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Top 5 Military Dating Apps & Sites in 2024: Find Your Match in Uniform

by John Santana

With the services you have provided to the country, you deserve a loving relationship and a happy retirement. In reality, unfortunately, whether you are currently in the military or have retired from active duty, finding a partner is no piece of cake.

There are lots of stereotypes and concerns about dating an officer or a soldier. To begin with, people are worried that you’d be emotionally unstable, have suffered from irreversible trauma, or be prone to violence. The stigma a military man has to fight puts an obstacle in his dating life.

Walking into a bar and proudly sharing your achievements may not yield much appreciation. The frustration is real. You have spent the golden years defending your country. Yet, there seem to be ample challenges for you to integrate back to society.

Following the surge of online dating sites, you no longer need to bust your head around where to find your next date. There is no better way to find like-minded people in a pool specifically made for you. Sit in the comfort of your own home and explore all the possibilities.

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Best Military Dating Sites: Our Recommendations

1. Adult FriendFinder



  • Members adore servicemen and veterans
  • Stunning interactive features like community forums and a newsfeed wall
  • High-quality profiles


  • Group video calls are laggy sometimes

There are not a lot of dating sites with 90 million registered users, and Adult FriendFinder is one of the rare ones. In its 20-something years of service, it has celebrated the love of thousands of relationships.

On this platform, members are easy-going and open-minded. They are particularly attracted to people with a kickass background. Being a veteran surely tops the list. Announce yourself as such and feel free to share as many details as possible in your profile. People won’t be intimidated by it. On the contrary, they will find it hot and irresistible.

Its fun-loving members aren’t just the only tempting feature. Adult FriendFinder builds an all-inclusive community that supports its members, including a community forum where everyone can post and join threads, a newsfeed wall to stay current with your friends’ activities, status updates that your friends can comment on. These features encourage a deeper bonding among members and facilitate the matchmaking process.

Profiles are extremely high-quality. Every profile has to be approved by the system before it can be found in search. Thus, members’ safety is ensured. Suspicious accounts are taken out at once.

The site excels in so many regards but it does come with its demerits. One of its best features, which allows users to have group calls, is often laggy and the frame is pixelated.

The call may also end abruptly. Adult FriendFinder has been trying to address this issue but, so far, no improvement has been seen. However, this small setback does not intercept the fun this giant platform carries. Military men are finding their true love and hot dates every night.

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2. Ashley Madison



  • A safe place for secrets
  • Anonymous payment method
  • Encrypted messages


  • Difficulty to find a serious relationship

Look no further for a place that guarantees maximum security. Ashley Madison is here for those seeking a safe matching experience. When it was first created, the online dating site catered to people looking for discreet affairs. In line with the services it offers, the data encryption on this site is unmatched. Its tight security system has been praised over the years.

Ashley Madison is a community that respects privacy. Your secrets are safe with the understanding members. It is common for members to confide in each other and that is the reason this online dating site is popular among military men.

Enjoy the anonymous payment method. You don’t have to worry about unexpected bills popping up on your phone and your family will find out. Ashley Madison’s strength in privacy extends beyond this. Its encrypted message feature can automatically erase chat history after a set period. Users don’t have to fuss about setting an alarm to delete the chat.

There are lots of benefits to using Ashley Madison to find a date. However, if you are looking for something serious, the adultery site will most likely disappoint you. Although the site is now attending to a much larger audience base, most members are not the type to settle for a committed relationship. The chance of finding your true love is slim. Nonetheless, it is still a great place for fun.

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3. MilitaryFriends


  • Many essential features are free
  • Exclusively for military men and women
  • Blog sections with contributing articles from members


  • A lot of ads

Exclusively for soldiers, MilitaryFriends is where you can exchange military thoughts and conversations freely. The site has been around for 16 years. It has a large enough audience base across the country.

Even without a paid membership, you can explore a lot. MilitaryFriends is generous with its free features. You can signup, browse through profiles, and send messages for free. The advanced paid features include profile analysis, compatibility tests, and more. The paid features are not necessary in most cases so you can stick with the free membership.

MilitaryFriends is a fun space where everyone can express their opinions. It has a blog section for members to publish articles on fun date ideas, tips on relocation, how to maintain an LDR, etc. The writer inside everyone is awakened.

Despite all the good things, MilitaryFriends does come with an excessive amount of ads that can be highly disturbing. These ads are often sexual and explicit. Not everyone will find it appealing. Most will probably just find it appalling. Some of these ads are for unverified external sites and may not be safe for your computer.

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4. US Military Singles


  • Advanced tag searches
  • Lots of free features
  • Smart notification on new signups


  • Few active members

Having a dating platform with a powerful search engine that can correctly identify different requirements is a blessing. Thankfully, US Military Singles lives up to the expectations in this department.

Members can add relevant tags to their profiles. These tags should represent themselves and what they are looking for. For example, use #marriage if you are looking to find the one. These tags help the search engine do its job.

The systematic search system saves members a lot of time. Members are able to match with those sharing the same values and views. You can enter multiple search requirements to let the system find you someone that satisfies all your wants.

US Military Singles is also a fabulous one with its free features. Most of the features are completely free. You can fully delve into the online dating realm without having to calculate how many free messages you have got left.

You will get a notification whenever someone new that matches your preferences signup. This thoughtful gesture encourages users to stay active. That being said, the overall signup rate is low on US Military Singles.

It has roughly about a hundred members online at any given point. These members are scattered across the country, making it less likely for you to connect without someone in your region. You may wait for a few weeks to finally have a quality match.

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5. Army Dating Service


  • Auto-match for profiles with similar traits
  • Easy site navigation and setup
  • High-quality video calls


  • A lot of bugs in the system and many buttons come back as an “error”

When you are serving in the army, you probably don’t get as much free time as you would hope. Getting online can be a scarce commodity, let alone finding a date. Hence, the auto-match service provided by Army Dating Service would suit you well enough.

Upon signup, you can consent to auto-matching based on your profiles. Then the system will screen through existing profiles to find dozens that match your requirements and you guys are automatically a match. It saves busy users time. You don’t have to go back and forth to initiate and wait for a response. Instead, you can send a message directly and see more of their profiles.

The site navigation is simple as well. The site map is self-explanatory. Simple site navigation helps because oftentimes, army men do not have the energy to figure their way out around a dating site with a complicated layout and features.

Its video call feature is the one most recommended by users. It’s smooth and fast. The video call feature in online dating sites is usually quite pixelated, undermining the user experience.

Although its video feature would be one to try, its other features are not so great. There are quite a lot of bugs in the system. Some buttons would lead to an “error” page while other buttons contain no link. Some major work needs to be done to fix this. It is very frustrating to go around the site and half of the pages don’t work.

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Why Do Military Service Members Marry So Fast and at a Young Age?

Army man family

According to statistics, military service members in the US get married a lot fast and earlier than the average population. The reason is largely related to the benefits they get from the army. There was a high turnover rate in the army a decade ago. To encourage more people to join the army, various benefits are offered to service members.

The government wants military members to have an all-rounded life. And that starts with a happy family. Most of the perks are family-oriented. These benefits include full relocation costs for married families, stipends for married couples, and child support. Service members are tempted to get married earlier than planned so they can stay together with their partner and enjoy the welfare offered to them.

As a result, you will find a lot of military members on the market are relatively young. Most people who have secured a loving relationship tend to tie the knot early on. Therefore, they are often the perfect choice if you are looking to settle down. You don’t have to spend years playing tango with someone you are uncertain about. A military man thinks the same way about being in a committed relationship.

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Are Military Men Faithful?

There are lots of misconceptions about military men. They can be seen as heartless and players because of their unstable job nature. People can’t imagine a loving serviceman since their job involves carrying a gun and leaving home for six months at a time.

However, the reality is quite the contrary. Military men are known to be faithful and romantic. Being loyal to the one they took a vow with is pretty much in their blood. They are trained to be loyal. Having your partner leave home for so long is scary. But a military man can hold his desire well. It only adds to his determination to come home and see his loving wife.

People that are with a military man have found this to be an amazing experience. They are faithful and honest. Most importantly, they have a lot of integrity in them that you will it adoring and admirable.

Most military men are committed to their relationships. Their dangerous job nature makes them appreciate having someone they can count on. They are genuine and take every date seriously with the hope that it can develop into something magnificent.

All in all, military men are loyal to the one they choose. They have so much love to give and are protective of their loved ones. You will feel loved like never before. They treat you like a precious pearl. Being with a military man makes you feel safe and like an honorable princess.


Being in the military does not have to be an obstacle in finding love. There are lots of people who look up to this profession and wish to be with someone heroic, brave, intelligent, and loyal. Your many qualities are adored on these trending military dating sites. Sign up on them and get matched with the dream one today!

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