OnlyFlings Review

OnlyFlings Reviewed: An Honest Look at the Dating Site’s Pros and Cons

by John Santana

Looking for a reliable hookup site? The internet will never run out of options. There are endless suggestions out there if you do a keyword search. But, which one is good?

If you haven’t heard of OnlyFlings, it’s advertised as a bombing hookup site for singles to forget about life and go wild. It advocates no-strings-attached relationships. It’s meant to be a place of lust without love.

Is it as good as advertised? Should you be throwing your dollars on OnlyFlings? In this review, we will discover everything about OnlyFlings and see if it is legit.

OnlyFlings At a Glance

OnlyFlings Advantages:

  • Good for hookups

OnlyFlings Disadvantages:

  • Lots of fake operators scam users
  • Certain features require extra credits on top of the monthly fee
  • Profiles are not diverse
  • Known for overcharging users
  • The system crashes frequently

First impression: 1/10
Signup and searching: 2/10
Matching and messaging: 2/10
Profile quality: 1/10
Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 1.6/10

Final verdict: After seeing the score, it is understandable that you are no longer interested in the full report. So, here is the final verdict. OnlyFlings is not legit. It is 100% a scam.

It is among the poorest hookup sites in history. First of all, it is almost impossible to spot a positive comment on its online reviews. It is easy to see why. Nothing is well-organized.

With the system constantly crashing, features on OnlyFlings are never working at full capacity. The site uses fake operators to scam users, tricking them into believing hot dates are coming when the only thing coming their way is the expensive bill.

Other than the monthly fee, members have to pay extra to enjoy various features. All these things combined make OnlyFlings a hard pass for curious daters.

Don’t be frustrated yet. In case you don’t know, we have reviewed other excellent dating sites like Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals. They are reputable matchmakers with a proven track record in finding users the best hookups in town.

OnlyFlings in-depth Review

First Impression

Before we dive into the good stuff of matching, going through reviews is an essential task to determine if a site is trustworthy. It saves you a lot of time. When you look at OnlyFlings’ online reviews, it is your cue to stop.

OnlyFlings claims to have around 600,000 active members. While the number is not staggeringly high, it is fairly decent for a small online dating site. However, it has received exclusively negative comments from users, which is alarming. Thousands of paid members are left furious, claiming the site is scamming people’s money.

There are fake operators to lure users into upgrading their membership plans. You will not hear the end of it. There is nothing good about OnlyFlings’ reviews.

Then, when you move on to seeing the site for the first time, everything becomes suspicious. OnlyFlings is not a well-funded platform. You shouldn’t use premium standards to judge it. Still, the level of laziness shining through the site tells you how the developers never plan to give their audiences the best entertainment.

The site is laggy, plain, and unresponsive. Some buttons are not properly linked. The devil is in the detail. When users register for their free account on the front page, they are immediately asked to agree to the terms and conditions, which pretty much exploit their personal data.

Cybersecurity is a joke on OnlyFlings. Users have expressed their frustration with the site’s privacy settings. There is a high risk of data leakage.

If none of the above has sparked a red enough flag for you, you have an inexplicable love for OnlyFlings. For ordinary users, seeing this is a big sign to stop and shop elsewhere.

First Impression: 1/10

Signup And Searching


As you have figured, security is non-existent on OnlyFlings. All you need is an email to create an account. There is no ID verification either. Virtually anyone can sign up and create numerous accounts for fun. The site has adopted zero protocol to stop the influx of bots.

Once you sign up, you can enjoy the limited search filters in the sea of profiles. The supposed advanced search filters are not accurate at all. They lead to nowhere but confusion. For example, even if you have set the location to a city in Ohio, you will find matches all the way to California even when there are still new profiles in your area.

The search engine has to be significantly improved to live up to expectations. Users will not feel like they are seeing profiles from search results. The grid looks completely random and unorganized. Not having a basic search engine is quite unacceptable. It is such a crucial feature. Yet, it is ignored here.

There are live shows going on frequently. This is meant to be fun for members but the inability of the site to establish a smooth connection suggests otherwise. Users are often logged out and cannot log back in. They are also unexpectedly redirected to paid live streams they never signed up for.

When there are live events, ordinary users may not enjoy their regular dating sessions for the whole night. The server is not capable of hosting large-scale events at all. Even for paid members enjoying the show, the connection drops occasionally. It is a rare sight to see a whole show without interruption.

Signup And Searching: 2/10

Matching And Messaging

On OnlyFlings, you can add people to your Buddy Network. It acts as a social media platform with various video chat and live stream features. You can update your status to alert your buddies. The sound of these features is attractive. Unfortunately, none of them is well-executed.

Features on OnlyFlings are known to crash without warning. A 5-minute video chat with your match could break several times. These awesome features are the lubricant to smoothen your matchmaking journey. Sadly, they only deter users because they are impractical.

Messages are categorized in the chat room. Users can pin their friends and message request to make them more visible. Suggestive prompts are given. Members are outspoken about their sexual needs. Don’t be surprised if you get asked how you like your rim job as a conversation starter.

If you are strongly against sexual and violent jokes, you need to stay away from OnlyFlings. The moral lines get blurred out quickly as soon as you enter Wonderland. Offensive comments and messages are not attended to. The site lets harassers roam freely. Members are often complaining about the inappropriate messages they receive.

Although OnlyFlings gives absolute freedom of speech, its careless attitude means sexual harassment is commonplace.

Matching And Messaging: 2/10

Profile Quality

a person using mobile phone

If everything above is not scary enough, this section is possibly the most terrifying. The profile quality on OnlyFlings is horrendous. It is baffling to see a dating site like this can be out on the market charging people hundreds of bucks.

Upon entering its main dating log, you are greeted by a dozen of fake operators. They will try to extend the conversation with you as much as possible, coercing you into buying more credits. Their tactics will make you feel they want to meet up with you. That’s how they keep you on the hook until you have spent a few thousand bucks.

Then, when the fake operators are too busy for you, you run into other fake profiles and bots. Idle profiles are somehow still listed in search results. They have not been active for a few years. The site cannot be bothered to remove them so you end up wasting your credits and energy to message empty accounts.

On your lucky day, you may meet one or two real daters but they likely do not live in your state. There is a high chance they do not live in the same country. The chaotic search system can bring you profiles on the other side of the world.

Over 70% of members are males on OnlyFlings. A lopsided gender ratio often suggests a messy dating scene. Men are aggressively looking for dates while women can be intimidated by the overflowing male accounts. Regardless of the purpose of the site, a dating site with gender imbalance issues will tell off some potential members.

Age-wise, members of OnlyFlings are mostly between the age of 25 to 40. This is possibly the most diverse indicator here. Other than age, there is nothing on its member distribution to suggest a diverse space.

If you are gay, OnlyFlings is not where you will find any sort of flings. Despite its members being fairly open-minded, members are almost strictly heterosexual singles. It is a difficult platform for homosexual singles to meet others.

Basically, getting a date through OnlyFlings is a fantasy. It will never come true. The profile quality is poor. There is no selection of matches at all. Everything the site is doing is simply to scam you into paying more.

Profile Quality: 1/10


Although OnlyFlings is not worth one single penny whatsoever, it is still a must to take a look at its pricing. The matchmaking service provider separates its features with a monthly subscription model on top of a credit system. On average, OnlyFlings costs $12 per month plus credits spent.

The monthly plan gives you access to unlimited messages and profile visits. You can send and receive as many messages as you like. There is no cap on the profiles you check out as well so you can see everyone’s full profile.

Credit-based features include webcam shows and SMS messages. One token costs $1. Hence, you will pay around $30 to attend a live show. It seems like quite a rip-off to be paying $30 extra for a show on top of the monthly membership. Eventually, you will be paying $300 additionally per month because of all the live shows.

OnlyFlings is also notorious for overcharging its users. In its online reviews, plenty of ex-members have voiced out their anger about the ridiculous charges OnlyFlings throw at them such as wrongly charging them for live shows they never attended or doubling the charges without prior notice.

All in all, the only thing OnlyFlings goes out of its way to do is to overcharge its users. The $12 membership fee is not expensive but at this price point, you will enjoy it more spending it at a local pub.

Pricing: 2/10


OnlyFlings is wildly disappointing. From the fake operators to overcharging members, the red flags are in your face. There is nothing but regret if you ever sign up here. Keep your money as you will discover lots of quality daters at a fraction of what OnlyFlings is charging.

Try Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals to refresh your knowledge vault on kickass hookup sites!

John Santana

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