Phrendly Dating App Review – Can You Really Make Money?

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Can you make money online through Phrendly? Or can you meet women? Not really, and it is quite a sketchy experience.

The rise of online dating sites also led to the insurgence of adult money-making sites. These sites promote the use of explicit content for money. Most of them encourage girls to show their bodies in front of a camera and please their audience by accepting paid requests.

It provides a lot of girls with the idea that this is easy money. Besides, if you are on a dating site already, why shouldn’t you make some money while meeting possible dates?

In light of recent trends and grasping the opportunity, Phrendly is a site where you can supposedly make a buttload through flirting and keeping your matches satisfied. At the glimpse, Phrendly seems too good to be true. Upon investigation, it does turn out to be fake and disappointing.

For those looking for a real date and fantastic dating experience, there are much better options out there Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and You shouldn’t waste your time on a third-class dating app like this one.

To read our full analysis as to why Phrendly will not do the magic for you, continue this article!


What is Phrendly?

Phrendly is not your ordinary online dating platform. It is an online dating app that advertises buying your love. On its homepage, there is a big slogan that goes, “Real relationships, buy online.” It does not get as direct as this.

Users can join and make money by flirting with other members through text or call. The longer you can keep a client there or the more frequently your client comes back to you, the more money you can make.

The whole concept is that you have to pay to initiate a conversation. You will have to add more credits to your account if you want to keep the conversation going. That way, not only are you paying your date, but you also can have a better understanding of how much you want that person to be your partner.

Some people find Phrendly too prude. You will find reviews that Phrendly is absolutely legit, and those people claim to have made over $1000 in a week. However, these claims are likely untrue. After trying out its features, it is revealed that Phrendly does not live up to its promises most of the time. And here’s why.

How Does Phrendly Work?

  • Register

Everyone can get registered as a free member. On its front page, there is a happy girl smiling while looking at her phone. Becoming a member is easy. All you need is your phone number to receive a verification code. Then, you are directed to the profile page, where you can check out other people.

  • Pay to start conversations/ or get paid

In order to make money, you will have to make sure other people initiate a conversation with you. Members can start a conversation by buying another member a virtual drink, which is called “sip.”

When the drink runs out, then your conversation will end. If you are interested in continuing the conversation, you will have to buy another virtual drink.

Since you are the one who decides to initiate, you have to pay. The receiving member is able to get everything for free. If she can keep you on the hook, she can easily make as much as $500-$1000 a week.

Besides texting, there is also the audio and video calling feature. This allows members to earn a greater share with a longer call time.

If you think Phrendly sounds too magical and are skeptical, you should be. While Phrendly does payout if you successfully make some money, it is much harder than it promotes.

First of all, most girls provide flakey gifs in their profiles (the site promotes the use of gifs as it is seen as funny and trending). These either comedic or overly sexual photos make you feel like you are browsing on a strip club’s site.

There is also no way to verify the identity of each girl as the site only takes phone verification. Any site that involves making money through dating should carefully filter its members. It is not a safe experience.

  • But don’t meet offline

The strangest part of this so-called “trending” site is that members are not expected to meet offline. The whole purpose of it is that people can flirt online only. Yet, it still promotes finding true love. The whole site navigation and core values are contradictory, which explains why the quality and features are inconsistent.

How Much Does Phrendly Cost?

A sip is $10, and 10 sips are $90. To know how ridiculous this amount is, know that a virtual cup is usually finished within 6 to 8 minutes.

That means you will have to pay $10 every 10 minutes. That is the most expensive flirting experience you will ever have.

How is The Member Quality?


This moneymaker claims to be for anyone looking for real love. To begin with, the site is extremely exclusive despite stating otherwise. Phrendly says it welcomes members from all over the world but only users with US or Canadian phone numbers are accepted.

It is very rare for people in other countries to fit this requirement. The platform is hardly international or diverse.

The best selling point to Phrendly is that girls are joining to make some extra cash. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed to have a large number of female members. Although this claim is true, the quality is definitely not as high as it brags.

Most women are either lonely or looking to make money without the intention to date or even possess the skills to be flirty. A lot of member reviews have said that users encountered strange experiences with other members.

They said that it felt like a total waste of money and investment to buy credits to sustain a conversation.

What Are Some Better Options?

Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are the best online dating platform for those open to anything. High-quality women are attracted to sign up because both sites are chill and gather opening-minded members.

Love and sex are not seen as a transaction on these sites. You will find your soulmate and long-term partners if you want. Nothing feels like a business. Everything falls in place so perfectly. After using Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison, you will see just how unreliable Phrendly is.

Final Thoughts

Finding love should never include money. Girls with the aim to make money through dating are not the girls you want to consider long-term partners.

Phrendly twisted the meaning of the matchmaking world while positioning itself as the dating site that gets you love and money. There are rarely any successful cases of that.

Most of the time, there are only work relationships between the two. One pays money to see a girl thinking she is the one, while the girl is only on Phrendly to pay off her college debt.

If you are on Phrendly for fun or just think of it as another platform where you can pay to meet girls, go for it. Otherwise, there is no love or any sort of relationship on Phrendly. Go for Adult FriendFinder or Ashley Madison instead.

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