Match Vs. Tinder

Match Vs. Tinder: Which Is A Better Dating Option?

by John Santana

When you spin the online dating wheel, there are so many sectors to land on. You never know if an online dating app will be in your favor unless you do your research. Match and Tinder are successful online dating apps on different ends of the spectrum.

Owned by the same mother company, Match and Tinder attract billions of app visits annually on both apps. While they are both reputable, they are made for the opposite clients to find love.

Reading about their respective features will help you choose the right one to find your fairytale ending.

Match vs. Tinder At a Glance

Match Advantages:

  • Results are based on compatibility
  • Members are friendlier
  • You can message profiles that are not a match

Match Disadvantages:

  • Fewer features than Tinder

Tinder Advantages:

  • More active members
  • Easier to get matches
  • Features are mostly available for free members

Tinder Disadvantages:

  • The quality of dates is not as high
  • Premium features do not boost your success rate much

Editor’s choice: After carefully reviewing all materials and doing the trial runs, here is our final verdict. Match wins our hearts to be the better online dating app here. The small details reflect developers’ passion for uniting meant-to-be couples. Its high success rate gives hope to members in finding the love of their lives.

Tinder is not a bad choice but certainly the inferior one in comparison. It is only good for booty calls. There is no compatibility search. It is for visual animals to hook up with the sexy babes. Members are more aggressive in meeting up and having sex as soon as possible and there is hardly a heart-to-heart conversation.

If you are deciding between Match and Tinder, take Match. Still, you should not limit yourself to only these two online dating apps. There are loads of premium dating platforms with various features. Sign up for a few more to score the best partner. Some other impressive matchmaking service providers include Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

Match And Tinder Overview


Operating under Match Group, Match was initially an online dating site launched in 1995. Before the launch of an app version, the matchmaking service provider has been using its algorithms to match compatible profiles.

Since an app version was introduced, its usage has surged. Users are relying on this international company to meet someone locally and internationally. Match has always been an LGBT-friendly platform, even when it was first launched. Minorities in this domain are welcome here. You can find people of all sexual orientations on Match, highlighting its diversity and harmony.



Owned by the Match Group, Tinder was created in Hollywood in 2012. It became a trending dating app with its “swipe right to like and swipe left to dump” feature. It has made matching more efficient. Since then, many other dating apps have incorporated this swiping feature. Users can match hundreds of profiles a day.

The growth has been exponential since its launch. Currently, there are billions of likes sent and received each day on the platform. Unlike its sister company, Tinder serves mostly heterosexual people as their LGBT policies are less than friendly to ones in this community.

Match Group separates the purposes of these two platforms for its audiences. Straight people are the main type of daters browsing on Tinder.

What Is The Difference Between Match And Tinder?


Right now, there are around 22 million users on Match and 75 million users on Tinder. The demographic of each dating app is influenced by its features, pricing, and matching process. In hindsight, Match is a place for everlasting love and Tinder is here for a quick bang. The male-to-female ratio on both apps is evenly split, which marks a good beginning for everyone looking to date.

Members on Match are relatively more spread out across different age groups and backgrounds. Although the predominant age group is between 25 to 40, you will still find plenty of mature members above 50. Match places the focus on finding a stable relationship. Hence, you will not see the trashy vibe you get on some slutty dating app.

Members are friendlier as they prefer having deep conversations to jumping to a meetup and getting laid the same night. You would feel no pressure to select the right person immediately. Everyone is taking their sweet time browsing and developing feelings for the right one. Sexual harassment is not common here.

On the other hand, Tinder emphasizes having the quickest turnover rate possible. It aims to help fun-loving, wild souls bag home tons of casual dates. The entire feed is lively to cater the Gen Z’s taste. Thanks to its hard effort, Tinder’s member base is heavily skewed towards youngsters.

Hookup apps often face the problem of online harassment, which Tinder is not a stranger to. Members may find their matches too aggressive and impolite if the conversation is going too slow. People are not interested in getting to know each other as they only want to have sex.

You would be handling a dozen of matches at the same time because everyone is messaging hundreds of people to increase their chances. It can feel intimidating for first-time timid users.

Verdict: Match wins by promoting a healthier environment to attract mentally mature users. Since Match is not about finding several casual dates in a day, it is able to nurture a responsible matchmaking experience. Members are more courteous towards each other. When you share something, you feel listened to.

On Tinder, people don’t care much about you. All they want is to have sex as soon as possible. Unless you are experienced in finding casual dates, members on the app can feel threatening at times. Besides, Tinder is only good for the younger demographic whereas Match is for everyone.


mobile Match

Even if Tinder did not invent the swiping system, it surely made it popular. Tinder follows the physical attraction path when creating matches. After you have entered the basic search filters, results are presented one by one.

A glimpse of the profile is shown with photos, basic information, and the approximate distance. You can click on the photos to expand the profile to view more details. The new profile will only be presented after a decision is made on the current profile. You can swipe left or right to indicate if you want to pass or like this person.

A match is created if the like is mutual. Members can only start messaging when there is a mutual interest. Free and paying members get different amounts of Superlikes where you can tell a potential match that you are super into them. It is not possible to message someone that is not a match.

Match follows a more traditional online dating style that dates back to the dawn of the internet. Results are not automatically presented. Users must manually input search criteria to locate profiles in the database.

Profiles matching your requirements will show up. There is no restriction on messaging others. Members can message others even when there is no mutual interest. It bumps up your chance is finding a partner.

Sometimes, judging someone purely by their photos overlooks the important qualities that make a good romantic partner. The opportunity to present yourself through words allows you to shape your first impression. It is more credible in reflecting your character than several beach selfies.

Verdict: It would be a tie since the two dating apps cater to different customers. Tinder and Match will work efficiently for different groups of people. For those looking for a quick date, Tinder is your choice. It is the easiest app to get dozens of dates on the same night without a fuss.

For those seeking a more sophisticated relationship, Match will work much better. You don’t have to rely on how hot your photos look to gain attention. A heartful introduction will do the job as there is no barrier in messaging new profiles.


Features are the divine factors that push dating apps to the next level. In this category, Match perfectly demonstrates the motto “less is more.” Match has a nearly 5-star rating on both Google Play and App store while Tinder only has a 4-star. The reason for this disparity is evident in their features.

First, let’s start with Tinder. Number-wise, Tinder has a lot more special features than Match. Premium members can boost their visibility, give Superlikes to others, go incognito, and send up to five messages a day to members that are not a match. These features are fun to play with.

What you should consider is how these features will benefit you. Most of these features are more gimmicky than serving any real purpose. They do not suddenly bump up the possibility of meeting dates but only make the platform more entertaining.

Match is an innovative dating app with users’ needs as the core development goal. The smart system adapts to your preferences and previous matches to learn about your compatibility level with potential matches. Its algorithm sets to match you with those with a high compatibility score.

Introverts longing for a change can book a live chat session with a dating expert assigned by Match. This perk is exclusive to premium members. It is a cute gesture that lifts up shy members that are often neglected. Other than that, Match has standard features like incognito mode, visibility boost, international search, etc.

Verdict: Match has proven that quality is always over quantity. Although it comes with fewer special features than Tinder, they are invincible. Its endearing features help users build a solid profile and find love. In comparison, Tinder’s features are more for the looks. There is not much content in them that actually brings up the quality of matches.


If you are seeking a free dating app, you are in for a treat. Match and Tinder offer free members access to basic matchmaking services including profile creation, messaging, and searching, although the scope of their services is different.

Features on Tinder are mostly free. It is one of the top dating apps that provide nearly full coverage to non-paying members. From registration down to sending Superlikes, free members can unlock these features with few limitations.

Premium membership plans start at $20 per month. The premium package gives more Superlikes, unlimited likes, and Rewind. Unfortunately, these features do not upgrade the experience much.

Match allows access to basic matchmaking services for free members. You can reply to messages from anyone. Without an upgrade, you can only match with those on the top profile list. Otherwise, you have to switch to a premium plan.

The premium plan on Match is $18 per month with a great variety of features. You can chat with a dating expert to polish your social skills, attend mass events with members locally and internationally, and gain higher visibility in the app.

Verdict: For the price’s worth, Match gives a higher return on your investment. Tinder is a good place to start but the premium membership is not powerful enough to separate you from the free group. Match’s premium members have access to lots of activities and features that are beneficial in meeting new people. Thus, you are likely to meet more dates at a lower price.


Tinder may not be the first online dating app to sweep through the world but it is hardly the best. In this review, it has lost every round to Match. Coming from the same mother company, both are excellent in serving a memorable user experience. When you take a deeper look into the content, Match has a lot more substance to deliver.

Feeling adventure? You should definitely get your name on a few more dating platforms. That is how you discover which one is the right matchmaker for you.

Some other dating sites that we have reviewed and loved are Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals. Start with these to meet some unique dates to add some spices to your dating life.

John Santana

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