MatchSeniors review

MatchSeniors Review: Is The Dating Site or App Legit?

by John Santana

The older you get, the fewer quality dates you find as people are getting snatched up. Online dating is not always kind to the mature group. The majority of users are in their 20s or 30s, leaving the over-50s out of the game. is a dating site for those reaching retirement to look for a lifelong partner to enjoy time with. Singles all deserve a chance to find love. At a Glance

  • First impression: 4/10
  • Registration: 7/10
  • Matching and messaging: 4/10
  • Profile quality: 3/10
  • Pricing: 2/10

Overall: 5/10

Final verdict: barely passes for senior daters.

It has a low activity level with a poor support system. Messages are not shown properly and it is hard to get real dates. Its pricing scheme is oddly high, considering the low-quality services it has.

Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison are much better options for the mature daters out there. They are the top trending senior dating sites that will beat in a heartbeat. in-depth Review

First Impression

Specific dating sites like never give a confident vibe, no matter how many positive reviews you see. The problem is you are expecting a low member base. It will take a lot of work to meet a genuine dater in your area and fall in love. could not escape the curse. There is not much information about it on the internet, which implies its unfavorable popularity. When you hop on the site, there is little to give away. There is hardly any company information or structure for you to glimpse.

The only option for you is to sign up. There is no functioning menu to browse more about the dating site. The lack of information reduces credibility. Users may be wary of using such a site. Besides, there is no public privacy page. Users don’t know how their personal details will be handled. Reasons to use are drastically dropping close to zero.

To make it worse, does not have a smart mobile version. Although seniors tend to be on their laptops, not having the option is not quite user-friendly. Dating sites have around 30 seconds to build a good impression. After that, users will move on to another site if they don’t find it charming. surely fails to deliver an enchanting introduction.

Perhaps the developers wanted to keep things simple for mature audiences, but they have forgotten how mature audiences value total transparency and credibility even more than the younger generation. And the site lacks it all.

First impression: 4/10

Registration has put some thought into its registration system. There is a step-by-step guide for members to select their preferences. Seniors may not be as good with technology as younger people and often struggle to sign up on dating sites.

The registration process is simple. Users are well-aware of how their age, location, and gender will impact search results. They are guided to change their preferences in the setting and how to build an eye-catching profile.

Most members are successful businessmen without much matchmaking experience. They have devoted their time to work while others are divorcees seeking another romance. Regardless, many of them are out of practice and don’t know what to put on their dating profiles.

Guiding members to highlight their best qualities and list out their preferences helps singles secure dates with compatible matches. has done a pretty good job of simplifying the interface and reducing the unnecessary fluff for clarity.

Registration: 7/10

Matching and Messaging

After inputting your search criteria, profiles are shown in a grid format. You can scroll up and down to compare profiles and decide which one to go for. On each profile, you will get basic details of their location, age, and online status.

More details are available in the extended profile. Personal hobbies, interests, occupations, religion, etc., are highlighted. Moving through the profile grid is intuitive, which is a big plus for everyone.

The user interface can be deemed unoriginal and plain. But since the target audiences are well above 50, a fancy-looking dating site hardly sells it. They want content and results. Therefore, the less-than-satisfactory visuals are still acceptable.

What we find to be unacceptable is the laggy system. Very often, l users find themselves clicking on the same button several times before they are directed to the next page. The server is slow and unresponsive.

Messages are constantly lost as well. Members don’t get notifications when a new match hits them up, nor do they see the new messages. Chats sometimes disappear. The only way to fix it is to log out and log back in.

Not knowing when your date messages are annoying and time-wasting. Members could have used the time to check for new messages to arrange dates on other quality sites.

Matching and messaging: 4/10

Profile Quality

Profile Quality

Unfortunately, does not have any ID verification steps during the registration process, leading to fake profiles taking over. If you are not familiar with dealing with catfish, it is dreadful to match with others because everyone seems like they are scamming you.

Daters would polish their profiles to exaggerate facts to make themselves more desirable. It is a common practice in the online dating world. But with the existence of scammers, it is hard to tell the lies from the truth.

Seeing how is supposedly for mature singles, it should have done a way better job at stopping fake profiles from coming on board. It leads to further issues with members leaving the platform because of it.

Aside from that, also suffers from typical niche dating site issues with its member base. There is rarely anyone online. Most daters are saturated in bigger states and cities. Even then, the activity level is not high enough for you to get fresh dates every night.

You are circling back and forth with the same profiles. is not attracting enough people to make a vibrant matchmaking environment.

Despite its best effort,’s dating support is inadequate. Many seniors are struggling to pick up their dating skills to make a tempting introduction. The site should provide niche-specific dating tips. In each age group, the dating game is different. Some people may be so out of touch with the field that they have no idea where to start.

Profile quality: 3/10


A 3-day trial at $1.95 is offered to anyone new to the community. The plan automatically renews to its normal price if you don’t cancel it before it expires. The 1-month membership fee is $45. It drops to $20 per month if you sign up for the 6-month plan.

The popular credit system does not exist on A credit system allows you to top up whenever you want to enjoy certain features. You are not obligated to pay a monthly fee. Hence, it averages to be much cheaper and you are not paying for services you don’t need.

Niche-specific dating sites mistakenly believe they can charge a higher membership fee because no one else is offering the same service. While that may be true, they have forgotten to take into account the quality. does not live up to its expectations and therefore, should not be so expensive.

Pricing: 2/10

Alternatives to for Senior Singles

By now, you should be browsing for alternatives. Thankfully, senior dating is not a myth. The two best dating sites for this niche are Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

Adult FriendFinder is known to be universally friendly. Name your type of dating, you will find thousands of matches here. Luckily, its large user pool is evenly distributed across North America.

Senior members usually fancy a group chat with the wider community to share interesting things in life. Adult FriendFinder has a community forum just for this purpose. You can post dating tips, discuss your lifestyle, and start a live stream. It is a fun place for people to get together to mingle.

Ashley Madison, on the other hand, is a bit more low-profile. Users don’t actively advertise their involvement here. This is perfect for those seeking solitude after a divorce or losing their partner. You don’t have to worry about your family not accepting your new love. No one will find out until you are ready to announce it to the world.

Pay anonymously so your membership won’t be traced back to you in case you have someone keeping track of your bills. Meet singles in your area for a love affair and see if it leads to anything. Ashley Madison is on the casual side for you to explore before settling down. There is no pressure, just pure good time.

Senior Dating Tips

Senior dating is challenging due to expectations and judgment. After you hit an age target, it is almost expected that you stop dating once and for all and just be a loving grandparent forever, as if love should not be bestowed upon you.

Breaking these stereotypes is hard, especially when you have forgotten how to date. The first thing to remember is to let go of judgments. When you are at this age, both sides have probably done regrettable things in the past. They shouldn’t define you as a person now.

Don’t make your partner regret sharing their stories with you. You hadn’t met them when the stories took place. Making a scene out of a past situation is silly at this point. Focus on the future and how the person is treating you right now.

Young couples often like to talk about the future way ahead of them. They want to fantasize about retirement together even though it’s still half a century away. For you, you should turn plans into action. Forget about promises in the far future, show them some action now.

Book a trip together or start renovating your house together. You have time in your life to focus on your relationship as your career hits its climax. They won’t buy into empty promises anymore. They have seen it all in their previous dating experiences. They value your dedication rather than your big words.

Senior dating is all about accepting. There is no need to change anyone to suit your perfect image of a partner. At this age, you should find nothing matters more than smiling and having a good time. Everything that bugged you as a young dater no longer troubles you.

Summary is not the place to look for true love. It has few real members but lots of fake profiles. Go for Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison. They are America’s best senior dating sites with millions of success stories.

John Santana

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