PeopleLooker Review

PeopleLooker Review: Is The Background Checking Platform Legit?

by John Santana

Did your date ever give you the serial killer vibe? Do you ever wonder if your match is really who they claim to be? With online dating platforms, it’s hard to verify the profiles because most sites lack the proper security procedures.

If you are looking for extra security, PeopleLooker could be a way to vet your potential dates. It pulls online resources together to create a file for the specific person you are looking for. From criminal records to financial situations, it claims to provide a comprehensive report to users.

Find out if PeopleLooker is legit and does it get the job done with the full report here.

PeopleLooker At a Glance

First Impression: 6/10
Features: 5/10
Process: 3/10
Accuracy: 3/10
Pricing: 3/10

Overall: 4/10

Final verdict: PeopleLooker gives a basic background about the person you are searching for. It drives information from the internet without applying proper filters. All the information it presents can be found by yourself online anyway. Besides, information accuracy is rather low, considering its premium pricing. It serves as a pointer if you are absolutely unfamiliar with the internet. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money to pay for the service for results you could’ve gotten for free.

If you want to meet up on an online date without fearing for their real identities, it is best to sign up to reputable sites that conduct thorough background checks before accepting members instead of throwing the burden onto yourself. Some premium online dating sites include Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

In-depth Review Of PeopleLooker

In-depth Review Of PeopleLooker

First Impression

Designs speak louder than the whole package. Even if you have an out-of-this-world invention, without a proper presentation, no one will bet an eye on it. This describes PeopleLooker best as its baby blue theme coupled with the childhood animation does not really give the “professional detective” vibe. If people have to judge a book by its cover, PeopleLooker would be a scam.

Still, when you start exploring the features, the entire service is decent. The jump from each feature to the next is smooth with easy handling. New users can get the hang of the system in a short time.

All of the features are intuitive without much explanation. It is understandable as users are supposed to know what they are signing up for. Even without the step-by-step guide, users will manage to find their way.

The first impression of PeopleLooker is semi-acceptable. It is not the most stunning layout on the market but it is user-friendly. It makes users wonder what kind of quality results it can deliver.

So far, the features run smoothly without any delays. Fast response time is crucial to keep users on the app. It adds to the user’s desire to stay and explore more and potentially pay for the services.

First impression: 6/10


This section is probably the most intriguing for you. PeopleLooker offers a standard range of search features. The more detailed information you can provide, the better data it can draw.

The most basic information you will need to perform a search is the first and last name. Any details you have such as phone number, address, occupation, email, social media, relatives, etc., help with the search.

Search requests may not be processed if you cannot provide the full name, which is a major downside. You likely won’t know your date’s last name from the online dating app. Hence, this limitation poses the biggest disadvantage if you are using it to vet a match.

PeopleLooker does more than conduct background searches, you can also shield your information from other searchers. With its premium plans, you can hide your information online so others cannot locate you. But this only lasts until your subscription expires and it limits the searches performed on this platform only.

Others will still be able to get your information online. This particular feature seems to be quite useless and contradictory when two paying users are searching for each other on PeopleLooker with the information removal setting on.

In addition, you can also locate any properties and previous employment history on the target. Although it is worth mentioning that all the search results cannot be used as an official document in any form. PeopleLooker is for personal use only.

Features: 5/10


When you submit a request, PeopleLooker will automatically scan through its massive database to comply with a list of possible matches. The processing time depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the number of possible matches, information available, and complexity of the searches.

On average, requests are processed within 48 hours. This is the same with the information removal request. PeopleLooker does not remove all your data from its site immediately. It will first verify your paying status and the expiry date of your subscription plan.

Then, it will collect all the data points it has on you before locking them away so other users cannot access them. The information removal request can take longer or go back and forth when the removal is not complete or when you suspect other users can still look it up.

PeopleLooker’s speed in processing requests is not efficient, even for leisurely use. For paying users, they should expect to get the full records within 12 hours. The time range is the main reason PeopleLooker has been struggling to get more clients over the years.

Process: 3/10


PeopleLooker Accuracy

In terms of accuracy, users should be screaming for their money back. PeopleLooker gives a super general search result based on the information given. It happens frequently when the results generated are not even the same target.

Even if accurate information, the search system still fails to process the data by location. Most users searching for someone in Colorado will find matches in Mexico or Canada. It is disappointing for users to manually filter the results when they are paying to have the job done.

Furthermore, most of the data points are outdated. While you may get the financial records of the person 10 years ago, recent records are often missing. The engine is not powerful enough to categorize the data points by relevancy. Hence, a huge chunk of the report is useless.

After you first get the report, you can perform another search if the results are not satisfactory. Be ready to be mind blown as further searches could land you on the other side of the world.

The search engine is unstable that even adding a relative’s name could fly you across the state to an entirely different person. The instability warns users to be very careful with what they put in the search filters.

What is more disappointing is probably how PeopleLooker sources through social media as part of the report. You can see the person’s public social media profiles, which are extremely easy to find for anyone to begin with. It is hard to refrain from calling PeopleLooker a scam at this point.

Arguably, some people get confused with the internet and need to be handed over the simplest searches. This only covers the minority as the majority of people gather these results with ease. Therefore, PeopleLooker’s lack of quality reports makes it difficult to justify its charges.

Accuracy: 3/10


PeopleLooker only offers two types of subscription plans, monthly or seasonal (3 months). For the monthly pass, it costs $23, whereas the 3-month subscription plan costs $19 per month. Alternatively, you can do the trial plan which costs $1 and covers one week.

The lack of more subscription options means you don’t get to save too much even if you opt for the 3-month plan. In that case, it is good to reflect on the benefits PeopleLooker brings to you, which are close to zero.

For a search engine that conducts searches similar to Google, it is outrageous to dare to charge users $20 per month on average. All of the information available is gathered online.

PeopleLooker does not penetrate any deeper into a company’s performance evaluation or comments to help you draw a clearer picture of your date. Everything you get is as shallow as your match’s profile. PeopleLooker is not helping users to get to know anyone.

If you want to gather information on someone, Google offers much better search results. Otherwise, there is a steep price jump if you want a search engine with higher quality.

Pricing: 3/10


Before you meet someone, it is essential to verify the person’s identity. Although PeopleLooker saves you that tiny bit of time in compiling the records for you, its inaccurate results and high price points should not be tolerated.

Instead of worrying about meeting a scammer or running into a fake profile, you should only sign up on reputable online dating sites to leave bots and fake profiles with zero chance of contacting you. Get your membership plans on the top trending sites like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals today.

John Santana

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