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9 Best Jewish Dating Apps & Sites For Single Folks

by John Santana

Dating is hard enough as it is, without having to narrow the pool of potential matches. But if you feel like can’t connect with someone outside of your culture or if you want to experience that culture yourself in an intimate fashion, then you must be looking for the best Jewish dating apps.

First of all, the number of good dedicated Jewish dating sites are few and far between. But luckily, if you are willing to filter out the Jewish singles from a larger pool of candidates, you’ll find it easy to meet Jewish singles online.

So if you’re looking for some casual dating or some serious relationships, there are a few options to choose from. Here are some of the best Jewish dating apps and Jewish dating sites. With a couple of popular dating sites mixed in so that you can cast that net as wide as possible.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our Shortlist For Best Jewish Dating Sites & Apps

1. Ashley Madison

What’s it about?

Ashley Madison is not one of the dedicated online Jewish dating sites, because it reaches a far larger audience.

Ashley Madison logo

This dating app allows married people to reach out and connect outside the bonds of matrimony.

How does it work?

Although it is not a Jewish dating app, the app’s filtering options allow you to search exclusively for Jewish people. It’s more successful than other dating apps.

Whatever your religious background, you can find a host of likeminded people on Ashley Madison.If you are looking for Jewish men, then you’re in luck. Ashley Madison allows free Jewish dating to women.


If you want to put a Jewish twist on dating outside of matrimony, then you should give Ashley Madison a try. Especially if you don’t want to connect to only Jewish people.

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2. Adult Friend Finder

What’s it about?

If you are keen to start dating a Jewish person and have a few benefits on the side, then try out Adult Friend Finder.


The app isn’t geared towards helping you find a nice Jewish girl, like your Jewish parents want you to, Adult Friend Finder is a popular dating app for people who want to experience a little intimacy’s from the get-g0.

How does it work?

If you are looking to date Jewish people, then you simply have to state so in your profile. From then on, you should be able to send and receive messages to a certain degree on the free version.


A word of warning: there are a lot of raunchy users on there. Don’t be surprised if you see some private photos in your mailbox. Don’t judge and have fun!

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3. Bang Locals

What’s it about?

If you wished that more Jewish dating sites were oriented to adults, then this might be your perfect online dating experience.


Bang Locals is a location based app that allows you to connect to other Jewish singles in your area.

How does it work?

The registration process requires your personal details to prove that you are of legal age, since this site is for adults only.

Once you sign up you are connected to potential matches that you can easily make physical contact with. from there it’s up to you to meet up and hit it off.


If you’re looking for a quick match with someone in your area, then Bang Locals is the perfect online dating site for meeting Jewish partners.

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4. Jdate

What’s it about?

Jdate is one of the most popular dating sites dedicated to Jewish dating culture. As you might suspect, there aren’t a lot of legitimate dating sites out there that are dedicated to helping Jewish singles find their match.


The biggest issue is actually that most Jewish dating apps and sites are almost completely abandoned or their community is so small and far apart that you are more likely to find your match at your local synagogue.

Jdate is the only dating site that is both dedicated to Jewish culture and is widely used throughout the US. The fact of the matter is, that Jdate is the the best Jewish dating site that is exclusive for the members of the Jewish faith. Other sites fall short in their number of available and active members.

Jdate has been active for over 20 years and it has been connecting Jewish singles with a moderately high rate of success. A site that has been around for that long is also safer than the closest competitors.

You don’t get to be the best by copying someone else. Jdate is one of the first Jewish dating sites out there and its age is a marker of its successfulness and cements its popularity. Jdate has one of the world’s Jewish dating communities between its website and app.

How does it work?

Jdate allows you to connect with members of local or far away the community. You could be looking for friendship, a casual connection, or even true love.

A paid subscription to Jdate ranks at around $30 per month, and offers you greater interactions than the free trial.

The free trial is very basic and only allows you to browse other users without actually letting you send messages directly. You are, however, able to respond to a message if a paid member sends you a flirt.

Although it is a dedicated Jewish dating site, JDate does not restrict its membership to members of the Jewish community. This means it’s possible to match with people of other faiths or cultural backgrounds. You still have the option filtering them out depending on your preferences.

Jdate also hosts singles events both on- and off the internet. This gives you a wide variety of opportunities to connect while having a slew of topics to talk about.


So if you’re looking for singles that want to date in an exclusive Jewish-only environment, then Jdate is the number one Jewish dating site option.

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5. eHarmony

What is it about?

Regardless of your background, if you are looking to get married or to find a serious relationship then eHarmony is one of the best dating sites out there.


The site is open to most religious practices and attracts a very large number of Jewish singles looking for their Jewish soulmate.

How do you use it?

Even if it isn’t dedicated to the community, eHarmony is a great Jewish dating site once you set up your profile correctly. The site is so well rounded it almost rivals Jdate in the amount of Jewish people that are subscribed to it.

eHarmony is made to help people find their soul mates. Emphasis on soul. Compared to other dating websites and apps, eHarmony is ranked number one in online dating for people interested in marriage.

That doesn’t mean the site is shies away from quick flings or more casual relationships. The beauty of eHarmony is its variety.

The community has Jewish people of all ages coming together. You won’t have to worry about an age gap if you’re looking for someone to spend your golden years with. Or, if you are looking for someone who you want to celebrate your youth with, eHarmony has you covered. The main userbase of eHarmony is spread around 25 to 34, 35 to 44, and 45 to 54.

How does it work?

The site has helped over 2 million people find stable and long lasting relationships for decades now. The site even boasts that there is new couple finding love every 14 minutes. Regardless of where you come from eHarmony gets results.

With a site that’s been around since the early 2000s, you better believe eHarmony is tried and tested. The site uses a science-based approach to help pair users on based on their shared traits and interests. There’s no chance that you’ll be matched with someone who doesn’t have something in common with you.

Their ‘Compatibility Matching System’ is what makes eHarmony so successful in finding matches. The implemented scoring system is the crux of the site’s matchmaking model.

The site has been running for over 20 years now and out of those decades of experience eHarmony has reported 2 million perfect matches made. It’s figures like these that make eHarmony the world’s leading dating site.

How do you sign up?

Signing up for an account is easy. You will need to fill out your email address and prove that you are over eighteen years old first of all.

The longest part of the signup section is a 30 question long questionnaire that you need to answer. It contains straightforward questions on your personal preferences and your relationship style. Examples are like how you deal with arguments and when you feel ready to move in with someone.


Most users on eHarmony are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. So, it isn’t the best website to look for a casual fling. But if you’re over having to go on hundreds of dates and just want something that last long, eHarmony could be for you. You might like eHarmony better if you are ready to settle down.

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6. JSwipe

What is it about?

Jswipe is another dedicated Jewish dating sites. It is very popular in the Jewish community and successful to boot. You might think by the name that it is the same app as Jdate.


There are some important differences you should be aware of between these two sites. Jswipe is one of the most popular Jewish dating apps on the market.

How does it work?

The app has a very simplistic user interface compared to other dating sites. It works similarly to tinder, where you can quickly flit through a collection of possible matches and swipe to decide whether you’re interested or if they don’t fit your preferences.

The app is more focused and oriented towards a younger Jewish audience. You can use the app for a variety of purposes, like making friends to have fun with, or maybe find love and someone to share their life experiences with.

How much does it cost?

Most of the app’s features are free, so if you’re looking for an easy to use dating site for a more casual experience, you might want to look into signing up for Jswipe. The app has one of the cheaper dating site subscriptions out there.

A paid membership costs $10 and gives you more access to chatting with other users and streamlines the experience a bit more by giving you more options to choose from. \

Wait, isn’t this just Tinder?

This might sound like a Tinder clone but, that is not a very accurate description. While Tinder gives its user a casual experience when it comes to dating and relationships, Jswipe is focused on making a deeper connection.

The only real comparison to the two apps is how they allow you to browse and interact with a Jewish single. The Jswipe community is built on a mutual desire to have a committed and loving relationship. This is par for the course if you’re looking to connect with someone on a spiritual level.

A bonus:

JSwipe allows you select and display your religious affiliation within your Jewish background. It has options such as Orthodox, Reform, and more. The site has over a million users worldwide so you’re bound to find that perfect piece to fit your puzzle.

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7. Elite singles

What is it about?

Even though Elites Singles isn’t a dedicated Jewish dating site, it still offers Jewish singles a great way to get to know people through the desktop or app versions of the site.


Elite Singles is a comparatively new app. It first launched in 2009 but, already has over 900,000 active weekly members.

Who is it catered to?

For some people, the search for love involves looking for a highly-educated partner. It’s okay to have standards. Thankfully, Elite Singles can meet your standards. Over 85% of the singles on this site have an above-average education of some sort.

Just because the site isn’t dedicated to Jewish people, that doesn’t mean its diverse userbase is lacking in that department. If you’re looking for a Jewish man or Jewish woman who is your intellectual equal, then this is where you want to be.

If you love your job and pride yourself on your education, but are too busy to go out and meet someone or just don’t have the time to sift through dating apps then Elite Singles could be right for you.

Most of its users have a degree level education and are above the age of 30. What we are basically saying is that Elite Singles is focused on connecting single professionals.

How much does it cost?

The site offers its basic functionalities to free users, like searching for matches and very limited communication options. The paid version comes in at around $23 a month and offers you all the goodies Elite Singles has on offer.

How does it work?

Elite Singles uses a “Five Factor Model” based off of your personality traits. Your traits are determined through a relationship questionnaire that you fill out when you sign up. Elite Singles will then find users who match your interests based on these traits.

Another way the site connects you is based on what qualities you filter out when you look for a partner. If your search preferences line up with another user, you will be matched with one another.

Elite Singles doesn’t overload your mailbox with hundreds of suitable partners. On the free version, the site gives you no more than seven similar profiles to look at each day.


If you’re an educated person with a burning passion for what you work towards in life, then you might like Elite Singles better than the other options on this list. Elite Singles is one of the best Jewish dating sites that offer a quality dating experience if you’re after high standards.

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8. Zoosk

What is it about?

Zoosk another non Jewish, but very popular, dating site. The main attraction here is that it matches users from across the globe.


Zoosk is built around matching people based on the way they behave on social media. This is how they try to help you build a genuine connection to someone similar to you.

Zoosk is the best dating site for international connections, so one thing you should beware of, is that your date, may be outside your home country. This is what the website means when it says your first date will likely involve an airplane.

Zoosk is one of the largest dating sites there is. It has over 35 million members around the world, so it can compete with even the best Jewish dating sites out there. So, you won’t have trouble finding someone you might be interested in. Even if they are halfway around the world.

What makes it special?

If you’re signing up for Zoosk, you will have to fill out your email address and preferences, just like any other site. Instead of answering a questionnaire, the site synchs up with your social media profiles.

This is how Zoosk analyzes your behavior to make matches. The matchmaking system is truly unique. It uses a patented Behavioral Matchmaking system that learns from your on-site activity to improve match suggestions.

If you’re going to use Zoosk, you should clean up your social media. You won’t have a very long relationship if you come off as a creep online.

How do I find what I am looking for?

The search filters can be found under “Advanced Search” where you can simply check off “Jewish.” You can refine your search even further by specifying what you’re looking for according to appearance, education level, and ethnicity, among other options.

The bonus of a paid subscription

A premium membership will allow you to chat with more users than with the free version. You get access to a whole slew of communication tools on the site and on the app, including Zoosk messenger, with a Zoosk paid membership.

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9. Match

What’s it about? is another one of the worlds’ most well-known dating sites. It’s sites like these that usually rate on top when it comes to Jewish dating sites.

Match dating App Logo

Boasting with over 30 million members Match’s extensive search filters will help you find the Jewish singles you’re looking for. Match has a diverse dating pool since it’s available in over 20 countries. Make use of the menagerie of search filters and customize your results.

Making an account

When you sign up to Match, you even have the option to search solely for Jewish members.

When you’re making an account, the big difference between Zoosk and other dating sites comes from how you calibrate the matching algorithm of the dating site. The site is more focused on putting together an extensive profile before you get matches.

The sign up process is a lot longer because you’re encouraged to build an extensive profile on yourself. You will go through a long personality quiz where Match ask you about all of your preferences. Take your time with the questionnaire and try to make your profile as detailed as possible because this will help you in the long run.

The paid membership

With a Match paid membership, your communication options open up more than with the free version. You can contact your matches through instant messaging, email, and through a simple one-click search.

You should be warned that this is one of the most expensive dating sites out there. The menagerie of features and matching algorithms on this site cost a lot to maintain.

The free version of Match limits the amount of messages you can send to other users. Paying members on the other hand can see other members with a premium account. This means they know how can reply to them in full messages while free users are left in the dark on whether their match is unable to respond, or just ignoring them.

How does it stand out?

Match caters to whatever their clientele needs from a dating site. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship, or if you’re desperate for a quick fling. Match has options regardless of your sexual preferences, ethnicity, religion or background.

No other website in the world can compare to Match when it comes to successful dates. The site has confirmed not only successful matches but how often these matches would go on concurrent dates.

The questionnaire and search filtering will ensure you will find your Jewish guy or gal. Even if the site doesn’t specifically cater to traditional Jewish dating.

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Final Thoughts

Your choice of dating site ultimately depends on how much filler you want to scroll through. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of legitimate Jewish dating sites worth your time. But, if you’re willing to put the time into it, You should be able to find your dream date or maybe even try speed dating.

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