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6 Best Mexican Dating Sites & Apps Worth Trying in 2023

by John Santana

Where do the wild Mexicans go when they want a date? As we all know, the dance floor is the best place to meet someone in this lively country. Everyone is a passionate lover. But, did you know that online dating has been the biggest trend in recent years? It is the best way to meet someone.

Hit up the hottest Latino/Latina in the area with the following bustling dating sites!

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

6 Best Mexican Dating Sites & Apps (2023 Update)

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • A ton of Mexican Americans
  • Available in Spanish
  • Good for long-distance relationships


  • New profiles take a while to gain visibility

Adult FriendFinder is arguably the No.1 Mexican dating site. It is particularly popular among Mexican Americans. It is estimated to be the biggest international dating site with the most Mexcian members. The interface is available in Spanish and English together. Therefore, you will not have a problem even if your date struggles with one of the languages.

A successful online dating site can congeal social cohesion in a community. Adult FriendFinder has single-handedly lifted up the Mexican neighborhood with lots of group events on the platform. If you head to states with a larger Mexcian population, you will see everyone is on Adult FriendFinder looking for their perfect date.

That said, Adult FriendFinder is not only good for the US. It is also widely used in Mexico itself. There are loads of members doing long-distance relationships, usually between an American and a Mexican partner.

The open environment there takes care of each member’s needs. People are not here for the fast-food type of love. If you are looking for a committed relationship, this is the place for it, even though it may be thousands of miles away.

New users should note that it will take them a while to build up credibility. Adult FriendFinder runs on a reward system. The longer you stay with the platform, the higher your profile ranks in search results. The site automatically gives higher visibility to loyal users, both as a reward and security to authenticity.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Perfect for affairs
  • There are more female members than males
  • Members can publicly discuss kinks, orgies, and polygamy


  • Too many ads

Are you not bound by the dating norms? Do the dating expectations repulse you? In that case, you will find Ashley Madison a breeze in the desert. It drops all those pretentious love quotes behind it. Whatever it is that you are looking for, if you dare to say it, you will find it.

Married Mexicans often use Ashley Madison as an escape from their dead marriages. In Mexican culture, getting a divorce is not the most glorious thing. People have yet to master the skill of fixing a marriage. Hence, it gives rise to dating sites like Ashley Madison.

The only thing you have to think about is what you truly want. Ask yourself and be honest in your profile. You don’t have to pretend to be the gentleman that you are not.

Wake up the beast inside you and write about all the sexual fantasies and fetishes you have been dreaming about. It is a paradise for sexual minorities. Find your orgy group or bring a new partner to your polyamorous relationship here.

There are more females than males on Ashley Madison. It promotes a much more vocal community than others as women are protected here. They do not have to fear the creepy men and are more active in reaching out to others.

Unfortunately, there is no way to shut down the ads on Ashley Madison. You have to sit through a series of ads on some pages. Granted, for the economical prices members are paying, ads are expected. But the frequency here could be a bit disturbing when you are paying for an undisturbed session.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Best for hookups
  • Nudes are allowed in chats
  • LGBT-friendly


  • Fake profiles

The name does not get more literal than that. Bang Locals is here to bring the horny folks an unforgettable one-night stand. It is the best hookup site as users can narrow down the radius search to a few blocks away. Results are shown based on proximity so you will always get the closest profiles on top.

Thanks to its lenient policy, Bang Locals does not prohibit nude photos unless they are too graphic or depict violence. Basically, members are free to exchange nudes. This is quite rare as most dating sites have installed software to detect the circulation of nude photos and remove them from the site promptly. So, if that floats your boat, happy banging!

In addition, Bang Locals is LGBT-friendly. To be precise, people don’t care about the sexual orientation of others. Everyone is here to take what they need. No one will verbally abuse others because of their sexual preferences.

What you should be aware of is the fake profiles on the site. The simple registration has let in thousands of fake profiles each year. Despite Bang Locals’ best efforts to exterminate them, they are still thriving on the platform.

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4. MexicanCupid



  • Exclusively for Mexicans or those looking to date Mexicans
  • Clean layout and fast signup
  • Half a million visits each month


  • Profile quality is low

If all the Mexican filters on other dating sites cannot satisfy you, MexicanCupid is the solution. With a 50/50 split between its Caucasian and Hispanic members, this Spanish dating site is exclusively for Mexicans or those looking to date Mexicans.

It has a clean layout to support its fast signup. You don’t need to reveal too much personal information to become a member as long as you identify as a Mexican or looking for one. Members are free to message any profiles that come up on the search results. You can personalize a killer pickup line to generate interest in your target.

On average, the site gets half a million visits each month. It may not seem much compared to other matchmaking giants. But for a site serving a particular niche, this number is outstanding.

Sadly, the profile quality on MexicanCupid is lower than average. Its members are scattered across North America and Mexico. Staying in touch with someone is difficult, let alone physically meeting up.

Therefore, it creates an illusion that members are not responsive or tend to drop out after a few live chats. Building a strong bond with someone takes more hard work here as people often give up if they can’t meet in the foreseeable future.

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5. Latin American Cupid



  • A thriving community for all Spanish-speaking countries in America
  • Members are looking for marriages
  • Very few ads


  • Most members don’t speak English

This is truly the site to be on if you are interested in dating a Spanish-speaking Mexican. Latin American Cupid hosts a thriving hub for all Hispanic people in America. There are thousands of members from Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and more. Meeting other Latinx is fun as everyone shares relatable cultural backgrounds and knowledge.

In all seriousness, Latin American Cupid is more than an ordinary dating site. It specifically calls for people looking to get married and start a family. People are not here for meaningless sex. They are here to find themselves a wife/husband.

Also, there are very few ads on the platform, even for the lowest-tier membership. It also does not blast paying members in your face because they get priority. Profiles are arranged neatly so everyone gets a fair chance to meet others.

If you want to be on Latin American Cupid, make sure your Spanish is presentable. Despite having an English version, over half of the members here speak little to no English. Google Translate might not do the work because Latinx are known to be slangy and it is out of Google’s reach.

You have to be fluent in the language to be able to get a match as Mexicans without basic knowledge of English will be too shy to respond to your message.

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6. Hinge

Hinge DatingApp


  • Advanced filters include ethnicity and religion
  • Its simplified bio makes matching easier
  • Users are predominantly well-off working professionals


  • Cheaters can exploit the “invisible mode” to hide their identity

Another top-tier matchmaker is Hinge. It has a ton of specific filters such as ethnicity, religion, education level, and physical attributes to screen through profiles for you. Members have control over what type of profiles they see.

On Hinge, there is technically no profile description. Every section describes a fact about you such as your work and background. There is only a motto for you to go creative. The lack of bio actually speeds up the matching process as daters can quickly scan the photos and basic information to see if it is a match.

Members of this speed dating app are mostly working professionals with decent earning power. They carry the traits that would deem to be marriage material. Diversity is not amiss here. There are members that love going wild camping for a week, while others prefer to stay home and chill. You are sure to meet all sorts of interesting characters here.

The only flaw in the system is how cheaters exploit the loophole to lure in their victims. Hinge’s invisible mode help users hide their identities from unwanted profiles. That way, cheaters can avoid anyone they know in real life, especially the ones that will reveal their secret hunt.

There is no way for you to know if someone is a cheater when they choose to be visible to selected profiles only. Originally, this feature was introduced to give users more privacy and avoid unwanted hit-ups. But now, it has evolved to be the “cheater essential.”

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Mexican Dating Tips

Dating Tips

In a nutshell, dating a Mexican will always come with laughter and activities. They are exciting people that refuse to sit idle for a minute. Be prepared to be taken to a long night of lovely dining, dancing, and partying on your date nights. They are wild and unpredictable.

  • Understand Their Nature

Mexicans’ warm nature sometimes gives the wrong impression that they are unfaithful. People may mistakenly believe they are too playful to be loyal. This is absolutely untrue. When Mexican commits to a relationship, they do everything to stand by their partner. They will announce it to the whole block if they can. Your status as their partner will be solidified in every aspect of their life.

  • Have Ground Rules

Marriage is hard in their family culture. The end goal of every relationship is to start a family together. Don’t worry that your Mexican lover will be a cheater or a player. As long as you lay the ground rules before entering the romance, they will stick to them. They believe in their charisma and that they do not find the need to lie to get dates.

  • Learn Spanish

When you date a Mexican, you will have to learn Spanish at one point. The extended Mexican family members often don’t speak fluent English. They are reluctant to bond with those that don’t speak English. Language is a huge barrier to overcome as older members struggle to pick up a new language. Therefore, it is time to polish your Spanish skills.

  • Learn Mexican Slang

Be well-versed in their slang, traditional values, and national holidays. Mexicans celebrate every beautiful thing in life and feel closer to those that know the Mexican elements. Knowing those little things about the country will earn you the badge of “best lover of the year” immediately.

Don’t wait for them to invite you to a festival. Take the initiative to ask them to take you as they will be happy to know how interested you are in their activities.


All these suggestions sound fancy, right? There is nothing stopping you from signing up for all of them. Statistically, signing up on at least two to three online dating sites will exponentially bump up your chances of meeting dates consecutively. Besides, hanging out with fun-loving Mexicans is something you will never get tired of. So, stop wasting time and get yourself moving to these platforms now!

John Santana

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