The League Dating App Review

League Review: Should You Join This Trending Dating App?

by John Santana

Oftentimes, the dazzling online dating app industry leaves relationship seekers confused. The leading platforms are either flooded with low-quality profiles or the pricing is too high. Meanwhile, the reputation of smaller dating apps is questionable.

You have probably never heard of The League before. It is a high-end dating service for the elites. While it covers a dozen of countries around the world, most of its users are from the US. Since The League is seemingly gaining traction in recent years, more users are keen to sign up.

Its over-the-top pricing strategy deters plenty of potential clients, leaving them wondering if it is worth it. Before you seal the deal, you may want to take a look at what exactly The League is offering.

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About The League

The League Dating App Logo

Branded for the overachievers in the academic field, The League provides a platform for professionals to mingle. It claims to have a comprehensive security system and a higher success rate compared to similar dating apps.

The majority of its users are located in the big metropolitan areas in the US, followed by international cities in the UK. Members are vetted before they can be a member. Over the years, there have been comments questioning the success of the trending app due to its obscurely high monthly fee. Members should be careful about where to put their money and see if this is the right platform.

First impression: 7/10
Signup and searching: 6/10
Profile quality and messaging: 4/10
Special features: 6/10
Pricing: 2/10
Overall: 5/10

Verdict: To save you time, here is our final verdict. All in all, The League is not a bad dating app at all. It does deliver its services at the expected quality. As a member, you can meet and network with other professionals that help you take a step up. However, you have to fit the precise demography for the app to work magic for you. Otherwise, you are on the sitting bench seeing everyone else get matched.

Furthermore, the ridiculous monthly subscription fee cannot be justified, no matter how premium the service is. At this price point, you can get plenty of other far better dating sites for a fraction of the price, including Adult FriendFinder, Ashely Madison, and Bang Locals that we have reviewed.

To sum up, you will not be disappointed if you do sign up on The League, but there are other better options to choose from that will leave you happy with dozens of dates.

First Impression

The first look speaks volumes. In this case, The League successfully creates a decent vibe for users with its modern outlook. Although it is quite a standard front page for most online dating apps, the quality is still considered great.

Users are greeted by a huge banner with key points of the services provided. You get a glimpse of what you will get. From the first line, The League emphasizes its focus on connecting smart brains.

You can download the app via App Store or Google Play. The instructions provided are fairly clear. But the info page does not give users a look into the interface and system on The League. Up until the moment you sign up, you are still in the dark about what you will get, despite knowing what to expect.

First impression: 7/10

Signup and Searching

Aimed to protect the elites, The League has designed a system to vet you out. Hence, its registration process is notoriously long and hideous. Users may even be required to upload relevant documents to prove their qualifications and identities.

Under normal circumstances, this responsible rule should be highly praised. Unfortunately, The League dreams too big and ends up hitting the ground hard. Its system cannot process the applications efficiently. Some users have reported that their accounts were only activated after a few days.

A 24-hour wait is already dangerous as users could well be having the best time on other platforms, let alone waiting for a few days. The intention of The League to cover user safety is appreciated. But, its execution plan has to be flawless to attract clients.

Once users are in, the search function is simple. There are filters that you can apply to find specific targets. Or you can let the system work its charm by analyzing your compatibility with other users to bring you the best possible dates.

Finding a date on The League is pleasant. There is not much that users need to do. The app will automatically generate matches for you. You can arrange the presentation by several characteristics such as age, earnings, and location. It is easy to view the list and connect with those you click with.

Signup and searching: 6/10

Profile Quality and Messaging

The League Dating App Profile

When you sign up on an exclusive app for professionals, you should expect to meet some arrogant people. The situation seems to be particularly worse in The League with members causing vicious competition in the community.

Members are eager to prove they are the smartest in the group. You will not stop hearing them brag about their achievements. Some dates are not interested in hearing you out at all as they only focus on themselves. Aside from the attitude, members are heavily concentrated around the 25 to 35 age range.

They all prefer to network with people around the same age, leaving other members not much to do. The gender ratio is evenly split so you will likely not have a problem finding a date.

The League struggles to foster a healthy environment for elites to network. Its motto creates an illusion that you need to be the best-earning professional to score a date. The toxic competition can be uncomfortable for some members. The feeling is particularly prominent when most of your matches ask how much you make within the first three exchanges.

As for its chat system, it is plain with the typical chat box plus the options to send virtual gifts and conduct video calls. These basic features run smoothly most of the time so users won’t experience any lags.

Profile quality and messaging: 4/10

Special Features

The League actively takes the role of event planner as it frequently introduces virtual networking events. Some of these events are location-restricted, despite being conducted online. Members can attend these events for either a small fee or for free, depending on the membership plan. With a few rounds of speed dating and fun activities, you can meet a bunch of successful people.

For singles that want to further check out their dates, you can choose to connect with them via LinkedIn. It is quite rare for a dating app to allow members to connect on other platforms. It shows the app’s effort.

However, The League does not administrate its events nor does it monitor the message exchanges. When members encounter suspicious behaviors, they can report it to the staff but it usually gets dismissed. Sometimes, these events don’t go smoothly and hostile behaviors are present but the admin team fails to address the situation promptly.

Special features: 6/10


Pricing is the most ridiculous component for The League of all the categories. Typically, for similar online dating apps, users should expect to pay around $20 to $40 per month. It is acceptable based on the services it covers.

For The League, the starter package for its subscription plan is $100 per month. This striking price point gives you only the average premium features that are always available on other apps such as checking out who liked your profile, unlimited searches and messaging, and getting priority in search results.

These features are not outstanding. Arguably, The League wants to filter out the non-elites with this scary subscription model. But, it makes even the richest person wonder if the quality it serves deserves this luxury.

If you don’t want to be stuck with a monthly plan, you can also purchase credits as they cost $7 per 5 credits. Just when you think the credit system is any better, one message already costs you 5 credits.

There goes your $7. The pricing model of The League is incomprehensible. Even if you take out all the existing flaws, it is still a mind-blowingly high rate to pay for an online dating service.

Pricing: 2/10


If you consider the services The League provides alone, it does grant you satisfactory results. After all, you will get to mingle with numerous successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and elites in your area. That being said, on a macro level, The League is not a premium service because of the limitations to its premium services. Members are rather impolite and the events are poorly run.

Don’t worry, there are still other places where you can meet millionaires. These dating sites deliver brilliant packages at a much more economical price range.

Check out Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals so every penny you put in can yield batches of hot dates to your door!

John Santana

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