Language of Desire Review – What’s In It For You In Keith’s Guide?

by John Santana

A romantic relationship is very much based on giving your partner the pleasure they want.

And if one fails in satisfying their partner’s sexual needs, they take it as a personal attack and drown themselves in guilt and self-loathing.

But do you know that even the husbands and boyfriends of the most wanted women find themselves unsatisfied with their performance on the bed?

Why does a man spend his time watching porn or masturbating when his sexy lady is ready waiting for him on the bed?

You will find the answers to these questions in the Language of Desire and not just that, you will also learn proven scientific ways to make your man crazy in bed and desire for none but just you.

Want to enhance your sexual life and improve the intimacy that makes him desire you more?

Then the Language of Desire is sure to help you. Let’s delve deeper and understand if it really works.

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What is the Language of Desire?

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

The Language of Desire is an online program that helps women deal with their sexual and relationship problems by teaching them the art to seduce their man.

Have you ever wondered how a lady can seduce a man to make intense love to her without uttering a word?

This program will help you to reach that stage.

The program doesn’t consist of impractical made-up theories. Instead, all the theories are practical and backed by science.

It is so practical that it can even teach shy women to talk dirty and provides non-verbal cues and body language signs that are sure to make a man literally crave to have sex with you.

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This program is for

● The women who want their man sexually obsess over them.

● The women who want his eyes only on them rather than other women for sexual pleasure.

● The women who like to satisfy their man’s sexual needs and don’t want them to take refuge of porn and masturbation.

● The women who want to spice up things in bed and want her demands to be met.

Who is Felicity Keith?

Let’s introduce you to the author of this amazing book. She is Felicity Keith who has her own experiences which have led to the creation of this book.

Felicity describes herself as a normal woman who is slightly over-weight and witnessed an awkward moment when she found her husband masturbating while watching porn just after they had sex.

Rather than confronting him, she took the matters in her own hands and after talking to experts for years and having a massive research on the subject, she came up with this book.

Since then, she has helped hundreds of women throughout the world to deal with their problems who are getting great benefit from this book.

What does this Program contain?

Photo by W R from Pexels

This program comes in a format of E-book with lesson plans and techniques that help women to seize control of their man’s mind. It contains 33 mind-controlling techniques to serve the purpose.

The book contains a 10-module program to help you out. These modules are further divided into sub-modules to present the ideas that lure your man to lust after you in systemized steps.

These modules are easy to implement and are as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman
  • Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend
  • Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex
  • Module 5: Create an Erotic Action Movie
  • Module 6: Desire Intensifiers
  • Module 7: For the Single Ladies
  • Module 8: Getting your Fantasies met
  • Module 9: When “Sex” isn’t Possible
  • Module 10: Master Class

In the mentioned modules, various erotic techniques are introduced in detail to turn on the femininity of a woman in a way by which she can use her feminine power to cast a magic spell on his mind and control it as she wants.

These erotic techniques are made to help women to understand men’s psychology and using seduction in the correct way to make the things under the sheets sizzle. The followings are just a few of the many tricks advised in the book:

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1. The Madonna Moan

No, you don’t need to have a voice like Madonna or sing a song to your partner and make high notes while having sex.

This technique teaches you how to relax and make such a moan that he cries tears of joy when he hears it.

It will make you feel the best erotic version of yourself and the effect will be similar to your partner.

2. The Monogamous Male Maximizer

This technique helps you to achieve your most prominent dream – the dream that he remains only yours.

Every lady who is serious in her relationship wants her man to be monogamous, which seems a bit difficult to expect from a man these days.

But with this technique, he is sure to be yours for a lifetime.

3. The Lust Mirror

The Lust Mirror technique creates a mirror effect where your partner sees your desires and tries to mirror it.

This can create a feedback loop of desire between you and your partner which results in desires being massively intensified.

4. The Porn Destroyer

As the name goes, this technique destroys his aims of watching porn for pleasure.

And it’s not because you are forcing him.

Instead, it will happen without you making a scene and he will come running to you and seduce you to have sex with him.

Seems magical, isn’t it?

5. The Pavlov’s Erection Technique

Image by Pixabay from Pexels

Ever thought how amazing it will be if you cause a man to feel unreasonably turned on and feel the burn of desires in his whole body with the urge of making passionate love with you?

This technique does exactly that. With just a word that leaves your mouth and reaches his ear, he will get mad to make out with you.

6. Desire Seed Technique

This technique is really very helpful for women who feel embarrassed to express their sexual desires.

With this technique, you will learn to express your sexual desires without any shyness. It will teach you to ask for exactly what you want on the bed without sounding like a slut.

You will see great results from this technique as it will create a deep intimate bond between the two of you.

7. Sexual Singularity Technique

Men may seem tough and cold from their exterior, but they have a longing for being expected and appreciated.

Knowing the right words to appreciate a man will make him treasure you more than you can imagine.

The sexual Singularity technique will make him feel more desired than any woman had made him feel before, and as a result he will shower you with all his attention.

8. The Cuddle Hormone Technique

This technique creates feelings of romance and love for you in his heart.

It is nothing but science. Cuddling with your partner releases the hormones of trust and love in his body, called oxytocin. This hormone will work like a love potion and he will be afraid to even think of another woman as he will love you way too much to develop such thoughts.

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9. The Erotic Telepathy Technique

If you want to go deep inside his head and come face to face with his thoughts that even he doesn’t know exists, this technique comes to your favor.

It will help you to know him like never before and will bring you face to face with his deepest fantasies which you can understand and use to serve your needs.

What’s more?

Apart from the modules and the techniques, you get some extra materials like Worksheets and Bonuses to make your under-the-sheets scene bloom.


After you complete each module, you will get a worksheet to let you review the topics you learned so far and keep a track of the knowledge you gained.


Along with the 33 techniques and worksheets, you will also get 3 Bonuses which comes absolutely free with the program.

1. Bonus 1: The Good Girl’s Guide to talking dirty

This one is best for women in a long-distance relationship or women who just want to enjoy the fun they get by seducing their man while he is in office.

The bonus gives you access to 200 tried and tested text messages ideas that can turn on your man even when he is not in your vicinity. These are dirty and arouse his fantasies within seconds.

Even if he is busy, these text messages will make him check his phone every minute to see your messages.

2. Bonus 2: Silent Seduction

Learn the art of seducing a man without saying anything as the second free bonus you get with this book will teach you how to make him wild just by using your body language.

3. Bonus 3: Unstoppable Confidence

This bonus is curated to teach women how to be comfortable and confident around men and also how to embrace their femininity and work its magic on the men who surround her without having a pinch of doubt about her.

Nothing attracts a man more than confidence.

These added bonuses are very useful for the women who think of sex as a topic that should not be discussed or are extremely shy to follow the tips and techniques advised in the book.

The bonuses open up the hidden desires in the hearts of the ladies and teach them that it is okay to feel and ask for her sexual needs without feeling embarrassed.


Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

1. Availability

Language of Desires is available in both PDF and Audio format. You also get free online lifetime access to it.

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2. Money-Back Guarantee.

One of the best things about this book is that it comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. That means, if you don’t like this book or if its techniques don’t work for you, you can opt for an easy refund.

You just need to reach out to the email mentioned in the book and send an email citing your problem. No questions will be asked and your money will be returned.

3. Practical Theories.

The theories and techniques mentioned in the Language of Desire are totally practical. You will not find the knowledge that is solely based on some self-developed psychology.

This program is made after several years of research and trials. All the ways mentioned can be easily implemented.

4. Language of Desire is a fun ride.

The program is created in such a way that the readers don’t get bored after consuming a lot of information. They will rather enjoy it.

The modules, special names given to the techniques and worksheets make it more enjoyable and fun.

5. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to understand the language.

The language is easy and so is the framing. It’s written in regular common language to reach and help a wider range of audiences.

6. Almost every woman can connect to it.

It’s not just for women who are married or who are in a relationship and are in search of problem-solving strategies.

Single women will also get benefits from it and it will teach them how to enjoy their sexual life more and how to attract men easily.

7. The author is very open to discussing sensuous topics.

The prominent influence that makes this book a great success is that Keith is very open in discussing sensuous and intimate topics. She doesn’t shy away from giving examples from her own sexual experiences that is a huge bonus point.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

1. Language of Desire is just for women.

There are no techniques provided for men. It’s solely related to women’s​issues and helping them with their sexual life as well as performance.

2. There is no Hard Copy available.

It might be a little tough for women who are not habituated to reading on a screen.

3. Many of the lessons teach how to control men to fulfill our desires.

The part that it teaches controlling men by using tested techniques might be a bit disturbing to some.

But a romantic relationship is not unconditional. In such a relationship, both men and women try to control each other to a certain extent as they think they have limited rights over the other person since they are committed to them and their partner should obey the promises he/she once made before entering the relationship.

Does Language of Desire Really Work?

Language of Desire is a proven relationship and dating program used by women throughout the world and each has been benefited from its rich content.

With practical modules and techniques that are very easy to implement, you get the best material possible that’s available in the market available on similar topics of sex and seducing a man.

The book gives you such advice that you don’t need to worry about your image in front of him as the techniques discussed will not make you look like a slut. Instead, these techniques are such that they maintain the respect you have in his eyes while making him absolutely crazy for you and your body.

Your man is sure to feel on cloud nine for getting the opportunity to have sex with you and he is sure to love every second of it when you follow this book.

I’m giving thumbs up to whoever is eager to buy this program as it teaches women to embrace herself and her sexuality and be vocal about her needs in bed.

What’s a better deal to rule your lover’s heart and make him weak in the knees while also feeling powerful and self-assured?

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John Santana

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