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The Top 10 Reasons Why Older Women Are Great Partners

by John Santana

Age gap who? In this modern day and time, relationships have become more open and acceptable to what was previously considered totally taboo. Interracial relationships, girls making the first move, living together before marriage, same-sex couples — these were touchy subjects way back that no one really dared to bring up in casual conversations.

This includes the age gap, especially when dating someone older than you; more specifically, in older women relationships. But the good news is, times have changed.

One survey conducted shows that almost 90% of men are interested in dating someone who’s 10 years older. Apparently, people now prefer to date significantly older women.

Case in point: in Hollywood, older woman-younger man love affairs are quite the talk of the town. Remember Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra? Madonna and her range of younger beaus? Although some of them have already broken up, they were too iconic to make it to tabloid headlines for a long time. It’s all because it’s unusual for women to be older; it’s normally the other way around.

There’s no scientific explanation (at least, not yet!) as to why an increasing number of younger men see older women as great partners. But in some situations, relationships are becoming successful because of factors and qualities that older women have. If you’re curious to know the formula– read on to know the top reasons why older women make great partners.

Experience and Maturity

Older women literally have been alive longer than you, so that being said, they have far more experience in life than you do. They have “years of experience” far ahead of you, in terms of relationship or career. It’s mostly how it is: older woman is more mature because they offer a wealth of experiences to new relationships that younger partners can learn from. In a way, maturity helps navigate relationships because of the wisdom they bring to the table. You can learn a lot from an older woman, and you can use these learnings as an advantage to grow as an individual and as a relationship partner.

Confidence and Independence

They say that a mature woman is far more confident than a younger one. And this is part of what attracts men to someone older than them. Older women tend to be more self-sufficient, both emotionally and financially. They can take care of their well-being and have most likely established themselves in their respective fields. They have a great sense of who they are. They don’t depend on other people most of the time, because their lives don’t revolve around their partners. This is great news for younger men who detest clingy, childish partners because dating someone independent and secure means that there’s less to worry about.

Clear Expectations and Goals

Older women are way past the days of dilly-dallying. You’re dealing with a mature woman who already knows what they want from the beginning. Playing mind games is not a thing for them anymore, because they’re not someone to waste their time. An older woman can speak her mind and be direct about what she likes and what she doesn’t. They’re more direct and upfront if they’re interested in you. Most older women are also goal-minded; they are clear on what they want in a relationship and know their priorities as mature individuals.

Relaxed Attitude

Some men think older women are great partners because of how calm and composed they are as compared to younger ones. When dating someone young, they can be more anxious and insecure, comparing themselves to women of their age. Whereas older women, don’t really worry about their dating game anymore. They’re usually just chill and carefree, taking it easy dating younger ones.

Emotional Stability

When it comes to maturity, it’s not only about age and disposition. It’s also about being able to handle and control emotional intensity. Older women are far less jealous, insecure, and immature. In their life, they’ve most likely experienced a range of emotions and stress levels in the course of their previous relationships. So in a way, they regulate emotions by setting boundaries and expressing emotions more clearly. When dating older women, you can expect fewer mood swings and random outbursts– that is if you never trigger them in the first place!

Sexual Experience and Comfort

Compared to younger women, older ones are less conscious of sex, mainly because they already know how to have fun. Sexual compatibility is also a big advantage in dating older women. Some older women may probably have had multiple sexual partners in their lifetime, and that alone help them have experience in flirting and sexual relations. They know how to pleasure themselves and their partners, and they are not embarrassed to reveal their fetishes and turn-ons. And because generally, they’re more mature, they can be more adventurous in bed– much to the delight of younger partners.

Open-mindedness and Flexibility

Dating someone who’s open-minded is always the ideal choice. They’re more accepting of new ideas and perspectives beyond their own. Having met a lot of people in their life, they know how to tackle different situations and manage expectations. This can mean that there’s a lot less tension being in a relationship with them, making older women great partners. If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s open-minded, fewer issues arise because they are more understanding that people have different views.

Rationality and Logic

Another reason why people date older women is that they’re usually more reasonable. Older women tend to not let their feelings get the best of them. In relationships, decision-making is very important. Having a partner who can decide logically and act fast in situations can really work wonders. Plus, good conversations arise when dating someone who’s logical and intellectual. Resolving conflicts can be easier when dating more rational people too.

Financial Stability

Even when we say that money shouldn’t be a factor when dating, financial issues will most likely be brought up in the course of your relationship. One factor why people like dating older women is because they’re more stable in their careers and finances. Because they’ve been working for so long, they are more financially independent than those who are still starting in their careers. Older women can pay their own bills, maintain enough savings and manage their debt (if any). Dating a financially literate woman would do you more favor because you don’t have to worry about dating someone who’s only after your money.

Life Lessons and Wisdom

Irish poet Oscar Wilde once famously said “Wisdom comes with age.”  It’s true; as we get older, we experience a lot in life and learn from it. This also applies to relationships because dating someone older than you can mean that they can teach you more stuff about life that you don’t know yet. Because of their many experiences, they can make better decisions and good judgment that can be very beneficial to their partners. This means fewer shallow disagreements and more growth as individuals and partners.

A Piece of Advice On Dealing with and Dating Older Women 

Numbers show that most people prefer older women because they are great partners, and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, with all the reasons why men find it more endearing to date someone older than them, it may be high time to actually consider this if you want to experience a new kind of relationship. Older women make great partners because they’re generally wiser and more mature. Remember though, that although these may be true it also largely depends on how you are as a partner. So if you want to date an older woman, there’s no stopping you– who knows, it might just be the best commitment of your life!

John Santana

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