How to Use Tinder Discreetly to Cheat – 14 Useful Tips to Not Get Caught

by John Santana

Tinder is a dating application that launched in 2012 that is developed for mobile phones where you can find hookups, dates, and even significant others. While there are some people that end up finding their significant others and eventually their spouses online, Tinder is often used for dating and one-night stands. Read more about Tinder Here.

It allows users to swipe through profiles based on photos, a small biography, and some common interests. With creating an account, there are ways to remain private or anonymous on the app, so it does not come back to you.

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If you and another user both swipe right on your profiles, then you are able to message each other. This is the simplicity that is Tinder, it only allows you to message people who find you interesting as well. With this feature, you can make sure that you are not getting a lot of notifications about matches and messages, limiting your chances of getting caught.

Tinder allows some anonymity for users, but it can be used through Facebook to make sure that you are a real person. You can cut down on your chances of getting caught by signing up with a phone number or email. There are still two ways that you can get caught using apps like Tinder for hookup :

  • You get found by someone who knows you or your significant other and they tell them.
  • You get a notification on your phone and your significant other sees it.

Below we cover some ways that you can use Tinder discreetly to cheat on your partner. These are ways to minimize getting caught but they do not totally guarantee it. Be warned that when you get started, you are going down a road that you can not turn back from. It will always remain there and you risk losing your partner for a few moments of fun. Proceed with caution.

How You Can Cheat with Tinder? – 14 Helpful Tips

1. Create an Account

The first step that you will take to get some matches on Tinder is creating an account. Tinder takes the complications of setting up a profile by allowing you to create a profile in minutes.

You download the app, sync your Facebook account (phone or email), choose a few photos, write a small “About Me”, choose your radius for location, and preferences for dating.

Until a few years ago, you could not use Tinder without a Facebook account. You can now but it is still recommended that you use a different email or phone number to avoid mixing your private life with your personal.

When creating an account put some information on there that will not identify you. Some ways to do this are:

  • Being the complete opposite person
  • Giving minimal information
  • Uploading non-identifying photos
  • Change your name, location, age, or job

2. Fake Facebook Account

To do this discreetly and without being recognized, you might need to create a fake Facebook account. Creating a fake Facebook account may be easier to some than creating a fake email or verifying it through your phone.

On this fake Facebook account, you can upload some photos that have not been used on any social media or anyone has really seen to appear on the application without being recognized. Use these photos only on your Tinder account and fake Facebook account if you created one.

You can also change your name on the fake Facebook account, so no one questions it. If you do not want to go through the hassle of syncing your Facebook or creating a new one, then you can just confirm your telephone number.

3. Log in with your Phone number

Tinder allows you to use the application and sign up without a Facebook account. This means that you can sign in with your phone number.

  • Download the app, create a new account
  • Choose the option to sign up with your phone number
  • You will get a text message to verify the phone number
  • Set a password and log in

If you ever get locked out of your account or forget your password, this will be where the information goes to help you log back in. If you are planning on getting a new phone or switching phones at any time, make sure to update the app before you completely take that line out of service.

4. Log in with your Email

If you would prefer to not have your Facebook or your phone number synced to the application, you can log in with your email. However, this is the same as logging in with your phone number. To remain private and discreet you probably should create a separate email address to log in with.

This will allow your private life and personal life to not mix in and reduces your chances of getting caught. If your significant other has access to your email or phone, it may be best to make sure that you are using separate accounts so you do not get caught.

5. Be Discreet

Tinder offers some options where you can not appear in the community, but you can still swipe on other profiles. When you upgrade to a different tier, you can change your privacy settings so you can not appear for people to swipe on.

However, when you have this option engaged, you will not appear to others so you can not be swiped on. This is good if you just want to see who is in your area or just want to chat to your current matches without getting anymore. If the other person has a premium account as well, they can still see you swiping without being public.

6. Minimal Photos

Going back to when we created this fake profile, you need to make sure that you are not recognizable in your photos. You do not have to use full photos of yourself and highlight your attractive features without showing your face. This may lead to less matching because those swiping may probably prefer to see a face.

This helps lessen any fear that you may be a bot or a troll. While you are trying to protect your best interests, the person on the other side of the profile may need to protect theirs as well. The less you show in the photo, the more you can reveal.

Some users probably are okay with seeing an attractive body to a face. Photos taken at different angles that highlight attractive physical features can still get some swipes to help you match.

If you are easily recognizable by any tattoos or body modifications, you can try to wear some sunglasses, a hat, or some coverings so you do not get recognized easily. You can use long sleeve shirts, scarves, or jackets to cover up any tattoos. Some apps even let you modify photos to remove tattoos and such.

7. Keep your Information Minimal

While you can now keep your Facebook, account separate from your Tinder and you can not see mutual friends, you still need to keep your information to a minimum. You do not want someone to see the profile and relate it to you when you are trying to be discreet.

You could share too much information like your location, interests, or personal information that could be used to identify you. If you share a photo, make sure it can not be reverse image searched and your location is broad. Any interests that you have that would separate you from someone else, would be best to keep off your profile.

8. Tinder Premium

Tinder also has option available where you can upgrade your account. Some of these options available allow you to see who likes you first without matching them first. You can search for matches when you imagine most people are sleeping, turn off appearing in the community, and then see who matches you without turning yourself back on.

If you are suspected of cheating, you do not have to delete your entire account to prove you are not on there. Just make yourself private and you do not have to lose any of your matches either.

9. Turn off Notifications

Even though you may be anonymous online, what about your personal life? You do not want to risk being caught because of a notification tone, banner, or someone using your phone and seeing the app. You can go into your settings on your mobile phone, disable notification sounds, alerts, and just have them not show up at all. This will, of course, mean you have to open the application to check if you have any notifications.

This could save you in the long run because someone could be using your phone and a notification will appear on the screen. Or you will be on the home screen searching to open another application and someone sees the Tinder app. You can create a folder on the home screen and upload a bunch of random ones and the Tinder app can be on the last page. To be super careful, you can also disable notifications in the app as well.

10. Hide the App on your phone

Chances are there may be a time your significant other or partner will need to use your phone or they just grab it to look something up. If they have the passcode to your phone, you may need to just hide the application in between other apps so it does not stick out.

You can put a bunch of unused applications in the same folder and hide that amongst others. Depending on what type of phone you have, this may be futile if you can pull up the applications all at once to scroll through.

11. Adjust your Location

If you are unaware, one of the key features of Tinder is finding matches in your area. At one point Tinder only allowed you to use your location and up to 500 miles around you. Recent updates allow you to enter a different zip code and search for matches there.

This allows you to scope out matches in an area you are going to be travelling to or just scope out who is a few towns over. Regardless of your location preferences, make sure it is convenient for you and no one knows who you are over the new location either.

This helps if you are a traveling person and move between cities easily. It lessens your chances when you are on the go instead of staying in one location. Adjusting your location and radius can increase your chances of getting matches and inserting yourself in a new location where no one will know who you are.

12. Change your Privacy Settings

At one point, Facebook allowed other users and your friends to see who uses Tinder on Facebook and see uses Facebook on Tinder. These features have since been removed but it would be a good idea to check the settings and make sure they are not linked. To make sure this does not happen, if the features are ever reintroduced, here is how:

  • Visit Apps and Websites in the Facebook settings
  • Find Tinder
  • View and edit settings
  • Change the App visibility to only me

When you have the app visible to only you, that means if Facebook ever reintroduces that feature, your privacy settings prevent you from becoming exposed. Even though it helps sometimes to have your accounts log into your Facebook, it can be a deal-breaker for you.

Make sure that you do not “like” the app on Facebook either. While you may “like” the page it does not mean that you are cheating necessarily, it can raise suspicions with anyone who is being nosey.

13. Develop an Online Persona

It is almost impossible to remain completely anonymous online. Some clues can be found out and people can figure out who you are. It helps a bit if you are in a larger city, have a small friend circle, not easily recognizable, or just a different city in general.

Nowadays, the internet allows people to be many things and another person entirely is one of them. A way that you can avoid being caught by your significant other is by creating an account under a new name, use pictures that do not give you away and have fake/made-up information on your profile.

14. Request Privacy

You may be in a situation where your significant other is not totally technology literate and both of you do not mix with each other’s social circles. This can come in handy when you are meeting up with your matches. You probably feel less inclined to hide yourself, who you are, your location, and that you are in a committed relationship.

Honesty is usually the best policy and you can be upfront that you are in a relationship. Some people go for this and may like it. You need to request upfront that your privacy is kept and there is no chance that they will make it known that you are stepping out.

Some may not realize that you need to remain discreet when on the application and are subject to post pictures of dates or their locations and tag you in them. This is another reason using Tinder without a Facebook account or a fake account would be best. You do not need someone retaliating or blackmailing you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use Tinder Without Anyone Knowing?

Open Apps & Websites in the Facebook settings, find Tinder, and change the App visibility to only me. In this way, most of your friends won’t be able to know if you’re using Tinder.

Can You Use Tinder Without Getting Caught?

Though there is no foolproof way to use Tinder without getting caught, below are some smart moves you can rely on to use the dating platform discreetly.

  • Using a different Facebook account
  • Adding minimal photos to your Tinder dating profile
  • Keep your information minimum
  • Hide the app from your phone
  • Change your privacy settings on Facebook


Tinder is a popular dating app that can be used on mobile phones. When you download it, it can appear shallow at first because you get matches basically from your looks. When you swipe right on a profile, you tell the app that you “like” that person.

When you swipe left, you tell the app that you do not “like” that person. If you both swipe right on each other, you get “matched” and are able to message each other.

Some ways that you can use Tinder to discreetly cheat is:

  • creating an account separate from your Facebook account,
  • using minimal photos that do not let anyone see who you are
  • photos that you do not use on social media currently
  • just photos of your body, or even a pet
  • turn off notifications from Tinder on your phone
  • change your privacy settings on Facebook and Tinder
  • creating an online persona that is separate from yourself
  • Keep your information minimal that you post online
  • Request discreetness and privacy when meeting up with matches

Tinder lets you create a profile with some basic information, photos, and a small biography that you will use to guide yourself through the app and get matches. Tinder recommends that you do not swipe right on every single but do not be too selective either. The app will adjust itself for matches and help you find what you are looking for, whatever that may be.

While many use Tinder for different things, it is a good application where you can have access to hookups and one-night stands without engaging in long-term obligations. When used in moderation and safely, it can be a fun thing to do and add some spice in your life.

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