My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Me Anymore – Here’s What You Should Do

by John Santana

We all know that feeling when your heart just keeps saying “He doesn’t love me anymore”…

Sometimes it is just a mere thought that crosses every girl’s mind once in a while. And sometimes it’s the harsh reality we refuse to accept.

“He loves me… he loves me not!”

Believe me, this question can be really confusing in a relationship… especially if it concerns a guy.

Men are sometimes extremely difficult to understand. And with their mysterious mask on their face all the time, they can successfully manipulate you with their perfectly woven words.

Even if he doesn’t love you anymore, he will stay with you because it’s better to be with one rather than none.

But girl, his words can fool you… but not his actions!

Do you know when a man falls out of love, he shows some signs? Go through the signs to know if he really doesn’t love you anymore.

Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

1. She is better!

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Don’t we all want our man to be our biggest fan and greatest admirer?

Don’t we all want our partner’s eyes to gleam with pride when he introduces us to his friends as his girl?

But if the guy who was once crazy about you and thought you were the best starts comparing you to other girls, you know that something is wrong.

You will start asking yourself questions like why he keeps comparing you to other girls and why in all of these comparisons, those girls are better than you.

It seems trivial but it’s a serious issue as it can not only be a big hit on your self-esteem, but also reeks of your guy’s decreasing interest.

It’s a big warning sign when a guy compares you to his female friends, and worse if to your own best friend.

It means he isn’t happy with the way you are and is finding other women more attractive and a better option to choose as a girlfriend.

2. The time he spent with you is now shared with someone else

When we love someone, we just want to spend every second of the day with them.

I’m sure even your boyfriend once wanted to share all of his free time with you.

He would call you if he has a day off. He made weekend plans with you.

Even he canceled some of his night outs with his friends to stay by your side.

But it seems the crazy and passionate phase of your love is over now and things are not like before anymore.

It’s quite common to be less enthusiastic in the later stages of a relationship.

But if he isn’t even eager to give you the time that was only meant for you, then it’s obvious that he isn’t interested anymore.

Your boyfriend will be very selfish with his time.

He will spend his weekends with his friends or even the people he met a few days ago, but not with you.

He will cancel plans at the last moment for catching a movie with someone who is not even that important to him.

You will realize that it’s been a long time since both of you went on a proper date and he doesn’t even make efforts to let that happen.

All the out of the blue surprises at your front gate has come to an end now.

The guy who once fought to be with you doesn’t even care to ask about your plans for the weekend.

This is common when a guy falls out of love.

He just doesn’t give her the time she deserves so slowly and steadily she will get the idea that their relationship is dead and she should move out on her own.

3. All the “I love you’s” sound hollow

Do you keep asking yourself if he loves you or not?

Then it’s a bad sign for your relationship because if your man loved you, you didn’t have to ask these questions to yourself.

Your man must have made sure to let you know he loved you in the early stages of the relationship.

There are also chances that he stopped saying “I love you” altogether.

Now when you are the first one to express how much you love him, the “I love you too” just sounds weird to your heart.

You have stopped doing the cute things that lovers do and just go by your own lives.

It’s also better to keep in mind that love can be expressed not just with words but also with actions.

But he also doesn’t lovingly peck you on the lips while saying goodbye.

All his hugs are turning to formal rituals and seem as if they are pretended.

There isn’t any warmth in his touch when you take his hand into yours.

If similar things are happening to your relationship and you feel unloved with every moment you spend with him, then it’s quite obvious that the relationship has become one-sided.

4. Your support system is gone!


Isn’t it the best feeling when a person stands with us in all our good and bad times? And when it is your partner, it’s a different kind of satisfaction.

The same must have happened to you with your man when he suddenly held your hand and said he is there for you.

And the truth is, he was. But when a man falls out of love, he will not care for your happiness anymore.

Also, it’s not about depending on him for your happiness. It’s about if he is there to hold your hand and just to be with you when times are hard.

If the one who promised you to take all your worries away starts turning out to be the reason for your worries and doesn’t give a damn to your feelings, then he is just isn’t in love with you anymore.

5. Your text box reeks of loneliness

Gone are the days of love letters… even if they were more romantic, the modern-day relationship is very much based on calls and texts.

And mind you, they are no less important.

Spending some time together is okay, but when someone takes the initiative to leave a message in your inbox, it means they want to be with you even when you are not around.

It’s just a sign that they miss you and want you by their side.

When someone is crazy for you, you will receive a lot of text messages from sweet good mornings and sexy good nights to random funny emoticons.

I’m sure your boyfriend did it too when the world seemed beautiful and he seemed to be in love with you.

I’m happy for you if things are the same now. But if all of his messages have suddenly stopped, then it’s bad news for you.

You know a guy doesn’t love you anymore when you check your phone every minute hoping for a text or call from him and be disappointed to find none.

He may give excuses and say he is busy. But no one is too busy to leave you even a single text in a day.

When he has stopped making all attempts to initiate conversations over texts and calls, you know that things are not the same anymore.

6. He is constantly annoyed by you

When you are in love, even the stupidest thing that your lover does seem funny and cute.

We laugh at their poor jokes and love it when they tease us and become all lovey-dovey even in public.

But when we hate someone, we can’t even stand their sight. Even if they are not doing anything, just their existence and presence in the same room makes us feel annoyed.

The same things will happen to a man when he no longer loves you and wants to end the relationship.

All the things that he once considered cute about you will start annoying him. No matter what you do, he will never seem to be happy with any of those activities.

He may not confront you with his true feelings as faking it is always better than confrontation for cowards, so he will just be there for the sake of it and suck the life out of your soul.

7. You have lost count of the number of arguments

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

Arguments will be so frequent and so repetitive that it will seem as if he craves for them.

The issues of these arguments can be anything from serious to trivial. But he will stretch the trivial topics equally as if he just needs something to fight about.

He will get angry at every little thing. It will seem that his tolerance level is dropping every single day and everything that you do annoys him.

When a man wants his way out of a relationship, it’s common for him to play such tricks to get out as soon as possible.

It’s just his way to let you know that he is pissed off in this relationship and just can’t tolerate it anymore.

But subsequently, he will make your life with him hell so that you don’t trouble him much for the last chance and just end things the way he wants.

8. You have started feeling “not good enough” with him

Whatever you do, it will never be good enough for him.

I know that when you realized that your relationship lacks love, you tried all sorts of ways to fix it.

You made several efforts to make him feel special and make him realize that you still love him.

But whatever you did, it was not good enough to make him come back to you. Till now, all your efforts go in vain as he remains unaffected.

As a result, you feel unwanted, insecure, and unworthy of the love of this guy.

9. There is no spark left in your intimate life

While men can have sex with a woman even if they are not in love with them, they can also refuse to have sex with you when he is no longer interested.

Maybe, he has found someone else who gives him what he wants. Or he is just avoiding it because he doesn’t feel the same desire for you anymore.

If your boyfriend stops showing interest in the bed, it’s one of the biggest signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.

And it’s not only about your sexual life.

You will find that he no longer makes efforts to kiss, cuddle, or even hold your hands anymore.

10. There’s nothing to talk about


Your man can fail to text you stating he is busy; fail to talk to you over calls saying he is very tired after a long day at work.

But when he will be there sitting in front of you and he has nothing to talk about, it’s a sign staring right at your face that the relationship has nothing to save.

This feels different than when he ignores you. It feels like both of you have run out of topics to talk about.

Obviously, you have a lot going on in your mind and you want to say them all, but his body language will seem like he isn’t approachable anymore.

He will not maintain eye contact and keep moving his eyes to every other direction.

His body language will seem as if he isn’t happy to be with you and is not interested to sit with you at the same place.

When you will try to ask how his life is going, he will reply with one-word answers or instead will say he has nothing to talk about.

When this happens, you should realize that things are no longer in your hands. It’s too late to talk now as he has moved away from you already – both physically and emotionally.

And if you are still not sure, check this: Signs he is not THAT into you.

What to do now?


It’s unfortunate to see someone you love so much fall out of love with you. You try everything to save the relationship, yet he just ignores everything and goes on twisting the knife in your heart.

The pain is unexplainable, especially when you have loved him with all your heart and have no clue how life would be without him in it.

When this happens, it’s better to leave the man and move on to save yourself from further trauma. But what if you want to make a last attempt at saving your relationship?

And, you want to make him fall in love with you again.

And, you want to make him crazy and obsessed with you.

If that’s the case, with the help of His Secret Obsession, you will see your man helplessly making efforts to be with you.

This relationship guide contains all the tips and tricks that can make your man obsessed with you by tapping into his psychology and mind. By learning the “hero instinct”, you are sure to turn the tables and make him committed to you forever.


John Santana

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