fantastic sex life a few days later.

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6. She plays all the tricks to seduce you

A woman is totally aware of her power. She holds the capacity to seduce a man just by a snap of fingers.

Showing skin is one of the weapons she uses against men she wants to slay. And it’s not the way you think.

When a woman is wearing a short skirt or a backless dress, it’s for herself. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.

You will know a woman is sexually interested when she purposely sits kneeling before you so that more than her cleavage is viable.

This should not be taken as a sign if it’s the first sign and she did the same thing with another man. She probably is unaware of it.

But if she chooses only you out of the crowd to show her body, and presses her breasts against you while passing by, you know you are going to be lucky.

7. Friends become her second priority (because the first is YOU!)

You are at a party and that hot woman has arrived with her friends.

Out of nothing, she leaves her group of friends chatting in the hall, and moves by your side.

She makes it a point to stick with you.

Is it because ​her friends are boring or she hates their guts?

No! She has been obviously enchanted by your charm and can’t keep her eyes off you!

The lady wants to attract your attention and stay close to you simply because she can’t resist the sexual charm.

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8. Your love life is her favorite book to read

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

A deep interest is kept in your love life, or rather, your sex life.

She will ask you how are your scenes with girls and if you have any girlfriend, or if you have your eyes on someone.

Don’t worry, even if you have a girlfriend. That is not going to stop her from wanting you.

She will ask about your girl in almost every conversation. She is really desperate to sleep with you if she says“What a good-looking guy like you is doing with a girl like her?”

Many attempts will be made to prove you deserve someone better… probably a girl like her.

If you aren’t dating anybody, you will be asked about your casual flings and first dates.

When a girl you’ve met just a few weeks ago starts showing so much interest in your sex life, there’s nothing apart from her desire to be a part of it.

9. The teasing will KILL you (If you know what I mean!)

If you don’t already know, teasing is a kind of flirt where the fire is on both sides, but both are trying to play it cool.

The same goes to the woman you are thinking about Is she constantly teasing you for whatever reason she can get?

I’m sure there’s some kind of sexual attraction she feels. loWith time, it will surely come out.

Does the woman hit you knowingly while teasing?? If your answer is yes, then I can already hear both of you making out in the corner.

When a person isn’t ready to show they want you, they give you a gateway to their intense desire through teasing the one they fantasize about.

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10. All your conversations take a sexual turn

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

…and she is the driver!

There’s no doubt about a woman’s​ obsession to sleep with you when she initiates sexual conversations.

If she is frank and like keeping things to the point, she will begin with direct questions like –

What qualities you search for in a woman you want to have sex with, how many women you have slept with, what was the last time you’ve had sex, and if you’ve ever slept with a woman like her.

Through these questions, you will gain first-hand knowledge of her interest.

But if she is shy, she will put in the sensuous conversations by discussing aṣ specific lovemaking scene from a movie, or how it’s been months since she slept with a man.

No matter which way the woman opts, be sure she wants to make things dirty with you and ask for her consent before making any move.

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11. Unknowingly, you will find yourself spending more time with her

In case you haven’t asked the woman out yet, she will find reasons to stick by you.

It can happen that when she decides to leave the party, she wants someone to drop her home and approaches you for it! (Coincidence? No).

She will either say she wants to share the cab or will ask you to drop her to her home.

Remember, when a woman asks you to drop her, it doesn’t always mean she wants to have sex with you. Wait for more signs.

When you drop her outside her home and she suggests:

“Why don’t you come in?” or “I don’t think I’ve anything to do right now. Will you care to join in?”

Then the woman was craving alone time with you and now she has got that one golden chance.

And you will be a fool if you let this golden chance slip out of your hands.

12. Responding to your advances (Sexually!)

If you are afraid to take any clue from a woman as an obvious sign, this shouldn’t bother at all.

You know a woman wants to sleep with you when she reacts positively to your advances.

However, it’s your job to not make it too fast that she is terrified.

Start by taking really slow steps and if she responds positively to them, the night is yours.

Sometimes, a woman doesn’t want more than a kiss or a little smooch.

It’s really important to turn her on and recognize if she is really ready to go forward.

It’s a win if she responds to all of them. But if she shows hesitation, you should simply back off and respect her consent.

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How to Make Women Want to Sleep with You?


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So, what are you waiting for?

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