The 5 Best Sex Discussion Forums In 2024

by John Santana

Online dating is fun. Not only are you meeting new dates, but also people from all walks of life. They enrich your experience and make you more knowledgeable in the sex world. These days, people are no longer satisfied with the plain, old dating style.

They want to chat and discuss with various people about the latest sex trends, best porn sites, and the coolest sex shop in town.

There is so much to be discovered in the sex world. It’s somewhat boring and exhausting having to explain the same thing to each of your dates. So how about a sex forum?

Sex forums are wonderful. You can have a discussion or a debate on anything. There are thousands of sex forums out there. Most of them are rather dull and low-class. If you are pounding your head about where to go, don’t worry, we have gathered a list of the best sex forums for you below.

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Best Sex Forums – Our Recommendations

1. Adult FriendFinder



  • Members can start a group on any sex-related topics
  • Add friends you are compatible with
  • Group call anyone and start an exciting round of discussion


  • You need to sign up and get your ID verified

Wherever you look, you will find Adult FriendFinder to be the most recommended sex forum around. As an online dating site, it comes with the most comprehensive forum features. You can start a group on any sex-related topics like butt play and polyamorous marriage. Go live anytime or encourage members of your group to post their thoughts. It is an engaging community.

There is a community forum where you can start a thread. Ask for advice on how to get laid or the best nightclub in town. People utilize this feature all the time.

If typing is not exciting enough, members can start a group call so everyone can do the debate live. Discussions can get intense at times but this is also the best quality of Adult FriendFinder.

Users often find someone they really click with through the discussion board. In that case, you can add the person as a friend on the platform. Many members find their true love this way.

The only drawback, or the slightly complicated part, is that you will have to be a member of the online dating site to enjoy the right to post and comment. Your ID will be verified by the site to protect other users. This may seem excessive but members feel safe because of the tight security.

The forum is also regularly monitored. Any offensive comment will be removed.

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2. Ashley Madison



  • No topic is taboo as long as it is legal
  • Members are very welcoming and friendly in giving advice
  • Perfect for secret affairs and adultery


  • It sends you regular promotional emails that can be spammy

Designed for having secret affairs, Ashley Madison is the sex forum for anyone with a secret to spill. There is no judgment here. Everyone is safe to disclose their darkest secrets.

Members are welcoming and friendly. They are here to help others struggling to find comfort out there in the real world. There is no taboo as long as the topics fall within the legal realm. You can start a discussion on adultery, young-old couples, sugar momma-baby relationships, and more.

The discussion board is thriving every night as members come online. People love an unusual topic. Everyone is keen to explore more.

Ashley Madison particularly attracts those with secrets to hide from their family and friends. For example, closeted gay people often find the place a safe space for them to speak up just because of how open-minded members are.

Having a discussion is always exciting here. However, Ashley Madison does have the tendency to spam its members with promotional emails. These emails are mixed with forum notifications so it can be difficult for users to turn off the notifications.

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3. iSexyChat



  • All about kinks things to try
  • Experts on BDSM will join the discussion sometimes
  • Smooth user interface


  • Offensive comments are not removed

There is a happy land for those who enjoy a good kink. Take a look at iSexyChat. It’s built exclusively for kinks and BDSM stuff. Members are here to talk about the latest or craziest kinks to try. The vast knowledge of kinks often surprises newbies on the site. Everyone will learn something new.

Experts on the site or even the admins will join in on the discussion sometimes to bring up the hype. This fun and interactive feature encourages more members to speak up and not just observe.

The user interface is smooth and clean. Its sleeky visuals make you want to stay up all night to chat with like-minded members.

Upon browsing through iSexyChat, unfortunately, lots of offensive comments are found. These comments are not removed or regulated. Reporting the user or the comment to admin doesn’t seem to work either.

The site should be doing more to keep the community a happy space. Some of the comments can be outrageous or even illegal. Members may feel quite uncomfortable joining a thread like this.

4. Hip Forums



  • All about the best sex talks
  • A chill vibe for members to update each other on their sexual experience
  • Post photos of yourself to update your followers


  • Not a lot of active members

One of the most positive sex forums you will find. Hip Forums is all about the best sex talks. Where did you have the best sex? What is the best place to have sex? How to find the best sex toy for yourself?

The site is filled with awesome questions and responses. Members are supportive and want to help each other to enjoy sex as much as possible. Its chill vibe and enchanting spirit make it almost impossible to find a single negative comment.

Members can follow each other to see the new activity. You can post photo updates of yourself to update your followers on your gym routine to build a better six-pack to attract the girls. Or just a photo of the best sex shop in the neighborhood.

Hip Forums is cheery. It is a happy place for the smiley faces who never feel the blues. Just being there lifts your spirit.

Sadly, there are not a lot of active members on Hip Forums. The site doesn’t provide the number of users but it can take quite a while to get a response sometimes.

The popular threads will get more replies but sometimes posts can also get zero replies if you don’t post at the right time. It is not the most engaging sex forum.

5. Quora


  • Anonymous feature
  • One of the largest forums with the most active members
  • The site is well-managed so the chance of getting spammed with offensive comments is low


  • Topics are not diverse enough

Quora has already established itself as one of the most famous forums online. The board covers all types of topics. As expected, sex is one of them. The quality of Quora is guaranteed.

Members are allowed to comment anonymously. This is a great feature as most people who engage in a sex discussion board prefer to leave as few details about themselves as possible.

Given the millions of active users on Quora, it is certain that any post will get replies within minutes or hours. The joy of being a part of a thriving community is indescribable.

The site is well-maintained. Offensive comments are removed immediately. Users that repeatedly violate the rules will be banned from the site and from creating further accounts.

It is undeniable that Quora offers a memorable experience but it is also worth noting that most topics are very straightforward and standard. There is not much diversity. It can be due to the nature of Quora. It was not made to be for sex or online dating.

Therefore, it is understandable people aren’t the most adventurous in the sexual realm.

You may feel disappointed if you are trying to discuss certain topics that are usually not accepted in society. Members are not that enthusiastic when discussing topics that are traditionally taboo.

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How to Protect Yourself When Participating in Online Chats?

Unlike online dating, everything you write on an online forum is public, and most probably will stay forever. Never disclose your personal information or details that can be traced back to you.

No matter how safe the site is, you do not want your personal information to be around for everyone to see.

Leave any room with offensive comments. These comments can come with legal consequences. You can be held accountable for things you say.

Be respectful and do not engage in a fight. Simply report it to the admin and enjoy your chat experience.


Talking about sex is never boring. It is as orgasmic as having sex. For the best experience, you need to be around people sharing similar thoughts and beliefs. Sign up on these best sex forums to start your endeavor. You may even run into the love of your life while talking about the best sex position.

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