How to Turn a Girl on Over Text [Only Guide you’ll ever Need]

by John Santana

Turning a girl on over text is perhaps the sexiest thing to do when she isn’t around. The whining of her body when you type down your fantasies, the feel of her biting her lips, and the pleasure of her pain when she keeps typing your name with dirty emoticons are insatiably sexy.

Have you ever turned a girl on over text? Do you want to experiment with this and learn the trick? Well, here’s the ultimate guide you will need to turn a girl on over text. Let’s check it out!

Before we set the fire, burning!

Are you away from your girl? Do you miss fucking her as you do?
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This guide that I will be sharing with you today will not only help you to whether without the penetration but will also enable you to get the pleasure that you get while fucking her.

If you’ve been waiting to have the time of your life tonight, don’t miss out on this ultimate guide for an unforgettable moment!

How to Build Sexual Tension Over Text!

Making her wet without the touch gives you an even more powerful way to leave her craving for you. Over the adult phone chat, you can do so many things to her, that will make her close the eyes, slide her fingers inside her pants, and scream your name as hard as she can. Can’t wait for the moment? Here’s how to make it happen.

Step 1: Nail the art of flirting

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Flirting is not just for women you meet for the first time. It also incredibly comes to your rescue when you want to get someone hard for you.

Of course, it’s important to be careful with words while you are trying to flirt with someone to make them horny. The things you say matter massively. But flirting is surely one of the easiest things to do.

If you just don’t want to jump into a horny conversation with her try to turn up the heat a little. When you do that, you are setting up the mood for her and she will love it.

Something like this could ignite the spark within minutes:
She: It’s too hot here today!
He: Not as hot as you when you moan for me: p

Such conversations of course hint hard and she will know what you are up to.

Step 2: Level up with compliments

Compliments aren’t just a thing for men to do when they want their women to love them. Woman love compliments just as much as you’d love it. So, you can say something nice about her body or something that you really can’t get over.

I mean who wouldn’t like to be called hot or irresistible in the middle of a horny conversation? Wouldn’t it turn you on?

Try acing the sexting game by giving her a few dirty compliments that will make her cum for you even more. Something like “You are so hot; I can barely wait to fuck you” or “I love it when you press those sexy boobs for me.”

Such sentences aren’t just mere compliments, they also indicate what’s on your dirty mind. Such compliments when given to a woman make her feel more confident about herself, more desired, and worth the effort. So, it will not only stimulate the mood between you two but will also boost her confidence and she will want to cum for you harder than ever.

Step 3: Ace the art of sexting with sexy words

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Did you know that wordplay is very important while you prepare to make a girl horny? The things you say, the words you use, and the way you say them matter a lot.

If you want her to orgasm for you instantly, use the words “for you.” Something like “I am cumming for you” or “I am hard for you” make it harder for them to resist you as it makes them feel special and wanted.

Similarly, words like “Do it for me” or “cum for me” can do wonders for her as she will turn on for you because you are craving for it.

Anything that makes her feel special loved and wanted will boost her sexual desires and pave way for you faster. So, don’t miss out on it. Try this trick and you will be good to go.

Step 4: Know what turns her on

We all have different fantasies. No two people like the same type of sex. I mean my boyfriends, likes rough sex while I like to take it slow. So, initially, we’ve had some terrible arguments over it and I hope you never have to go through that.

Before you want to make her horny it is crucial to know what turns her on. If she has ever told you about this roleplay that she loves, try talking about that while your sexting with her.

Don’t worry about you being turned on with that you write. Ultimately, when she is in pain for you, you’ll get the pleasure. If you aren’t sure about what she likes, just play it basic.

Remind her about the basic touch and kiss and feel that both of you just can’t get over. You could also take hints from the physical sex that you both had. What made her orgasm the most? Did she moan when you kissed her vagina? Consider those and you’ll get the answer!

Step 5: Ask her the dirtiest questions

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Wouldn’t you be turned on if I ask you, which is your favorite body part of me? That’s exactly what I am talking about! Girls love questions that desire dirty answers.

So, if you’ve been waiting to begin with something sexy, I think this should be your go-to. These dirty questions can keep the conversation going hard even when you just don’t know what else to do to make them horny for you.

Here are some of the sexiest questions no girl would deny answering while she wants to get wet with you:
· What’s your wild fantasy?
· Are you hard for me right now?
· What do you want me to do to you right now?
· Don’t you wish we were together at this moment?
· Which is the sexiest thing about me that turns you on instantly?

Asking such questions to your partner will leave them with no room for calm. She will be impelled to turn herself on for you and tickle the clitoris to cum for you. Believe me, it works!

Step 6: Focus on her erogenous zones

Each of us has one or more erogenous zones of our body which when touched, can get us hard in no time. It could be the balls for men and the clitoris for a woman but more precisely, it could be the back of the neck, feet, or even the inner thighs.

Hitting the sexting by focusing majorly on the erogenous zones of their body will ignite the fire brighter and you will see how the magic works.

Use sexy sentences to define what you’d do to them in these body parts. Tell them how hard you get when you kiss these erogenous zones and they moan for you louder. Try it. This works wonders!

Step 7: Tour her across the fantasies

Nothing is hotter than discussing sexual fantasies with your partner and imagining them together. Imagine how sexy it would be to close your eyes and moan with someone you just can’t resist!

Whether it is bathing her in red wine and licking her all over or fucking her on your office table, type down the fantasies, and compel her to imagine them with you.

Start with something as dirty as “I wish you were here in bed with me so I could fulfill all my fantasies with you.” Such sentences themselves carry dirty meanings and she will not be able to resist but want you to give her more of that.

You could also try and send her dirty images of the things you want to do to her. Visuals are an even more stimulating means to get them hard for you so she will be on it in no time.

Of course, girls love fantasies. The more you dig into them, the more they will crave for you. Take her to the realm of sexual fantasies and see how wet she gets down there!

Step 8: Create a dirty story

If you’ve already tried touring across the fantasies, why not create them this time? Trust me, its a sexy thing to talk dirty with your partner and imagine doing sexy things to each other as if you were together in the moment.

Creating a whole new dirty story will turn you both on instantly as it has so much to do with the way you think. Stories help get into the depth of dirty talks that you can mix and mingle with your fantasies and other things you might have done.

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A great example would be something as hot as this:

“Imagine us sitting on a couch when no one at home. You are wearing my favorite pair of shorts and I am wearing this black shirt for you. As you watch the television against the couch, I slide my hands into your shorts and begin to rub your clitoris. Would you moan for me?”

Such stories only help create a more detailed conversation which she will not be able to resist for sure. If you want her to cum for you, this is it!

Step 9: Use the power of emoticons

What’s the point of sexting without dirty emoticons? Don’t underestimate the power of these tiny little emojis on your text messaging apps. These emoticons could speak louder than your sentences.

Emoticons have the power to convey strong messages with deep meanings. There is a plethora of emoticons that you could use to hint them that you want them to turn on.

If you want to enhance the game of sexting then don’t forget to use some quirky emoticons to convey your dirty sentences to them in a sexier way. It never fails to impress ladies out there!

You have learned the art!?

We’ve finally arrived at the end of my ultimate guide and I am happy to tell you that now you have learned the art of wetting her like never before. Don’t forget to sext her using these horny tips to make her orgasm for you, so that you can have the best time of your life.

I am sure, these steps will give you your dream sexting experience which you’ve been wishing for the longest time in your life! Now go try these tactics on the best sexting sites & apps here.

John Santana

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